Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FlipBuilder Catalog Maker Offers An Unmatched Shopping Experience To Consumers

Product catalog can be customized to be interactive with page turning and animation effects with the FlipBuilder software.

The digital catalog maker introduced by FlipBuilder has created a new hype in the online and offline business world. Through the software, consumers have been given an opportunity to witness a futuristic shopping experience while increasing sales for the businesses.

Product catalogs have been evolving for decades increasing the visual impression on the products and attracting more customers towards them. Not only for sellers but also for consumers these have been highly beneficial as consumers can get a preliminary idea on what they should expect from the products they are about to purchase. But the traditional catalogs have been following the same structure for years until recently where the innovative catalog maker of FlipBuilder introduced the highly versatile digital version of catalogs to the market. This impressive catalog maker is not only for online businesses. It also has the capability of boosting sales of offline stores and businesses in a similar magnitude.

Senior software develop engineer of FlipBuilder, Sam Huang shared his view on the catalog maker: “As a business that provides our customers with tomorrows technology today, we thought of developing the traditional product catalogs into more user-friendly sales oriented objects. In the process of uplifting the value of product catalogs, we came up with a unique digital catalog maker that would create versatile and customized product catalogs to companies.”

Among the many advance features of the FlipBuilder catalog maker, the freedom to display the company logo to promote the brand, the ability to insert fascinating photo slideshows to show off more product details, the ability to integrate explanatory videos to explain product functions directly, and the ability to offer direct links to purchase products have been admired by many online and offline businesses.

Sam further mentioned, “The platform is easy to operate, even for a beginner and can incorporate a lot of amazing features that a conventional paper catalog cannot offer. If you are looking forward to market your products and increase brand awareness you have to check out this awesome catalog maker.”

More information on this impressive user-oriented catalog maker is available at, www.flipbuilder.com/free-catalog-maker-software.html

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