Monday, September 29, 2014

One case about the damage from hair ironing and dying

Sep 29, 2014-America-The boss of hairdresser whose name is Mary like hair perm and dying. Within the time of one year, her do these things over and over again for more than 21 times, causing into her dry hair quality and her scalp also appear the phenomenon of folliculitis and alopecia areata. Now, she could only rely on the best hair extensions to cover her ugly hair.

One year age, Mary was a tall girl with beautiful facial features and very vividly hair. Now, the most attractive point of her should be the thin layer of yellow hair on her head. Behind her ears and the top of her head, there are coin sizes of alopecia areata. “I also had a lot of beautiful hair on my head. Some months ago, I found that most of my hairs have fallen and I could not wash and comb my hair now. I am afraid that I will fall into baldheaded!” said Mary who is wearing the related cheap clip in hair extensions.

When it comes to the reason of her hair loss, Mary shows with people a face of regret feeling. She said:” My shop have hundreds of related products for hair perm, hair dye, elastin, and so on. I contact with them every day and then I just want to try it. Anyway, these products are very cheap for me.” Mary also said that her employees also try to use these hairdressing supplies in store.

Actually, after doing the hair ironing and dying for 6 or 7 times, Mary found out that black hair was beginning to run dry and have split ends but she didn't pay seriously attention to these situations. Until the end of August, she began to realize the seriousness of the problem. She found out that her hair would be fallen after every day combing and then she went to hospital down at his friend’s advice. After more than a month of treatment, the hair loss phenomenon of Mary has been contained and her scalp problem is also in the improving situation. However, she could only rely the help of the human hair extensions now. She felt very badly that she should choose to use the hair extensions as early as possible as it could play the some sole as the hair ironing and dying.

The editor from famous human hair extensions online seller said that people should not dye hair repeatedly within three months. Secondly, if there is scratch on the scalp, the dying for the hair must be stopped. During the pregnancy and the menstrual, women should not dye their hair. At last, please try to use hair wig or hair weave which will also play the role of beautify the hair style.

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