Thursday, January 29, 2015

Japanese Scientists Want to Develop the New Electrical Motor Magnetic Which Do Not Need the Rare Earth Material

Jan 29, 2015 - Japan - As the introduction of the famous permanent magnet manufacturer and supplier Huizhou Zhongtai Magnetoelectricity Materials Co., Ltd (, Japanese researchers are now developing the new electric car motor which does not require the use of rare earth magnets. If this research is successfully developed, the problem of Chinese rare earth ore export limitation will be better solved.

According to Japanese media reports, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, NEDO which is New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization that has been supported by official and Hokkaido University are now developing the new series of car motors which do not need to use the rare earth metals. For Japanese, this research is very necessary as the Chinese government has many limitations for the rare earth export.

The small high-performance motor of the daily used hybrid vehicle and electric vehicles must be applied to the magnet and the utilization of such improved magnetic neodymium and other rare earth metals will be very necessary. If this new technologies have been successfully developed, it will allow most of the currently Japan Enterprises which rely on imports of rare earths from China get rid of China’s limit to import of rare earth raw materials.

According to the detailed information of the official report, the Japanese researchers have developed technology that allows the magnet motors which will be used in electric cars to be improved the magnetic ability without the requirement of rare earth metals and this new kind of motor has the power output like current permanent magnets that have the rare earth materials. However, the general magnetic materials are easily got by people and the price of those materials is also very cheap.

The associate professor at Hokkaido University whose name is Masatsugu Takemoto said that Japan will not have to worry about supply of materials needed for manufacturing magnet of the new research was done and widely applied into this industry.

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