Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready To Take The Belly Blaster Challenge?

Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics in Roswell, GA can help kick-start your weight loss with its fun "Belly Blaster Challenge".

Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics in Roswell, GA recently announced the start of the “Belly Blaster Challenge”, an invitation to Atlanta-based clients to drop a significant number of pounds in a matter of six weeks. Past participants of the Belly Blaster Challenge have lost up to 20 pounds using the weight-loss management plan available at Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics.

Founder and owner Dr. Linda Kelley is optimistic that even the most frustrated dieter can enjoy astounding results.

“The Belly Blaster Challenge is no joke,” she says. “Clients who enroll in the challenge enjoy medical supervision, weekly weight management meetings, natural hormonal treatments, and non-invasive body sculpting treatments to lose as much weight as possible in six weeks.

“Most of my clients are absolutely thrilled with their appearance by the time they’ve completed the Belly Blaster Challenge,” she adds.

Dr. Kelley’s weight management program utilizes the HCG diet, which is derived from a natural hormone shown to burn fat and increase metabolic processes. The HCG can be delivered orally or via injections; additionally, Dr. Kelley provides B12 and Lipovite injections to help clients maintain their energy and mood levels.

Clients must attend a weekly monitoring session, where Dr. Kelley will assess progress and listen to feedback.

As the pounds drop off, Dr. Kelley offers her clients the Exilis treatment, a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency heat to destroy fat cells while tightening skin. Exilis has been shown to be effective at minimizing the appearance of cellulite and other trouble spots.

Dr. Linda Kelley is a board-certified physician and associate member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, as well as a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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About Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics

At Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics in Roswell (serving Greater Atlanta) our goal is to help you achieve total health and wellness-inside and out. Dr. Kelley practices Anti-aging medicine, which includes bioidentical hormone therapy Atlanta, nutritional treatments, weight loss programs, and nonsurgical Aesthetics.

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