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How To Remedy Any Business To Succeed in This Time of Corona Virus by Rabiah Sutton

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The COVID-19 pandemic thundered into our lives very abruptly with no warning, little explanation, and a lot of misinformation. It seems like every hour, we are getting new updates on how this proverbial storm is impacting our homes, work, local communities, and the world at large.  We’ve seen government agencies, their support contractors, entire industries, product companies and small businesses of all kinds impacted in various ways.  Aside from the obvious health implications of COVID-19, the economic impact is growing daily. Businesses need to not only to think outside the box to survive, they need to implement new strategies to thrive.  I’ve laid out 1) the challenges that businesses are encountering and 2) a few strategies they can implement to lessen the impact of the pandemic on their bottom line and perhaps even thrive.


 Access to Capital

Emergencies such as COVID-19 are putting a strain on cash flow for all businesses. Handling access to money for payroll, resources, services, supplies, and inventory is nothing new for most businesses, however this pandemic has thrown a curveball at an already essential component of every business.


Many services businesses and public sector agencies are set up to run a remote workforce, but many are not. Furthermore, businesses that haven’t even considered remote work are having to pivot if they want to stay in business.

 Supply Chain Disruptions

The closing of storefronts, warehouses, cities, states and countries has had a significant impact on supply chains, resulting in inventory delays, shortage in manpower for deliveries, etc.


 Examine and restructure

If your business is one of the many that have been ordered to close, now is the time for you to examine and restructure. You are most likely considering how your business will survive, how you will make payroll and pay your bills. You need to look at how much you have in savings, how much debt you have, what your costs are and where you cut nonessential expenses as well as explore where you are going to find a backup source of funding. You need to examine how you will implement changes to your business model. For example, how can your employees work remotely? How will you respond to supply chain disruptions? You need to explore how you will innovate to bring your business online and use technology to your advantage.

 Government assistance

For small businesses, the Small Business Administration has approved allocating some disaster funds to small businesses. In the case of a physical disaster such as an earthquake, small businesses that suffered damages would be eligible for loans. But now, this disaster is hitting everyone.  The SBA is classifying the coronavirus pandemic as a disaster and has made a deal with each state in which governors can apply for disaster assistance for small businesses. Businesses that are incorporated in each approved state can apply for loans up to $2 million dollars at a very low interest rate with terms up to 30 years. Existing disaster loan payments will be automatically deferred to December 31st, 2020.


If your business can’t be operational right now, you need to pivot. It’s time to be creative and think outside the box. What can your business do? You should explore adding another line of business or multiple lines of business that are providing items or services that are needed right now. Think if you have some capacity to make those items or provide those services. Maybe you can coordinate with others to make them. For example, many distilleries have converted to making hand sanitizer, which is urgently needed right now. The fashion designer Christian Siriano has his sewing team making masks for medical personnel. Ask yourself: what else could my business be doing to bring in another stream of revenue that’s either related to what we currently do or offer? Maybe it is something totally different. But you are going to have to diversify because right now, it’s a must. Business owners should have multiple sources of revenue. So, if you didn’t already, now is the time.

Rabiah Sutton is the founder and CEO of FWDthink, an award-winning consulting and advisory services firm that specializes in performance improvement and strategic planning for government contractors. She is an expert business strategist and coach who holds a M.B.A from John Hopkin’s University and a B.A. from American University.

For more information, please visit

IG: rabiahsutton
FB: @RabiahSuttonOfficial
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Rise of Flag Nation, the Fastest Growing Custom Flag Company to Date

A successful company always begins with innovation at its finest. It is essential to identify a problem and create a streamline product or service that offers a cost-efficient solution. This methodology continues to carry weight today as companies continue being established worldwide due to young, innovative problem solvers such as the gentleman behind Flag Nation, the fastest growing custom flag company on the market. Shortly before starting his 2019 fall semester of college, Cole Chirichello, the founder of Flag Nation, realized there weren't any affordable custom flag companies on the market and seized the opportunity by creating a way to offer affordable, high-quality products. While the brand started off slow, it experienced an abrupt turn for the better when Cole’s roommate sought assistance from a few friends who were doing well in the digital field and could potentially help amplify the Flag Nation brand.

After Eddie Franzoni was introduced to the brand, he became instantly intrigued by Cole’s creative strategy; he knew exactly what needed to be done to help launch the company’s success. What started as a one-man band quickly turned into three when Eddie invited his friend Carter Smalley, a digital marketer, to contribute his expertise in advertising and marketing. Carter began planning and executing marketing campaigns on social platforms in order to more effectively generate sales and awareness. This trio of entrepreneurs finally saw all their hard work and dedication pay off when they experienced a break out month at the end of November 2019, and have continued to see steady growth since then, now servicing thousands of happy customers. We are pleased to announce that we are here with Flag Nation’s founder, Cole Chirichello, and partners, Eddie Franzoni and Carter Smalley, to discuss their story, break down their successes, and see what the future has in store for them!

Guys, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us today, how is everyone?

Great! Thank you for having us.

Amazing! So, to kick things off, Cole — tell me more about how Flag Nation came to be and what led to your decision to bring Carter & Eddie on board?

Flag Nation started as just an idea. I was sitting in my college dorm one day, examining the two flags I had hung up on the wall. They both looked like the classic flags you’d find in any dorm room, and I realized that I wanted something different, that nobody had. I did some research and found a way to make my own flag with a personalized image. I received countless compliments on the flag I created, so I started to make custom flags for my college friends and realized that this could be big. I started off slow with little to no marketing and some small Instagram shout-outs. After a year, I found myself pretty much in the same place, and I knew I needed to bring people on to help my business prosper. First, I was introduced to Eddie and sent him a flag; he loved both the flag and the idea I pitched to him. Eddie had the same vision as me for the company, so I knew he was going to be a huge help. From there, Eddie introduced me to Carter, who was able to put my dream into action with his marketing and advertising experience. After discussing my objectives, we all knew we made an excellent team and could effectively bring Flag Nation to the next level.

Carter, Eddie, what roles do you guys play in the company?

Carter: To be honest, we all do a little bit of everything. We collaborate on most tasks, and I think that has played a big part in our success. If I had to put a title to my specific role then I would say I’m in charge of Marketing and Advertising, but I also help with customer service and accounting. From the start, I strategized and formed a few marketing campaigns that I knew would get Flag Nation off the ground. We utilize Facebook and Instagram ads, so I spend the majority of my time running and managing them to make sure sales stay consistent, and, likewise, that we stay profitable and meet our goals. 

Eddie: Like Carter said, we all do a little bit of everything, but I would say my main roles in the company include social media, influencer marketing and digital strategy. My day-to-day usually consists of managing our Instagram, making sure we are consistently posting new content and growing followers. In the early stages of Flag Nation, I utilized my connections to get big influencers like Supreme Patty and artists like Jack Harlow to take pictures with Flag Nation merchandise and post it on their page. The fact that people saw these influencers admiring our products helped us quickly gain a credible presence on Instagram. 

So, the company was off to a slow and gradual start, but then you guys experienced a record-breaking month at the end of 2019; tell me about that.

We started our first marketing campaign for Black Friday. We offered 50% off all flags, which helped the company gain some traction. Once people took advantage of the sale and experienced the quality of our products, we started to grow. Everything just started to scale from there.

What forms of marketing does Flag Nation primarily focus on, Facebook Ads, Influencer Marketing, etc?

We do a little bit of both. We find equal success through utilizing both Facebook and Influencers, as we can attract a wider variety of customers.

That's awesome! Who are some of the influencers you have worked with in the past?

We have worked with a number of influencers on Instagram; some of the most notable ones are Supreme Patty, Kush Papi, Jack Harlow, Hirez the rapper, Pull Up VIP, Nour trades, and Joa the Plug. They all played a huge part in getting us where we are today, and we are very thankful for their support. 

That’s amazing; you all experienced so much growth and so many accomplishments in just a few months. What are you guys currently focusing your attention on?

We are currently focusing on our customer satisfaction. We want to make sure every one of our customers finds their experience with us to be more than satisfactory. We also are always analyzing ways in which we can expand and reach customers worldwide more effectively.

Well, guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story. What advice would you give to someone looking to start/grow their company?

I would tell young entrepreneurs like us that once you find something you believe in, just go all in and shoot your shot. If you’re young and just entering the business world, you’ve probably found that it’s challenging to establish yourself because people around you might not support you or your idea. You have to just ignore all of that negativity and focus on working towards your goals. 

If you want to grow your company, the most important thing to focus on is surrounding yourself with the right people and staying consistent. If you have a team working towards the same goal and you do it the right way, your company will take off. Also, you have to be willing to ask for help when you need it. Forming a support system is a key way to ensure your success. 

One last thing before you go — I’m sure there will be plenty of readers who would like to get a custom flag for their house or business, where can they get one and how can they get in contact with you? 

You can find us on Instagram @flag_nation and check out our website For our readers, here's a discount on your order! Use the code fn15 to get 15% off!

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“Listicle”, A New Category-Based Card Game, Now On Kickstarter

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, Listicle is a new card game creating entertainment for friends and family.

With Listicle, enjoy a new category-based card game perfect for afternoons or late night evenings with almost any group of people. Promising hours of uninterrupted fun and entertainment, players do not need to sit around a table or even be near each other to enjoy this card game. Instead, players can jump in or out at a new round to enjoy the casual, lighthearted nature of Listicle.

In Listicle, players take turns drawing from a deck of cards with named categories, but then there are two ways to play. In the first, the player who drew the card gives examples of items found in the category, while the other players see who can guess it first. In the second, the player who drew the card reads the name of the category and the other players say how many examples of it they can name. The player who says they can name the most examples, and then does, wins the round.

Each of these two distinct play styles promises lots of entertainment for friends and family. Shipping out in June 2020, funding from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to support production efforts. The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at:

Supporters around the world can support Listicle by making generous pledges and contributions via Kickstarter. Support can be for as little as $1. But for a pledge of $16 or more, you’ll unlock rewards as a token of your support, including a copy of the game (Kickstarter copies only ship to the U.S.) or a custom card that you design. Some rewards are limited, so do act fast. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.


Created by Zach and Tuttle, two friends and game designers at Levity Studios in California, Listicle reflects the duo’s love of games and sharing fun, exciting experiences with others. An exciting new casual game, Listicle is perfect for family and friends in a wide variety of settings.

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BRC Coffee Up to 80% Reductions in Coffee Roasting; Paradigm Shift to Certified Carbon Free Coffee

BRC Coffee Up to 80% Reductions in Coffee Roasting; Paradigm Shift to Certified Carbon Free Coffee
Jason Roe studied Harvard Disruptive Strategy under professor Clayton Christensen shows his Harvard Disruptive Study Certification.
Author, Innovator, and CEO Jason Roe does not stay ahead of the curb; he creates the curb. In 2020 Mr. Roe was first to market with the Coronavirus Survival App. He launched a Coronavirus Survival Club website to help people turn to peace & meditation at a time of perceived fear. "In Business try to look through the lens that there is no curb or box" says Roe, "The expressions, out of the box, ahead of the curb is from a historic Era. Certified Carbon Free Coffee is here now, it is the Future."

Big-box grocery and retail third-wave organic specialty coffee solution provider, Best Roast Coffee (BRC) in 2016 first introduced its certified carbon free coffee to a big-box grocery. The retail chain caught Mr. Roe's attention when it was attracting its investors and customers on the pitch their focus was heath and innovation. The integrity of health for people and the planet, as well as carbon reduction remains the BRC vision. In 2020, certified carbon reduced coffee a solution BRC offered to grocery in 2016 to Big Box Grocery has emerged as the hot topic.

BRC CEO Jason Roe Twice Winner LA Best Coffee outside his coffee shop

The Coffee Shop was featered in Hollywood Move A Kind Of Magic

Still leading the innovation BRC, while continuing to offer its unique coffee formula to big box retailers has now shifted its trajectory toward the Automobile sector. BRC has opened its model to car dealerships, to offer car dealers a reduced carbon coffee solution that will align internal coffee customer service and experience with their carbon reduction vision of electric vehicles. According to the manufacturers of our more sophisticated coffee roasting equipment, the patented Coffee roasting process reduces greenhouse emissions up to 80%. Most of the coffee industry uses drum roasting, and such a process may not be so environmentally friendly. Our brand BRC aligns with health of customers and health of the planet with certified carbon free coffee, it also aligns with other businesses genuine to the cause.

Mr. Roe, himself a Porsche enthusiast, has a Porsche 911 turbo from the first-ever world production run to be sprayed in Miami Blue. When getting the car serviced, Mr. Roe experienced what he considered a mediocre cup of coffee. “It was then when I had a vision,” Roe said. I saw the brand disconnect. I studied causality as part of disruptive strategy under professor 
Clayton Christensen at Harvard business school.” The customers that BRC is attracting to retail are caused to go there by a need or desire they have for a natural, organic energy boost. These people are attracted to an organic healthy coffee, like the BRC blend of coffee. They are most often attracted to innovation in health too, like Magnetized Earth Water for a natural energies solution. The reverse can be applied to the luxury high-end car dealership. A customer won't be wanting a waiting room or service area coffee, because they desire to drink a premium organic coffee. “BRC is, therefore, the high-end car dealership solution for a better customer experience,” Roe concluded. Magnetized Water is a unique solution to the BRC coffee program only, and not found in coffee kiosks or coffee bars any place around the USA or the world. BRC came up with the process. Mr. Roe did his Harvard disruptive Strategy paper on Magnetized Water, and we are now seeing in media Doctor in clinical pharmacy embracing the magnetized water in cooking and food, after being introduced to it by Best Roast Coffee.

"A speciality car provider should serve its customer a speciality coffee," says Roe. Jason Roe shows off the 911 Turbo. First Porsche production run of Miami Blue.

Think about it with logic, a procurement Manager ordering coffee equipment would even consider ordering a magnetizing water system. In fact, that the particular retailer did try to put together its own coffee model prior to BRC the retailer served a drum roasted coffee, and espresso process with one-step espresso system. Their espresso bar did not seem to be working out for the retailer. I perceive executives in an office making decisions on specialty type things may most often lack the "know how". Coffee is one example, people think coffee is simple, and anyone can make a coffee. To an extent that's is true, however BRC offers a smooth specialty coffee and process," says Roe. "Its not public common knowledge how to deliver a specialty coffee requires know how. Look at the lens of an internet search engine provider for a parallel example. A search engine provider employee may think that s/he could leave and create internet search engine, because its common knowledge in public arena they will not infringe on trade secrets. While it may be a public as coffee, I am perceive most people can't create an internet search engine like in a short time without know how”. Specialty coffee experts think of coffee in the same way. Some are very fanatical too. Our BRC formulas and know how is our own says Roe, and I am enthusiastic about magnetized water and what it does to the fluid bed air roasted coffee, the end result is smooth.

Roe continued by saying, “When a company and its people can find comfort in the uncomfortable and unconventional, it allows new ideas or processes to emerge. If Fortune 500 companies change the culture in the right direction, it will realize their new potential and may even merge into Fortune 100 status. On the other hand, if Fortune 500 companies, after becoming public, remain Fortune 500 companies, it would seem to indicate the company leadership is doing more of the same thing, never truly realizing the companies full potential. I prefer the unconventional.” The culture has changed around the planet, influenced in large part by the millennial's who subscribe to unconventional thinking as well. A common thread that binds all successful leaders and companies is innovation, whether it’s about products or thinking,” Mr. Roe explained. At one stage or another, all the standout CEOs have thought of something that no one else has ever done before, and that's the place BRC trajectory is set on, there will be new things never perceived or thought of before as possible in coffee that will emerge. I already know this, because BRC is testing it now.”

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“Cosmos Oracle,” An Astronomy Tarot Card Deck Promoting Self-Healing And Connection, Now On Kickstarter

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, Cosmos Oracle is a 74-holographic-card deck with astronomy terms and, book of concepts and a cloth with the Universe grid.

With Cosmos Oracle, discover the messages within yourself and the universe. Featuring a 74-holographic-card deck based on real astronomy concepts of relativity, black holes, wormholes, time, and space, ask and get answers to the deepest questions of life directly from the universe and its constellations for a newfound connection with life and energy around you.

Allowing people worldwide to build relationships with a new self-healing tool, Cosmos Oracle is establishing connections with the cosmos word. The colorful tarot card deck helps people unlock their senses to see the world around them with new clarity and confidence, which allows them to uncover deep, personal questions from within their inner voice. With each card from the deck, achieve a powerful shift in your understanding of the universe and awareness of your inner power, while receiving and achieving everything you want directly from the cosmos.

Created by Jeanette Parrinella, a cosmos channeling artist behind the brand Trending Cosmos, Cosmos Oracle helps make energy transformations possible in everyday life. As the tarot card project grows worldwide, Jeanette plans to use funds from this Kickstarter campaign to support card design, printing, and distribution efforts. Expected to ship to early backers in November 2020, the Cosmos Oracle Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at:

Supporters around the world can back Cosmos Oracle by making generous pledges and contributions via Kickstarter. Pledges start at as little as AU$10. But for a pledge of AU$30 or more, unlock other rewards as a token of your support, including Cosmos Oracle tarot card packs. Some rewards are limited, so do act fast. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.


Developed by Jeanette Parrinella, a cosmos channeler artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Cosmos Oracle is a 74-holographic-card deck that helps people connect with the cosmos and make energy transformations in their lives. The creator of a cosmic channeling brand, Trending Cosmos, Jeanette is helping people worldwide connect with the universe and power of the cosmos.

To learn more visit

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The Entrepreneur Show: John Spencer Ellis Present Interviews with the Leading Experts in Entrepreneurship and Personal Development

Learn how to work less, earn more and have more fun while navigating through your entrepreneurial lifestyle

Las Vegas, NV - April 2, 2020 - John Spencer Ellis, a coach, Consultant and an Amazon best-selling author proudly announces a great deal for business owners and entrepreneurs through his podcasts. This is a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and any skilled personnel work anywhere, live anywhere, help people and make a great living.

The world is changing, the ravaging virus is changing the business ecosystem and every businesses and entrepreneurs should begin to think on how to position themselves and tap into the massively growing online marketplace and that is why John Spencer is making his podcasts available to everyone who is willing to turn their passion into a successful business.

You won’t find fluff here.  I don’t waste your time with a bunch of yammering about things that don’t matter. You won’t sit through endless commercials.  I have no sponsors.  You and I are going to have regular meetings on the things that matter most to you in your business and entrepreneurial lifestyle. I’ll share successes and failures. Nothing is off-limits,” says John Spencer Ellis

The podcasts will expose people to topics including: Entrepreneurship, business, marketing, advertising, Facebook marketing, entrepreneurial travel, personal branding, PR, publicity, SEO, social media, investments, lifestyle design etc and will help everyone identify, embrace, and leverage on their skills and ideas to become wildly successful.

For more information, please visit:

About John Spencer Ellis

John is an entrepreneur coach, consultant, and author, who has helped so many people in designing their ideal life in business, relationships, health, and lifestyle. He created strategies and systems that resulted in corporations providing educational, consulting and entrepreneurial products and services. He has helped in creating more than 500,000 jobs and still counting.

John holds a bachelors degree in business and health science, earned an MBA with an emphasis in marketing, and achieved a doctorate in education. Beyond these formal degrees, he has dozens of additional certifications to his name. He has written so many books, and shared the stage with some of the greatest minds in this generation.

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DelivRan, A Food Delivery App That Beats Competitors, Is Saving Businesses And Employees In The Face Of COVID-19

DelivRan, A Food Delivery App That Beats Competitors, Is Saving Businesses And Employees In The Face Of COVID-19

2 April, 2020 - DelivRan, a new food-based delivery service, is alleviating the demand for food delivery services in the face of COVID-19. As millions of American face stay-at-home orders to self-isolate, DelivRan is committed to connecting customers with their favorite restaurants and eateries so businesses and their employees can stay afloat.

Rivaling competitors like UberEats and Postmates, which take up to 50% of profits from businesses in fees and surcharges, DelivRan is proving a sustainable and affordable alternative in the face of COVID-19, charging just $1 per delivery to customers and remaining free for businesses. Helping businesses to hire or re-purpose their existing workforce as delivery drivers, DelivRan is supporting businesses, employees, and local communities nationwide. No longer watch restaurants replace staff trained in food handling with random delivery drivers, who one in four report sampling food before delivery and other dangerous, unsanitary behaviors.

Video Link:

Every business can instantly offer online ordering for delivery or pickup with DelivRan. Allowing businesses to feature items or menus in the application, restaurants and eateries can also enjoy full order tracking and status updates of in progress, ready/out for delivery, and completed. Customers are simultaneously updated via SMS when an order is being prepared and when it is ready and out for delivery, and instant payments via accepted via Stripe Connect, PayPal, and Square. Such payments prove a lifesaver for businesses trying to navigate diminished revenues in these trying times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, businesses, including restaurants and eateries, are increasingly left to shutter their doors and leave millions of dedicated service employees without work. But now, with the help of DelivRan and its innovative businesses model, the modern workforce can be employed with a sustainable delivery-based alternative in the face of COVID-19. With a job marketplace included in-app, even businesses without employees to re-purpose as delivery drivers have the option to hire full-time, part-time, or per-delivery assistance with flat-fee offers.

To learn more about DelivRan, and its benefits in the face of COVID-19, please visit

About DelivRan

DelivRan, a new courier-based food delivery service, was developed in 2020. Developed for the Covid-19 Global Hackathon, an event attended by leading technology companies including Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest, Slack, Giphy, TikTok, and WeChat, each came together to share resources and support hackathon participants. An entry into the “BuildForCovid-19” Hackathon, the hackathon will announce the event’s top projects on April 3rd, 2020.

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Inside The Mind Of Gregory Caremans, Founder Of Brain Academy

Inside The Mind Of Gregory Caremans, Founder Of Brain Academy
Gregory Caremans Sits Down To Discuss His Life, Business & Future Goals, along with his success as the founder of Brain Academy, which focuses on making brain science accessible to as many people as possible. To date, the Brain Academy has reached more than 240,000 students across the globe in 197 countries, and is growing daily. Gregory's work has been highlighted on CNN, in Entrepreneur Magazine and many others!

The brain is a complex operating system that controls everything we do and there is so much more to learn about it. There are many myths about the brain, such as, we only use five percent of the brain, or we use one side of the brain more than the other, and left-handed people are more creative. I am sure many of you have heard these very statements made at one point or another; however, after spending some time with a leading expert on the study of brain science, I have come to know otherwise. Today, it is my pleasure to share some time with Gregory Caremans. Gregory lives just outside of Brussels, Belgium, and has an impressive resume of accomplishments, especially over the past 10 years since he has really exploded within his passion for the study of the brain and what makes humans do what they do.

Gregory capitalized on his years of study in the areas of communication along with neurocognitive and behavioral psychology to found and launch Brain Academy in early-2014, and is a member of Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Brain Research. At the Brain Academy, Gregory’s drive is to make brain science accessible to as many people as possible. To date, the Brain Academy has reached more than 240,000 students across the globe in 197 countries, and is growing daily. Gregory’s work has been highlighted on CNN, in Entrepreneur Magazine as having the top course on leadership, and was honored to have The Economist offer his courses to their readers. In November 2018, Gregory made it to the speaking stage as part of TEDxBucharest, where he delivered an amazing, must-see talk on the intricacies of the brain. He was referred to as Brain Master, and I am sure you will agree with me, that the title is very fitting.

Gregory, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share this time with me today. I’ve seen the to-do list on your whiteboard, so that makes this time even more special.  How are you doing today and how are things back home in Belgium?

These are strange times. I’m concerned, as most people are. Fortunately, my family and myself are safe and healthy. So, we’re doing good.

Here in Belgium the government takes no chances and has been very hands-on in dealing with the virus. We’re hopeful this will all soon be over, and we can think back to all this as a weird, surreal experience.

It definitely reminds us we shouldn’t take anything for granted. It’s been a wake up call for many of us.

I have some questions that will dive deeper into what you do and the impact that it’s making, but I’d like to give you a chance to tell us a little more about yourself before we get started.

Brain science is a passion; an obsession even. Everything I do, everything I think about, I do through this ‘brain science’ lens. I try to apply new found insights and studies to my own life and that of my family. I am a father of two myself, and they are my favorite guinea pigs. Now don’t worry, I don’t implant electrodes in their brains or something like that. We’re talking about behavioral experiments here.

I feel so fortunate to be able to work in my field of passion. I find this study of the brain absolutely fascinating and, through Brain Academy, have decided to share the insights with as many people as possible, by translating often obscure scientific jargon into easily digestible, ready for use information.

As I have discovered already, brain science truly is a great passion for you, and now a self-proclaimed obsession. Can you tell us what piqued your interest in the study of the human mind and the evolution of events that led you to found and launch Brain Academy back in 2014.

I have always been interested in human behavior. I've always tried to understand what drives us, what makes us happy, what is worth fighting for. When I started in L&D, it was a good fit. I got hired as the country manager for Dale Carnegie Training for Belgium and Luxembourg. I became a Dale Carnegie Trainer and bought an operating license. Then the financial crisis of 2009 hit. From one day to another, the economy just stood still. No one was buying management training anymore. I went out of business, just like that.

It took me some time to get back on my feet, and when I did, I became the Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism (INC) here in Brussels. A whole new world opened up to me. Taking the brain as the lens through which you look at human behavior and interaction was, to me, a revolution. The INC was very methodical and scientifically rigorous. It was the best school I could dream of. The people who work there are brilliant. Unfortunately, they often lose themselves in theoretical debates about abstract nuances, and after some time I started to become hungry for translating all these fabulous insights into concrete tools people would be able to use in their everyday life.

In 2014, a friend of mine suggested I start creating online courses. I was very skeptical at first. Asking myself, “How would one ever be able to make a living with that?” But I eventually did create one and put it online. The rest, as they say, is history ...

You have such an impressive story. If there was one thing, the most important thing, that you would want people to know about you, what would it be?

I’m genuinely passionate about what I do. There’s a big difference between people who launch a project to make money, and people who launch a project out of passion. When you’re in it for the money, you end up using all types of shady tactics to maximize your sales. Your client is there for your benefit. Most of my work is online. Trust me on this one: it can get ugly out there.

When you’re in it for the passion, it’s a different game all together. Your focus is to bring added value and to help people. You are in it for the benefit of others. Sometimes it happens that people want a refund in our Academy. I get it. You can’t please everyone. Especially when your audience is worldwide and extremely diverse. If a person didn’t get value out of their Brain Academy experience, I would feel like a thief if I would keep their money. It’s not even up for debate. It has to be a win-win.

Along those same lines, with so many students already exploring and growing their minds every day, what is it about Brain Academy that is so different and beneficial than anything else out there?

When our first course went online in 2014, there was nothing like it. Sure, you could find a couple of courses on how the brain works, but they were all very academic and...really boring. Our approach has always been from a student's perspective: what's in it for them? How can they use this information in their daily life? And how can we keep their interest throughout the course?

The other thing is, we're not interested in copying what's already out there. We thoroughly research every subject we cover, and then combine the information in such a way to come up with a fresh new perspective to it. 

We pride ourselves in keeping our information current. Brain science evolves rapidly, and we need to keep pace. Most of our courses have been updated and upgraded several times since they were first released. Several courses have even been re-written from scratch. Right now we spend more time updating/upgrading existing courses than we do releasing new ones.

I've had a neuroscience student from a leading university write to me to say my courses were more interesting than the ones he got from his professors. I've had professors write to me to say they use my course material in their courses. I love that kind of feedback. It tells me we're on the right track.

If you would ask me who my competitors are, I wouldn't be able to give you names. In my opinion there's no one doing what we do, the way we do it. Sure, there are a lot of marketers who try to make a quick buck by releasing courses on Neuroplasticity, because they see it sells. But in the end, if you can choose between a marketing expert who has 50 courses on sales, marketing and social media , and on the other hand a brain expert who's courses are all on the subject of the brain, who would you choose to teach you brain science? Exactly, that's the very reason why I don't see any of them as competition. 

There's maybe one website kinda competing with us, but then the other day I found out that they were pushing our courses through affiliate links to their readers. That made me smile.

You see, we're the trendsetters. We're the innovators. We're the ones being copied. In business, it's the greatest compliment you can get.

Having impacted the lives and likely reshaped the minds of so many people, what kind of responses do you get from those that have completed your courses?

There are so many, I don’t even know where to start. I get daily messages from people who thank us for the work we’re doing. That alone is our biggest motivator. Every single one of our courses is transformational. I’m personally convinced that the study of the brain is about empowerment. Understanding how our brain works, helps us and empowers us in our daily life.

The thing is, we cover so much ground, from parenting and leadership to stress management and procrastination, over memory, focus, neuroplasticity, flow theory, and so on. I feel like singling out one example would just not do justice to all the others.

I get emails from parents and educators on our parenting course. So many coaches thank us for the tools in our course on personal development. Managers who got their eureka moment after taking our course on leadership. On procrastination, we got messages from people telling how they could finally move forward, after years of being held back by their habits. And the list just goes on and on…

Is there a particular person or situation that comes to mind, where a course had a life-changing impact?

There are so many, but if there has to be only one, my favorite success story would have to be that of Aldaci. She enrolled in the Neuroplasticity course and fell in love with it and how she changed as a result of it. Aldaci not only consumed the content; she explored and experienced it in her own life and interactions with other people. She learned how to incorporate social plasticity in her personal and professional life. The real testament to the value of the course comes from her comment, “I can say that I am no longer the same person after this course.”

Aldaci’s story is but one of many that I could share. Anyone can go through the thousands of reviews we’ve received and see for themselves how our work sparks enthusiasm. Whenever I have a bad day, I read through them. It’s an instant morale boost and reminder of why I do this work in the first place.

What would you say is the most important thing for people to know and understand about the brain and the work that you and your team are doing?

I really want people to understand that our Brain Academy is not some kind of magical remedy which will make you smart overnight. It’s not one of those many platforms claiming to improve your IQ, or improve your cognitive performance overnight with all kinds of ‘brain games’. Regardless of what they claim, almost all of them have no leg to stand on. They’re not helping’s all hot air. There’s no transferability of skills. You are fooled with the impression your brain improves, but it’s not. You’re just getting better at that specific game, which is normal. If you do something repeatedly, you get better at it.

Remember what I said about money and passion. We’re not all about the money...passion and impact matters more. We’re about factually informing people about how our brains work. We debunk many myths about the brain. It’s all factual, scientifically researched information, which we bring in a fun and comprehensive format, so people can understand themselves and others better, and start making changes in their life. 

With such an amazing following from individual students, as well as those globally from corporate and academia, where do you see Brain Academy in the next 3 to 10 years?

This information is too important to be kept hidden behind university walls or high paying online platforms. The more people will know about this, the better. Understanding our brain better will lead to more empathy, more tolerance, better communication, better understanding of why we act in a certain way in certain circumstances…and then act upon it.

Understanding how our brains work will free us from unconscious processes holding us back. It will empower us in taking back control over our own life. It will dramatically increase our well-being. That’s why I’m so passionate about this. It simply has to be shared with as many people as possible. Brain Academy has directly impacted over 240,000 students, probably double that indirectly, and see this growing to 1 million, then 2 million and hopefully 10 million or more students. Growth in this area is endless and I intend to be a part of that growth as long as possible.

What projects or plans do you have for the coming year?

We just launched a new Brain Vlog on YouTube, with new episodes weekly, where we share brain insights. I’m currently writing a book about brain health which will come out later this year. We also have two new courses planned for the second half of the year. This year is strange with the global COVID-19 pandemic. We had plans to launch a global certification program to train coaches worldwide, but that will be postponed to sometime in 2021.

Most people have life goals, aspirations and dreams for themselves, and I am sure you are no different. What is something that would rank right at the top of your ultimate dream list?

In my wildest dreams, somewhere in the future…

Brain Academy has its own research center, which we fund ourselves. We will have a network of partners worldwide who can help disseminate our information in their local regions. We would even talk to governments to help them shape educational policy to integrate brain science insights into the pedagogical programs our kids go through at school.

If we start educating our kids at school, and if they are able to integrate these insights into their life…not only does it have the potential to change our society for the better, but also, once they reach old age, their brains will remain strong and healthy. We would have way less issues with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive decline we see nowadays.

This is important to me, as I saw how both my grandmothers fight against dementia. It was so hard on them and everyone around them. You know, it still hurts when I think about their last years…

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

My favorite quote is by Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

I like to end my guest interviews with a lighthearted question, but one that I think can give a great glimpse into what makes a person great and special at what they do. So, Gregory, what would you say is your superpower and how does it help you in what you do?

My superpower… I guess… is my in-depth knowledge of the brain. I have an unfair advantage in life now. I mean, I live and breathe brain science. With every decision I make, I keep in mind what is best for my brain. Now that doesn’t make me smarter than anybody else. Brain science is not about being smart, a high IQ, or things like that. Seriously, it’s not. With all that I have studied and knowledge I’ve gained over the years, I can honestly say my brain is in better shape than it has ever been.

When we take care of our brain, it shows in things like better focus, an improved memory executive function, etc. However, the real impact of having a healthy, well-functioning brain is evidenced by how we feel in life. It gives us optimism, positivism, enthusiasm and a true lust for life. That is what Brain Academy is all about.

So, you truly are the Brain Master! Gregory...thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and learning how Brain Academy is literally influencing and impacting the world. Before you go, can you leave our audience with the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

Thanks. Yes, I can be reached and followed in a number of ways, but the best are via my email; website; or follow my YouTube channel

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Maria Hojas, Talented Actress, Is One Of The Most Inspiring Revelations In Hollywood

Emerging talents is the backbone of the Hollywood movie industry. Maria Hojas is a distinguished performer who is taking challenging roles that has improved her personal profile and built a robust career in the film industry

Actress and talented performer, Maria Hojas, is one of Hollywood’s most promising acts. Her career started almost a decade ago when she featured in short films and TV series.

She moved from Chile to Los Angeles five years ago to pursue her dream of telling stories and entertaining audiences. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate is an expert in acting, who also enjoys practicing yoga, dancing, and meditating.

One of her recent performances is in the film “Aphrodite”, where she played the role of Hope; a sexual abusive woman who puts a cross dresser in a difficult situation. Maria’s performance in the film shows the capacity of her creativity in interpreting roles and delivering high quality and impressive artistic work.

The Aphrodite movie was part of the Newport Beach Film Festival in July, 2019, where she shined as the audience specifically mentioned her performance.

To learn more, please visit her website:

Every year, Hollywood welcomes a number of revelations, in new and creative artists that emerge. These creative individuals redefine acting in a way that it has never been seen before, which adds value to the entire industry.

Maria Hojas is one of such revelations who have been noticed by Hollywood for her exceptional performance in different movie and TV roles, especially in Aphrodite.

The movie Aphrodite is all about a cross dresser who puts her sexual identify at stake to become a star. Maria Hojas played the role of Hope, an antagonist and talented scout with only sexual interests. Hope is manipulative and dangerous but yet very convincing and charming.

As a distinguished artist, she continues to take challenging roles and to deliver excellent performances. In the coming years, she hopes to continue to boost her profile with upcoming projects that will entertain and inspire her fans.

For more information, please contact her website:

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COVID-19 Outbreak Causes Sectors of Nursing Industry to Migrate Online

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is estimated to currently be affecting more than 200 countries around the world. As of March 31, the virus is estimated to have affected more than 800,000 thousand people and to have directly caused more than 40,000 deaths.

Economically and socially, the virus has already a tremendous impact on many different industries. One of the industries that has been most heavily affected, according to those in the field, has been the nursing industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that roughly 3.9 million nurses currently work in the United States. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the bureau estimated that this figure is about 20 percent short of the number of nurses needed to meet the nation’s growing demand for medical care.

As a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the nursing shortage is more evident than ever. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has already called for nurses across the country to travel to New York and offer help in a region where the effects of the outbreak have been particularly brutal.

Elsewhere, including Chicago, Washington, and California, reports of nursing shortages — as well as supply shortages — have also been mounting. Various efforts across the nation have attempted to increase the current supply of qualified nurses but, due to the years of training required to become a nurse, increasing this stock has been notoriously difficult.

Accelerating Already Existing Trends

In response to COVID-19, a virus that has been recognized for its ability to spread notoriously quickly, nearly all of the nation’s nursing schools have closed their physical campuses. However, largely because the need for nurses is expected to grow even further, many of these schools are now offering their courses entirely online.

While online nursing courses may offer somewhat of a different experience, studies have indicated that virtual learning can still help many nurses learn the material needed to pass the NCLEX-RN (registered nursing exam).

The shift of courses online, even for the relatively specialized field of nursing, represents an already growing trend in the world of education and certification. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), about 1 in 4 (25.8 percent) students engage in “distance learning” courses online. Even before the outbreak, factors such as cost, ease of use, and flexibility were among the most common reasons people have been choosing to learn online.

Within the broader nursing industry, these changes have been particularly reflected among supplementary certification providers. Online nursing certifications, which are provided by companies such as eMedCert, make it easy for nurses to obtain their appropriate certifications from anywhere in the world. Essential courses, such as Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) can be bundled together and completed in less than one day.

Online courses, both for education and certification, have helped continue the flow of new nurses, even in light of social distancing and other measures. While the impacts of COVID-19 will eventually be mitigated, many within the industry believe the acceleration of these programs may permanently impact the ways nurses are prepared for the field.

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Fucoidan: The Immune Health and Antiviral Properties

Fucoidan: The Immune Health and Antiviral Properties

Apr 2, 2020 - New York, NY - At a time when global interest in immune health is at an unprecedented high, consumers around the world are turning attention to their diets in a bid to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Subsequently, there is increased interest in ingredients that bolster immunity, particularly those that are natural, certified organic and are supported by independent clinical evidence.

One such example is Fucoidan – a naturally occurring polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed. The past thirty years have seen an extensive body of scientific evidence amass in support of the unique physiological benefits of Fucoidan. It is this scientific evidence that has placed it at the forefront of natural therapeutics. Two areas of bioactivity currently of specific interest at present are the immuno-modulatory and antiviral properties of Fucoidan.

We know that the immune responses to vaccines or infections can be compromised, particularly during periods of ill health and in older members of the population. As documented in a range of published papers, Fucoidan has been shown to exert a variety of beneficial effects on the human immune system. These include:

Boosting the immune response – Fucoidan has been shown to boost the immune responses to seasonal influenza vaccinations.

Activating Natural Killer cells and cytotoxic T cells – types of white blood cells that play major roles in rejecting virally-infected and damaged cells.

Mobilizing stem cells – immune health is fundamentally dependent upon the release and mobilisation of stem cells and Fucoidan has been reported to support the release of stem cells into peripheral circulation.

Dampening allergic response – Fucoidan can reduce allergic responses after ingestion.

Fucoidan may also act as an antiviral agent, preventing viral infections by blocking adhesion and entry of viruses to host cells. Indeed, these antiviral properties appear to reflect the biological role of Fucoidan in protecting the seaweed plant from marine-borne viral pathogens. To date, research has demonstrated that:

• Fucoidan has been shown to be very effective in inhibiting both Herpes Simplex viruses (HSV1 and HSV2) and influenza viruses (H1N1, H5N1).

• Fucoidan extends its antiviral action to a range of other common viruses such as measles, Newcastle virus and canine distemper.

Like many nutritional ingredients, not all Fucoidan ingredients on the market are the same. Consumers and product manufacturers alike are advised to verify the provenance and identity of their Fucoidan.

A branded ingredient of particular note is Maritech® Organic Fucoidan, produced by Australian biotechnology company Marinova Pty Ltd. The company is recognized as the global leader in Fucoidan science and is the world’s only producer of high purity, Certified Organic Fucoidan.

In addition to supplying a superior product, Marinova Pty Ltd leads the way in Fucoidan research, continuing to increase global understanding of the bioactive properties of this unique marine ingredient.

Look for Maritech® Organic Fucoidan in your nutritional supplements

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Vince Offer of ShamWow® Fame Introduces His New ShamWow® with Zinc To Help Keep Homes More Bacteria-Free

Vince Offer of ShamWow® Fame Introduces His New ShamWow® with Zinc To Help Keep Homes More Bacteria-Free
Reusable Absorbent Towels Are Eco-Friendly Cleaning Option

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 2, 2020 - Vince Offer, trail-blazing infomercial marketer, has been ahead of the curve for years with his various mega-popular products, but the improvements made to his ShamWow® reusable absorbent towels in 2019 were particularly visionary. Considering the changes in society that were brought on by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the new and improved ShamWow® is the right product for the right time.

In its latest iteration, the ShamWow® is made with zinc-treated germ-fighting fibers, making it odor-and-mildew-resistant. This anti-bacterial element is a boon to sanitary housekeeping, which is a must in the current global climate, and the durability of the ShamWow® allows for multiple use with laundering, helping to reduce the reliance on paper towels in a time of shortages.

Whether it was a result of foresight or good business practices, Vince Offer's latest generation of the ShamWow® has increased in value since its introduction last year, as consumers seek more hygienic, eco-friendly cleaning options in the midst of a pandemic.

"We were just trying to make the best possible version of the ShamWow® that we could," said Offer. "I referenced its anti-bacterial qualities with tongue-in-cheek during my ad for it last year. But the situation is deadly serious now. I'm just happy that we've made a good product for people who need to be even more diligent about health and cleanliness today."

Besides being odor-and-mildew-resistant through its zinc-treated bacteria-fighting fibers, the new and improved ShamWow® is, like its predecessors, reusable, which is great for the environment. It also stays soft to the touch with continued use, and is super-absorbent like a Chamois, towel, and sponge, all in one, soaking up 10x its weight in any liquid -- perfect for cleaning up spills. It comes in a pack of two, each 20 x 27 inches and easily trimmed with scissors to any desired size and shape. The ShamWow® is non-abrasive and will not scratch, so it's ideal for washing, drying and polishing any surface, with countless uses in the home, from cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom to cleaning carpet stains and windows, and washing, waxing, and drying your car. It can even serve as a bath mat or as a towel to dry your dog or cat.

Plus, the ShamWow® can be used with soap or cleaner. If it’s not dirty, you wring it out, then allow it to fully air-dry. If ShamWow® is dirty, just place it in the washing machine, using warm or cold water and regular detergent -- adding color-safe bleach if necessary, but no fabric softener. It shouldn’t be put in a dryer afterwards. Simply allow it to air-dry after washing.

In addition to his renowned career as an entrepreneur/pitchman, Vince Offer is a producer, director, writer, and comedian whose first major film release was the 1999 feature "The Underground Comedy Movie." He is also well-known for his other products, the "Slap Chop®" kitchen utensil; the "Schticky®" lint roller; a liquid cleaner called "InVinceable®"; and another kitchen utensil called "Crank Chop®."

If you would like to learn more about ShamWow!®, you can go to

Shamwow® is also available now at suggested retail stores like Amazon (AMZN), Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) and Walmart (WMT).

Square One Entertainment Inc(SOE), a company based in California USA, and its Australian subsidiary, Square One TV Marketing Pty Ltd, are television and multimedia companies specializing in infomercial advertising and sales.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call (305) 777-2248 at Square One Entertainment Inc. or email

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Universal Investment Strategies Review Reveals it is Now the Options Education provider to the largest International Brokerage firm

Universal Investment Strategies Review Reveals it is Now the Options Education provider to the largest International Brokerage firm

Universal Investment Strategies is happy to announce that they have become non exclusive  options education  provider to the top international Options brokerage firm Interactive Brokers.  Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) is a U.S.-based electronic brokerage firm. It is the largest U.S. electronic brokerage firm by number of daily average revenue trades, and is the leading forex broker.

The company brokers stocks, options, futures, EFPs, futures options, forex, bonds, funds and CFDs. Interactive Brokers also services commodity trading advisors (CTAs), making it the fifth-largest prime broker servicing CTAs. The company serves 385 thousand client brokerage accounts, with US$86 billion in customer equity. Interactive Brokers Group owns 40 percent of the futures exchange OneChicago, and is an equity partner and founder of the Boston Options Exchange.

"We are excited about providing our Options mentorship to domestic and international retail investors. We strongly believe that it is important to empower investors to get an edge in the market by providing them with proper coaching to make them more efficient in trading said Jay Johnson, CEO of Universal Investment Strategies."

About Universal Investment Strategies

Universal Investment Strategies provides one on one options trading mentorship and education to investors seeking to generate active/passive and/or retirement income.  With over 25 years of combined experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Universal Investment Strategies was founded on the principals of we will walk with you side by side every step of the way.

For more information about Universal Investment Strategies, visit

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Javier Hala Madrid - “It’s better to give than to receive"

“I would like for the masses’ mindset to change due to how easy it is to manipulate them”, with these words @javierhalamadrid ends an interview in which he reveals part of his personal story and those aspects that inspire him and have led him to conquer the space he nowadays has earned in the daily life of his followers.

Born in Maracaibo, Zulia state, Javier David Romero Galué, better known in social networks as @javierhalamadrid, was born May 13th, 1991, and is the son of Carmen Galué and David Romero. 

His childhood passed in the heat of the Marabina life, in a Christian home: “I would describe it as a very good childhood in Venezuela. From a young age, I participated in church activities where I learned to play the piano and formed part of the musical group”, he reveals. 

A happy childhood in every way, as he himself affirms, with role models within his own home: father, mother, and siblings. And in other spaces he admired soccer players like Zidane and Ronaldo, due to a passion for this sport. As for music, his love for Michel Camilo, who is one of the best pianists in the world, stands out.

“I'm a comedian who makes videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram”, is how Javier Romero describes his actual occupation. He is dedicated to creating content for different social media platforms, comedy, essentially. He is also a musician. 

“Malayo, Marginal, Mialma”, are common words in his recordings, words that identify him and are even part of those who follow him. 

“I learned my best skills in Venezuela and the United States”, he explains. In Venezuela he learned everything he knows about music and in The United States what he currently does: acting, video production, and social media management. 

Since he was a child, he has leaned towards comedy: “The ability to make people laugh, we could say that it was in Venezuela too, due to the fact that since I was young I loved to make everybody around me laugh”. 

He says that after graduating from high school, he studied seven semesters of Public Accounting, at the University of Zulia (LUZ), located in Maracaibo. Stage which he did not end, as he emigrated to the United States, where he devoted himself to study English for eight months.

Later, he resumed university studies in the area of Business Administration, which he studied in Faulkner University (Montgomery, Alabama, USA). He earned his degree in 2018. 

His passion for soccer and piano were born when he was a child, whose days were spent in Maracaibo (Zulia). “I played every day, everywhere. I always had a soccer ball with me”, he recalls. 

He says that music came years later thanks to his work within the church, “it became a passion”, he affirms. In addition, he was part of the youth groups of this same organization, “we played sports, ate, we enjoyed brotherhood in the church”. 

He still has a taste for soccer, but confesses to “feeling old” to play it. Playing the piano, managing social networks and making film criticism count among his hobbies. “I like acting a lot”, he adds. He considers Leonardo DiCaprio an inspiration, for his incredible talent, and Jim Carrey, for his capacity to make people laugh with his performance. 

He doesn’t consume alcohol and doesn’t smoke. Among his greatest pleasures, he considers “eating like a maniac” and sleeping. 

About his other hobbies, he manifests that he likes to read blogs on the Internet about interesting stories, “also some books about how dangerous communism, socialism, and now progressivism are, and how Latin America has fallen into those ideologies”. Bible books are also among his interests when it comes to reading. 

“It’s better to give than to receive.” 

Is a phrase that inspires him and has driven him to help those who need it most. 

He admits that it motivates him to see immigrants that leave their countries and travel thousands of kilometers to find a new opportunity: “See how they work like no one else in this life to succeed. That courage motivates me”. 

But his work doesn’t also reduce to just creating content for social media networks, he has also been involved in various charitable and social causes. “The most important have been the collections of thousands of humanitarian aid supplies for the people in Venezuela, that are starving. We have done these events in several occasions from the United States”, he explains.

On other occasions, he has supported NGOs that distribute supplies in some cities in Venezuela. 

“In Venezuela, I also did it with my church, where we went out to distribute clothing, food, and medicines for many communities”, he says. Likewise, weekly he posts cases that are exposed in the gofundme platform, in order to request support from those who can make a donation. 

With a strong presence in social networks, with millions of followers, this venezuelan, who currently resides in Miami (Florida), has been awarded prizes for his skills as a humorist and YouTuber. “I have received awards and recognition for the fight I have given to attack the regime through social networks, exposing the truth and ending censorship”, Javier Romero declares. 

Loyalty and solidarity are the values that characterize him. Regarding his source of inspiration, he points out: “God inspires me, who gave me life and everything I have today and what I always do will be for His glory, since He gave me these talents”. 

@javierhalamadrid explains that ideologies (especially the left party’s) “contaminate the minds of the people and the new generations”. 

He points out: “Trends will end humanity, every time it’s becoming easier for a certain ideology to manage the masses how it pleases and destroy societies’ foundations in order to obtain power”. 

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