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High Performance Project Management: INNOVA Group's High Performance Project Management Training

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Josh Linker is a successful tech entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. He writes a weekly column in the Sunday Business section for the Detroit FreePress. He is the author of two New York Times bestsellers Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention (, twitter @joshinker).

In Josh Linkner’s Sunday February 15, 2015 Detroit Free Press Column entitled “The Gift of Almost’, he talks about what “almost”, means with business projects. To quote Mr. Linkner, “Near misses can be especially frustrating, because you did almost enough work to make it happen.”  We live in a binary world, where almost is often the same as nothing at all. To make it to almost, you must have done a lot of things right. If you are incompetent in your leadership, organization, systems, processes and procedures you’d never even get close to almost. Mr. Linkner, goes on to say, “Getting to almost probably required focus, creativity, hard work, endless hours, sacrifice and investment.”

High Performance Project Management

So in today’s world of chaos and constant change, what is a Project Manager to do to avoid almost?

INNOVA Group, we have been assisting and guiding Project Managers and Developmental Leaders to become the “best of the best,” to build their projects to the fullest extent of Project Management Institute’s Best Practices while including the principles of high performance. The melding of PMI Best Practices and High Performance enables individuals and organizations to be the “best of the best.” 

High Performance Project Management brings holistic and systemic leverage potential for customers and organizations. Systems thinking, customer focused, and learning based self-directed behaviors provide the strategy to leverage the fullest potential of individuals, leaders and organizations. 

High Performance Project Managers believe that learning with customers to achieve expectations and make profit through value creation and the pursuit of excellence is what separates them from the “pack.” This mindset and dedicated focus is the hallmark of project managers that consistently are successful in managing strategic projects within their organizations. As Mr. Linkner goes on to say, “When you’re pursuing life’s biggest goals, an extra dose of effort is often the difference maker. If you have the energy to make it to almost, you can muster the resolve to break through it.”

INNOVA Group stresses that Project Managers must also have the right “tools” and thinking to break through the barrier of routine project management and become an extraordinary high performing project manager. Call us today and learn more about how we have assisted our clients through the use of High Performance Project Management to achieve more than just “Almost.”

Article by: Ron McLeod – INNOVA Group Associate

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