Wednesday, March 28, 2018

CYPT COIN Goes For Free Physical Airdrop at Blockchain Conference in Chicago

March 28th, 2018 - The CryptoLOOT Coin (Cypt Coin) is like no other cryptocurrency, and investors can look forward to its special upcoming airdrop. The creator of Crypt Coin, Jeremy David Higgs will be speaking at the 3rd Annual Blockchain Conference to be held on April 27, 2018 in Chicago, IL. The event is hosted by the European company Fintech Worldwide Ltd. CYPT COIN will be up for grabs through an exclusive, physical airdrop postcard for all those who will attend the event.

Tickets for the 3rd Annual Blockchain Conference are now available from:

The 3rd Annual Blockchain Conference is where attendees can get their free CYPT COIN, with up to 500,000 slated for distribution via free physical airdrop postcards as part of its marketing campaign. The card holders can claim their free tokens with no strings attached.

The ERC20 token (CYPT COIN) launched by Jeremy David Higgs of The Birch Tree Media Company is where the future of mining utility and browser mining payout lies. The CYPT COIN is currently held by majority individual token holder, Monkey Business Supply Co, whose CEO, Timothy Jackson will be attending the Conference.

CYPT COIN owes its origins to a challenging experience for The Birch Tree Media Company, which had over 1.1 million Cypt Coins circulating in just 30 days of their launch. The company witnessed hacks and DDOS attacks that shut the website down on the launch day and during a big promotional event. The platform has now been secured against any such attacks.

Located in Chicago with close ties to Missouri, The Birch Tree Media Company also offers a free grant program, which is aimed at reducing costs for online applicants. As an industry leader in multi-media design and production, The Birch Tree Media Company is a professional web design firm engaged in product development, business startups, online presence with SEO and video/film production services, blockchain development, video production, print material layouts, CAD designs and more.

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