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Which contents have been included into the Microsoft certificated tests?

Sep 29, 2014 - USA - Microsoft certification is the complete technology pyramid certificate system for the generalization of the Microsoft technology and brings up the cultivating talents of network management system and application development. Their certification has been accepted by more than 90 countries around the world and this certification can be used as a valid certification of the salary position change, the company strength qualification certificates and immigration points and many other benefits. The Microsoft certified has been established since 1992 and it has great influence in the industry. Their high-end certificate already shows with people the unique practical value.

As the introduction of famous IT certification material provider, there are many exam projects of the Microsoft such as 98-366 and 98-366. In addition to the introduction of the detailed exam projects, this certificated exam could be mainly divided into several parts of information. Now the information below will tell people these points.

The content of the Microsoft certification exam is very professional. However, the main content could be mainly divided the following several aspects.

First, the operating system including the WindowsNT4.0 installation, system configuration, account management, file, printer resource management, the remote access server, domain planning and management, designation of the enterprise domain model, the analysis and optimization of NT network and troubleshooting.

Secondly, it include the DNS, active directory, remote installation services, group strategy, terminal services, managing of file and the disk, disaster protection, directory service base, naming strategy, permissions assigned, active directory logical structure and physical structure.

The network technology course of the Microsoft Certification include the network design, protocol implementation of networking, network connection, planning, configuration, management, monitoring and other. This is also very crucial part of the related exam such as RKUS-WiSE-L2.

The other sort is about the database which includes the database installation, configuration, management, security management, database backup and recovery, performance tuning, user account management, multi-table query and transaction processing, stored process implementation and others.

The other exam project is the development engineer which will refer to the information about database development, the development of COM, MFC development, collection, analysis for business requirements, business plan design, the design for data service and data model.

There also has the essential part for e-commerce which include the create web pages establishment, COM component creating and using of MTS and the establishment, maintain and optimization for the e-commerce site.

Apart from all information above, there are also some other kinds of exam projects for the Microsoft certification. If people want to know more information about these tests, please visit website of which will provide with people the most authentic exam guidance for these certification tests.


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