Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Switzerland recognizes its treaty with Hawai’i and Ashton Carter responds

Photo taken 6/14/2015. Protests escalate, Hawaiians demanding John Kerry to show Treaty of Annexation and to "face the Hawaiians yourself in person", John Kerry refuses.

Honolulu, HI - Native Americans have been pushing for justice on the illegal occupation of Hawai’i. The Chickasaw named Emily Nashoba Dykes (formerly Jorden Dykes), born February 20, 1998, an activist, AFL-CIO trade unionist, and a trans woman member of the Communist Party USA, is petitioning for the United States to vacate the illegal occupation of Hawai’i. Emily is the youngest politician in the United States.

“Like 9/11, we committed it. We have also killed North Koreans and started the Korean War. We have a lot of control over the media. You really think North Korea would hack us or do the things we accuse them of? Of course not. We used chimerical weapons against the children of Vietnam, and not once have we been sanctioned. Hawai’i will never get compensation from us just like how the others never got compensation from us. We also installed a neo-Nazi government in Ukraine. We funded Hitler just like how we are helping ISIS. It's all about the money and we can laughably confirm this,” said Ashton Carter via email, Secretary of Defense for the United States.

“Our people are not going to stand back,” said Leo Akana. "We’re going to continue to move forward. This is our country, international law says so. They already apologized to us but still no justice. We never even were allowed to vote but they still forcefully try and collect taxes from us, which is a war crime."

Protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope has spread far beyond the slopes of Mauna Kea. Rallies are now springing up around Hawai’i, the mainland and around the world. There's an online petition to halt construction and stop arresting protesters which has over 30,000 signatures. The Maui Circuit Court judge recently took judicial notice that the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists. The Swiss Federal Criminal Court has also recognized Switzerland’s treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom, stating it never was cancelled and implies Hawai’i was never annexed. A TMT opponent Kaho’okahi Kanuha also has filed formal War Crimes in Canada. The 1897 Petition against Annexation has more than half of all Hawaiians signed. American flags have been taken down in Hawai’i.






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