Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at ATT-iPhon-Unlock

iPhone 6 AT&T unlock
Learn more about iPhone 6 AT&T unlock request which takes a long while and faster IMEI factory unlocking solution that is reliable, affordable, permanent.

Sufficient AT&T iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus Unlock for Free

There are two official ways to get AT&T iPhone 6 unlock and both of them let you become SIM free permanently with the ability to change SIMs as often as you want. These tools are legit and real, but one of them is slow and the other one is reliable, fast, affordable and highly popular among users from all over the world. And it's called att-iPhone-Unlock.com!

AT&T iPhone 6 Plus unlock along with iPhone 6 AT&T unlock can be ordered directly from this American carrier. You have to be eligible for this type of unlock which is free. In order to place your iPhone 6 AT&T unlock request you will have to meet these requirements:

*Be out of contract [meaning your contract must be over when you order unlock]
*Have an account with AT&T
*Your account has to be in a good state [you have to pay in time all your bills and have a clean IMEI code]

Since Apple has recently released its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, users who purchased it locked from AT&T have to wait for two years before their contract is over. Of course, you can pay early-termination fees in order to request the unlock directly from your carrier, but this takes much time and becomes pretty expensive.

Affordable Factory Unlock for iPhone 6 at ATT-iPhone-Unlock

There is another way to get iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus AT&T unlock that supports both contract and out of contract smartphones. It is much quicker than ordering the service directly from the carrier. You don’t have to be out of contract and have an account in a good standing. You just have to have a clean IMEI number and be ready to pay for the fast service to be distantly delivered to you.

This type of unlock [factory iPhone 6 unlock by IMEI] supports current baseband 1.00.05 and all future basebands that will come out with iOS 8 future updates. This has nothing to do with R-SIM, Gevey, SAM or Ultrasn0w hardware and software unlocks. No third party programs are installed on your handset. Apple warranty is preserved and you become permanently unlocked with your IMEI being listed in AT&T’s database as “unlocked” forever.

Factory Unlock iPhone 6 AT&T Process

To become SIM free you need to make sure you own the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that is locked and activated in AT&T’s network, has a clean IMEI number and is not stolen, blocked, lost or blacklisted.

Step 1. Select iPhone 6 unlock on the official ATT-iPhone-Unlock.com website in the Pricing category.
Step 2. Enter IMEI and your email. Pay for your order and way for the email with order confirmation and unlock confirmation.
Step 3. Once your iOS 8 iPhone 6 unlock is confirmed you should connect to iTunes and allow this program activate the permanent IMEI unlock on your device. This takes a couple of seconds to finish everything.

Become permanently unlocked and use your iPhone 6 with all carriers across the world! Stay SIM free forever!

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