Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dynamic Blending Specialists, LLC joins the Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Dynamic Blending Specialists has been granted full membership of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC). This society is the leading organization for innovative and market driven cosmetics and their unique formulations. With over 4,000 members in the world, the SCC has promoted the highest standards and practices in the cosmetic sciences. The SCC has won over 20 awards relating to the formulation sciences of cosmetic and personal care products. On the SCC website one can find information on industry news, events, peer reviewed journals, as well as resources and supplier information. One can also find a list of approved cosmetic chemist consultants and where they are located with contact information.

Dynamic Blending Specialists will be able to reach a wider range of companies to assist. Future clients looking to have a company develop and formulate a custom product, meaning cosmetic, personal care, nutraceutical, or oral care, will be pleased to know Dynamic Blending has the backing of a major organization, like the SCC. Dynamic Blending has been a leader in reverse engineering formulas for prospective clients. Dynamic Blending offers extremely quick turnaround times thanks to their highly dedicated staff who work nights and weekends to make their clients happy.

The process for getting a new product developed is fairly simple and straightforward. When a company or individual wants a certain product developed, which can be a cosmetic, personal care, nutraceutical, or oral care product, they would start a project with a company like Dynamic Blending. The first phase would be based around project requirements, what type of product it is, timeline, and any outliers. Dynamic Blending would then create what would be an estimated timeframe for formula completion and development. The new membership will ensure prospective clients find a company like Dynamic Blending Specialists to assist in the formulation and development of their product. Private label contract manufacturers will work directly with Dynamic Blending Specialists to develop any formula. The Society of Cosmetic Chemists is a great resource for cosmetic chemists to network and share knowledge of the industry.

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