Monday, June 29, 2015

eMarketing Authority Announces New Content About Three Ways To Increase Retention Rates For Marketing Videos

Grabbing the attention of your audience is not always easy, especially when Internet users are always tempted to click on a different link or video to access more content. As a result, most videos uploaded to YouTube are not watched all the way through. As a marketer, you need to find a way to grab the attention of your watchers to get your message through. These three strategies will help you boost your retention rate.

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Keep your videos short. Creating a long video means most watchers will click away before the end. Keeping your videos under two minutes or so increases the numbers of watchers who will sit through the entire videos. Adapt your messages so that watchers understand right away what your video is about and receive all the important information within a few minutes.

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Find your voice. Your videos should reflect your brand. People will be more likely to lose interest if your videos do not stand out. You can find your voice by using a unique approach to video marketing or simply by having someone who is good at engaging their audience talk to the camera.

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Try different formats, topics and lengths for your videos. Keep track of which videos receive the most attention and generate the most sales. This will help you determine what your audience likes and which strategies will help you boost your retention rate.

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Boosting the retention rate for your videos is possible but it might take some time to figure out a strategy that is adapted to your target audience. Try creating shorter videos and giving your brand a unique voice to get started. Test different strategies such as offering coupon codes towards the end of your videos or creating a series of videos to see what impacts your retention rate positively.

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