Thursday, April 30, 2015

eMarketing Authority Announces New Content About Three Reasons Why Every Sales Page Should Have A Video

Without exception, every single sales page on the Internet you have needs to have its own video. There are three very good reasons for this, starting with getting a prospect's attention, engaging them with body language and then moving on to showing not telling. One may view the page of IM Profit Formula for a better review of the product.

Grabbing attention is the first reason that every sales page online should have a video. A lot of Internet surfers have become adept at surfing with multiple tabs open in their browsers, and your sales page might be one of them. With a video that autoplays, they will hear your content more than likely before they see it and read it. This assures you have their individual focus and attention over everything else going on in their browser. The site of IM Profit Formula contains some useful info on the IM product.

Make sure that your video starts with something attention grabbing itself. If the video is you directly talking to them, the viewer is subconsciously likely going to watch for a minute because it feels polite and respectful to listen to you! Anything that makes them smile or laugh is also far more likely to keep them around a minute. The site of Video Sales Blueprint has some useful tips for new IM product.

Body language is the second reason that all of your Internet sales pages should have videos. Brick and mortar stores with salespeople on the floor have this advantage over Internet commerce, or so they they think. Body language accounts for the majority of communication from one person to another, and purely text content just won't sell your product enough. Your prospects are much more likely to consider your sales if they can feel it! It's not a bad idea to visit the link of Video Sales Blueprint before making a final call.

Showing and not telling is the last reason why you want videos on all your sales pages. You can make all the claims and sales pitches and sound talking points you want in text, but the average Internet reader is only going to scroll through your content for a few seconds before moving on. A floor salesman in a showroom can show his products or services; with a video, so can you.

Use videos on your sales pages to grab attention over other browser tabs, use body language to engage further, and use the medium to show not tell prospects why they should spend money with you. Do try and prevent autoplaying for mobile users, out of consideration of their data packages, and keep things short and sweet for everyone else before closing with your call to action.

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