Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teebo redefines Freedom through his new hit song as part of his multimedia project.

A singer, songwriter, dancer and model, Teebo is all set to give a platform to his multimedia project beginning with the new song Freedom that has already garnered much appreciation among the audiences.

Teebo is not just any singer and songwriter. He is in the business to make a difference in the lives of the people. His main desire is to create music and back it with powerful visuals that have relevant concepts to define the same. With his first single, Princess is Gonna Die, Teebo received a tremendous positive response and the song went ahead to become a part of the UK radio campaign 2 years after it was released.

This got him thinking and encouraged him to push his limits and explore concepts that will compel people to be themselves without having to worry what society will perceive it as. That is how the concept of Freedom was born.

The concept was so close to Teebo’s heart that it barely took him an hour to compile the lyrics and what followed was a revelation of sorts. He questioned his existence and asked himself if what he was doing was truly for himself or for the sake of others. He questioned his freedom. With the answers he got, he wanted to change the ideology of ‘Me, thanks to others’ to ‘Me, myself’.

To get closer to himself and to understand exactly what he meant by freedom, he went back to the place that he loved most – France. It was here that his concept began to take the shape that is now the hit single. The white painted man in the music video, which can be viewed on YouTube, represented freedom.

The video is powerful in its meaning and is soulful. Through this video, Teebo has put himself out there and expressed himself like no one else. He has let out his emotions, fears and desires and is not afraid to tell that to people and that is what sets him free.

The music video is just one part of the multimedia project that Teebo is working on. The other part consists of a visual display of powerful photographs reflecting freedom. This will be in the form of an exhibition in NYC, L.A and Miami, along with a special "Freedom: Stripped" intimate show, and a second one called Freedom, showcasing dance, music, vocability, and art performance.

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