Monday, September 29, 2014

Age Discrimination on the Job Search Common but Not Insurmountable, Says Grammar Chic, Inc.

The career experts at Grammar Chic, Inc. offer practical tips for overcoming age discrimination—at work and on the job search.

Discrimination in the workplace is nothing new—and sadly, it seems in many ways to be as rampant as ever. This is certainly true of age-based discrimination, which has hindered the career progress of countless qualified workers, especially those past age 50. This can extend to the job search process, where many seasoned and able candidates are dismissed from contention simply because of their age. In a new statement to the press, the career experts and resume writing professionals at Grammar Chic, Inc. comment on age-based discrimination.

“There is no question that this is common, but the good news is that there are ways in which jobseekers over 50 can overcome discrimination—and even use their age and their experience to their advantage,” comments Amanda E. Clark, the CEO of Grammar Chic, Inc.

To illustrate the prevalence of age discrimination, Clark points to a recent Forbes  article, in which career expert Kerry Hannon notes that “age discrimination is alive and well in the workplace.” Continues Hannon, “I’ve heard so many stories of workers over 50 sitting down for an interview and just getting that gut feeling that the person interviewing them is not really listening to what they have to offer, but rather seeing their expiration date.”

Workers over 50 who are seeking new employment do not have to settle for this treatment, though. Says Clark, “Rather than viewing your age as a liability, embrace it. See it as a positive, because in a good many ways it is. Older employees have things that younger employees simply do not, including ample experience. Make sure you have a resume that emphasizes this rather than downplaying it.”

Continues Clark, “A jobseeker fresh out of college simply will not have many pertinent career accomplishments to highlight, whereas those who have been in the workforce for 30 years will have plenty of bragging rights. Make sure your resume is specific in highlighting as many achievements and positive results as possible. Make it plain that your experience and longevity are assets that any employer would be lucky to have.”

Clark also notes that employees past 50 need to prove that they have remained in the loop and up to speed on how the modern workplace works. “A resume highlighting your experience is essential, but its power is undercut when you have a resume format that is woefully out of date,” Clark notes. “Keeping your resume cutting-edge is key. Working with one of Grammar Chic’s resume writing professionals is the best way to do this.”

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