Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lotto Crusher Review Of Everett Thompson's Lottery Number Prediction Guide Released

Everett Thompson spent two years perfecting his predictive number pattern formula and reports that it has enabled him to win the lottery on five occasions over the course of three months.
Lotto Crusher from Everett Thompson is based on a mathematical formula designed to detect and predict winning number patterns to increase a user's chance of winning the lottery. It's generated a lot of excitement in gaming circles lately and as a result, it's caught the attention of Will DeMarco of, prompting him to do an investigative review.

Lotto Crusher caught DeMarco's attention because of its unique approach to playing the lottery. "Most people assume the lottery is a game of pure chance," says DeMarco. He adds, "what makes Thompson's approach particularly interesting to me is that he turns this idea on its head. In short, Thompson promises that his mathematical formula can detect winning number patterns and therefore dramatically increase a user's chance to win the lotto. As one might expect, I was intrigued by this idea and decided to do a review for my readers."

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DeMarco continues, "Thompson is a mathematician who noticed that some people seemed to win the lotto again and again. Being a mathematician, he naturally thought there had to be a pattern to it, so he made it his personal goal to apply his skills to figure it out. Ultimately, he interviewed twenty-seven repeat lotto winners and learned that they all stuck to a personal formula that enabled them to consistently pick four, five or six winning numbers. With this information, he began working on his own formula. After two years and 126 variations, he perfected a predictive numbers formula that he says has allowed him to win the lotto five times in three months."

Thompson's guide comes in the form of a downloadable guidebook, which can be downloaded directly to a user's PC, tablet or smartphone. To use the formula, a user tracks winning numbers for each game he or she wants to play, which is publicly available information. Then, the user simply plugs those numbers into the formula, which in turn predicts the most likely winning number patterns. The system is not designed to guarantee winning picks everytime. Instead, it's designed to greatly increase the probability of picking winning numbers.

"Although I was skeptical at first, after researching Thompson's guide, I was actually quite impressed," says DeMarco. "I especially liked that the guide is designed to be so easy to use. In fact, Thompson designed the guide so all you need is a calculator or some basic math skills and you're good to go. In my opinion, it speaks to the quality of the guide that a formula so complex can be designed so that even an eight year old could use it. In the end, if you're thinking about playing the lotto and you're looking for  something to increase your probability of winning, I would recommend checking out Thompson’s guide to see for yourself if it's right for you."

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