Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seven Crash: The Next Street Brand Star of NYFW

Star of 2018
Chinese emerging street brand, Seven Crash, will present its new collection during New York Fashion Week

Being amazingly crossed over the whole Manhattan, street style has been highly recognized during 2017. While Superme, OFF-WHITLE and so on made an incredible success in the past years. Everyone is waiting for the next street brand rock star until Seven Crash confirmed its attendance in 2018 SS New York Fashion Week.

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Inspired by street artist of big city, Seven Crash not only bring their apparel, but also their splendid art works on the street into the design. You can see very strong feeling of the city in design. You can find sharp and irregular tailoring imitating skyscraper and city drive way, doodle on the shirt which is from columns of a bridge, comically broad shoulders, boxy fits, cropped torsos and oversized outerwear in Seven Crash and from every corner of the street.

Haute Couture of Street Style

You might know Haute Couture of Dresses, Suits and Cocktail dresses, however, have you ever heard of Haute Couture of Street Style? Now it’s Seven Crash’s turn to change your inertial thinking.

If you are a street style ‘hophead’, this 5-year-old young brand is here for you. when you are already tired of Haute Couture dress and suits and everything formal. Maybe a street artist will paint directly on your T-shirt, or a handcraft artist will make a unique texture for your clothes. Even if you just wanna be unique, literally, Seven Crash will make it happen.

Celebrities' Favorite

With only 5-years history, Seven Crash has already had bunch of loyal customers, especially those celebrities. Nicholas Tse, Hebe Tien, Jolin Tsai, Wilber Pan, Lei Wu, Stefanie Sun and Jiong He are all super fans of the brand. Everybody is looking forward for Seven Crash to return for NYFW.

Enchi Shen | Rebel of classical art

It’s difficult to evaluate Seven Crash without considering the designer and founder, Enchi Shen. Graduated from Milan Academia University of Italy learning classic art, Enchi is incredibly rebel. “When you think classical things are always out of date, they are actually the best art work showing how the city life looks like during that period of time.” Enchi said, “Instead of imitating what city looks like hundreds of years ago, it inspired me to looking for things that in our current city.”

Starting from 2013, Enchi Shen has already been known for her surrealism and colorful style. In 2015, Enchi brought Seven Crash on T stage for the first time in Soul, where she was noticed ad praised by Jimmy Choo. And in 2016, she stepped on to the stage of New York, and 2 year later, she comes back for the 2018 SS!

Now Street style lovers, please prepare you applauses and screaming for Seven Crash on 2/11/2018 at New York Fashion Week.

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