Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Self-Awareness is Critical to Being Successful

INNOVA Group specializes in Leadership Development, Project Management, and Organization Development.
INNOVA Group is a business consulting firm, in business since 1986, specializing in Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development.

All managers have to consistently be introspective and self-aware of how their use of power and influence affects others. Do their communications and behaviors promote confidence and maximization of human and organizational potential or do their behaviors and subliminal messages promote fear, dependence and ambivalence? It is always challenging for managers to recognize how they are truly perceived by others and shaping associate thoughts and actions.

The chaos and complexity of dealing with customers, performance problems and rapid, strategic business dynamics make self-awareness more challenging than not. Acknowledging, embracing and mastering this challenge is essential for effective business enterprise governance leading to human/organizational growth. Recognizing the following is critical to developing this sensitivity and awareness.

  • Stress encourages one to abdicate decision-making through overuse of consensus management and avoidance of making “tough calls” by assigning decision-making responsibilities to subordinates.

  • Associate burnout is mainly caused by a lack of hope or recognition of value added. Managers can either create an emotional climate of inspiration and energy for pursuing excellence or a climate of mixed messages, caution and reaction. Either climate is produced by how work is defined, resources utilized, and performance expectations communicated and recognized.

  • Delegation of a work task is not direction. It is merely assigning work responsibility without support or reinforcement. Managers who fail to give direction, support and reinforcement promote fears of inadequacy and resentment.

  • Multi-tasking may lead to more productivity or gains in efficiency. However, multi-tasking often leads to quality and safety concerns as well as associates feeling overwhelmed and unwilling to reveal problems and performance dysfunctions.

  • Asking various organizational stakeholders for their opinions on the same work assignment doesn’t necessarily lead to increased commitment or loyalty. Most of the time, it creates confusion, unresolved conflict and poor decision-making constipation.

  • Not providing timely, factual, honest performance feedback promotes feelings of inadequacy, lack of caring and fear.

  • Constant evaluation, judgment, and problem solving performance management communications promote dependency and cynicism.

  • Management intervention into ongoing work activity to solve situational problems and deal with customer complaints routinely produces feelings of associates of being second-guessed. If these interventions are constant, they produce a perception climate that a manager is being intimidating and micromanaging.

Insensitivity to these organizational realities can cause a manager to become ineffective and experience burnout. Staying aware and introspective is important to being a healthy, effective purveyor of organizational governance and leader of change. If these negative feelings and perceptions come to define a business enterprise work climate, the work relationships they create promote marketplace failure and eventually organizational death.

INNOVA Group is a business consulting firm, in business since 1986, specializing in Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development. | | 919-792-3968

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