Friday, November 30, 2018

Coinmark, the next-gen revenue-sharing exchange launches their pre-sale

Coinmark is an innovative new revenue-sharing cryptocurrency exchange that has announced the launch of their pre-sale. The platform offers bank-level security system with 95% cold wallet storage and a capacity to process millions of transactions per second. Coinmark is a future-oriented technology company that focuses on performance, accuracy, and security. Through the ongoing pre-sale, the traders have a chance to invest in a robust, and reliable exchange platform.

Coinmark overcomes the shortcomings of the current exchange platforms such as the monopoly structure of the revenue as well as unsatisfactory user experience. It is a cryptocurrency exchange (core 2.0 futures option, lending, FX, stable coins) with a bank-level security system that gives it an edge from the regular cryptographic exchanges.

A few other issues with the current exchanges are the structure of the token listed fee of the large exchange, token price manipulation and risks of personal data theft and hacking. The exchange is an infinite expansion Modular Advanced Exchange platform (Core 1.0 - 1 million transactions per second/core 2.0 - 10 million transactions per second).

Coinmark has taken all the aforementioned issues in the account to develop an exchange that features a revenue-sharing model with utmost security. The exchange enables users to earn a commission of up to 80-90% through trading mining. It strives to enhance the user experience on the platform by providing trading view charts for the users to perform various technical analyzes. Also, it doesn't charge anything as a listing fee. By using the AWS Cloud system, Coinmark provides a stable trading environment to its users and safeguards the assets with WINS' PETRA security control service.

At Coinmark, exchange user is the owner. The users can get a 100% refund of personal transaction fee through coin mining and 80% share of the company's daily transaction fee. The platform will as do a large-scale airdrop of 30 Million total tokens to give $13 value of token to each person. The users can also earn referral bonus through 1st level 300 tokens and 2nd level 200 tokens. In addition, the exchange platform provides offers like referral king and promotional king bonus with a total prize money of $100,000. All in all, it aims to provide maximum benefits to its users.

Coinmark will soon be launching coin and affiliate partners like Binance, bnb, SirinLabs, Makerdao, OmiseGo, Zilliqa and more. The exchange offers Modular infinite scalability with its horizon expanding to Forex, funding, lending, fiat, stable coin etc. More information about the exchange platform can be found on their official website.

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The Next Frontier of the cryptoexchange: "iCoinbay's Innovative Insurance System"

iCoinbay, a cryptocurrency exchange, recently introduced a new method of operation for the industry called Trading Premium Gain (TPG). This new method is a tokenized, community-based crypto-asset exchange which allows platform users to increase their earnings through normal trading activities by having a stake in the exchange's earnings in token form. All community members who have the token can enjoy extra revenue through what is known as "Trading Premium Gain."

To learn more about "Trading Premium Gain", click here:

iCoinbay has three key features described below, in addition to precise computing based on a mathematical model which prevents the flow of funds from being disrupted by a decrease in the influx of new users, avoiding the collapse of the platform.

1. The Equity Token

Tokens have an inherent value and all tokens issued by a first-rate blockchain system should be linked to the real economy and service the real economy. The token economy is a system that realizes large-scale and strong coordination among community members by setting a mechanism of positive and negative incentives. Therefore, exchanges rooted in community development should be constructed as a decentralized token economic entity.

The aim of iCoinbay is to allow users to have a right to a portion of exchange earnings in token (TPG) form by giving these users a total of 70% of exchange revenue. iCoinbay will distribute 70% of the previous week's income to community members weekly, based on the proportion of TPG held.

This represents iCoinbay's aim of realizing a "token economy" theory. In the process of realizing this aim, complete asset transparency has been achieved and can be seen on the asset transparency information page.

2. The Economic Theory

The iCoinbay operation rewards users' normal usage of the platform as a contribution to the community, and those who generate transaction fees are awarded TPG tokens worth 100% of the value of the transaction fees. This philosophy aims to build a fair, cooperative community.

Meanwhile, iCoinbay also sets corresponding punishment measures during the construction of the community, which aim to punish the negative actions of community members by suspending or withdrawing tokens. This is the negative incentive mentioned in the "token economy" theory.

3. The Integration of Traditional Financial Theory and "Token Economy" Theory

The most innovative point of iCoinbay is the built-in insurance, which is specifically designed to protect the value of TPG. Although the premium only accounts for 0.025% of the transaction amount, TPG holders are assured that after 100 days, regardless of how the market moves, their token can be exchanged for stable coins at the token's originally issued price.

In this way, TPG users may enjoy extra revenue and earnings from any increase in the currency's value and need not worry about the risk of currency value depreciation. The establishment of an insurance mechanism fully embodies the integration of traditional financial means and token economic theory based on establishing a perfect verifiable economic mechanism. Investors and industry observers alike are enthusiastic to see how this new approach can positively reform the industry.

In this competitive age of cryptocurrency exchanges, TPG is set to deliver a new concept to the industry, demonstrating iCoinbay's unique capabilities and potential. While the eventual cryptocurrency exchange winner remains uncertain, iCoinbay is intent on providing answers to some of the fascinating questions.

About iCoinbay:





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Cumming, GA, USA - Lanier Mobile Detailing has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of vehicle detailing services for automobiles, boats, and RVs. Based in Georgia, the mobile detailing company has been founded by an inspiring entrepreneur Tyler Bennett, who has been in business for about three years now. Moreover, the company takes great pride in offering premium detailing services for the Cumming, Dawsonville, Gainesville, and Lake Lanier area for many years.

“We take great pride in detailing your vehicles and our goal is to satisfy our customers and extend a quick, convenient and beneficial service for your vehicle, boat, and RV,” said Tyler Bennet, the Owner of Lanier Mobile Detailing, while introducing the company. “Our primary mission is providing the best-detailing service and customer experience for our customers and we are very grateful to our valued customers for their kind reviews and testimonials,” he added.

In addition, some of the most high in demand services offered by the mobile detailing company in Georgia are Sanding, Buffing, Pressure Washing, Waterline Removal, Deck Cleaning, and Interior Detailing. Moreover, the company primarily serves clients near Lake Lanier and the surrounding areas, and a lot of people coming to Georgia for their vacation can avail these services at reasonably affordable rates. Furthermore, Tyler never compromises on the quality of services and his company is now recognized as one of the best-detailing services for cars, boats, and RVs in Cumming and surrounding areas.

For more information, please visit:

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The Nutty Peanut Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

"Handmade, all-natural peanut butter from Sanford, Florida!"

Sanford, Florida - Sanford, Florida’s The Nutty Peanut, a small batch craft peanut butter company, is celebrating its one-year anniversary on National Peanut Butter Day, January 24, 2019.

The Nutty Peanut makes healthy nut butters with all natural, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients. Each batch of peanut butter is super boosted with MCT oil to improve digestive and immune health, organic golden flax to promote healthy skin and lower cholesterol, organic goji berry powder to detoxify the liver and power your body with antioxidants, and pink Himalayan salt, which contains 80+ minerals and trace elements, to help balance your body’s pH levels. Jars of The Nutty Peanut’s nut butters are handmade just two at a time.

Aside from their classic peanut butter (Plain Ol Nutty), The Nutty Peanut offers a wide variety of unique flavors, such as Cocoa Nutty Nana (chocolate banana peanut butter), Razzy Short Stack (raspberry pancake peanut butter), Wake Up Nutty (coffee peanut butter), Nutty SAM (sunflower seed, almond and maple sugar butter) and Wild Jungle Nutty. Wild Jungle Nutty, made from the rare wild jungle peanut, is the only peanut butter of its type produced in the United States and solely by The Nutty Peanut.

About The Nutty Peanut:

The Nutty Peanut, owned and operated by Mike Della Pia and Mick Rivera, is a super healthy, all natural, vegan, and non-GMO nut butter producer in Sanford, Florida. Their nuts are sourced from multiple locations to create a unique butter blend, and each jar is handmade two at a time. The “craft beer” of peanut butter, The Nutty Peanut was recently featured at the World Food Championships “Innovation Station” in Alabama on November 7-11, 2019.

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Bonanza Electronics: The Top Electrician in Erie, PA Offers New Services For All

Bonanza Electronics is a leading electrical contracting company that serves the Erie, PA area. The firm now provides new services to its customers to help them solve a wider range of electrical issues.

Erie, PA - Bonanza Electronics is a leading electrical contracting company that serves the Erie, PA area. The firm now provides new services to its customers to help them solve a wider range of electrical issues.

They are the electricians to call regardless of what type of electrical need one has in their home or office. Bonanza Electronics employees specialize in commercial and residential electric repair. Their friendly technicians are skilled and trained to help solve commercial or residential electrical problems.

The company provides a wide range of service from basic to complicated electrical repair. They can assist with the most common problem in homes which is the circuit breaker that keeps on tripping. Such repairs are important because these little problems can be the cause of a fire in a property which can destroy the property, even the people who live or work in these places.

Bonanza Electronics advice that in case of fire and somebody becomes a victim of these accidents, they can build a case against the building owner for negligence. In such situations, an experienced personal injury lawyer is needed to get a just and fair compensation. One injury lawyer that offers such services is Edmund Octavio whose law firm is at 2947 Custer St., Erie, PA. He can also be contacted by phone at (814) 874-0177.

Bonanza Electronics also provides an affordable electrical maintenance service. This includes inspecting and keeping clients’ electrical systems in good, working condition. The team works around the clock to accommodate the needs of every customer. They serve everyone and always find a solution to the client’s problems. They are a versatile electrical firm in Pennsylvania. Moreover, their services are affordable. Customers can get the best of both worlds. They get to save money and have the issue solved in no time with maximum convenience. Plus, there’s no need to worry about hidden fees.

Another reason to work with Bonanza Electronics is that their electricians are licensed and insured in the State of Pennsylvania. This will surely give anyone peace of mind; knowing that the home or office is in good, insured hands.

Their electricians work around the customer’s schedule. They are willing to work late at night and after hours to accommodate the client’s most convenient time. They also work during weekends; even in the most unconventional hours. They have fully stocked service vehicles to make sure that there’s no hitch to the repairs. Plus, their technicians are capable of handling any type of job sent their way.

Bonanza Electronics is located at 1287 Custer Street, Erie, PA. Contact them for any electrical repair needs via phone at (814) 897-9248, via email at

Those interested in their services can visit their site on

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MOXOM ELECTRONIC LIMITED launches 5-in-1 Wireless Qi Fast-Charging Station on Kickstarter

Chinese company offers a charging station that allows multiple devices to be fast-charged simultaneously

HONG KONG - HONG KONG MOXOM ELECTRONIC LIMITED launches today on Kickstarter its new MoXPower Charger, a 5-in-1 Qi wireless charging station that comes with 4 quick charge ports — 1 Type-C and 1 Type-A QC 3.0, 2 Micro-A. The device, now available to early backers at <>, allows users to quickly and simultaneously charge several smartphones and tablets, keeping families and work teams in sight.

“MoXPower Charger can both be used at home or at the office, as well as at the airport or in a hotel room, being compact, light and versatile enough to suit any individual, family or team’s charging needs,” stated Duke Hung one of the developers of the device.

In terms of its wireless charging features, MoXPower Charger is an inductive quick-charging wireless station that is compatible with very popular references, such as the iPhone XS/XR/XS, the Max/8/8, the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, and other Qi-Enabled smartphones or tablets.

The device comes with 4 Quick Charging USB Ports, featuring a Power Delivery PD Charger USB-C PD Port with a 40W Power Delivery and a 10W quick filling base design. This charging station is compatible with all kinds of digital devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge plus, Note 5, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Google Nexus 4/5/6, among many other references. Also, for more demanding charging needs, MoXPower Charger has a power cord for high power consumption for laptops and handsets to be charged in full-speed.

“The design was also a concern, since we wanted to make it compact and light, but also safe, convenient and unique,” Duke Hung detailed. MoXPower Charger comes with a Touch-Controlled LED Breathing Light with three different scales of light that its users can choose from to keep a soft light at night, bringing a customizable light to dark rooms. The device’s surface is also resistant to scratches, featuring an anti-slip treatment to prevent phones from falling off during charging.

Launched today at <>, MoXPower Charger is being offered for a starting super early bird price of $59 and the campaign is seeking to raise $30,000 to fund the large-scale production of the charging station.

HONG KONG MOXOM ELECTRONIC LIMITED, the company that is launching MoXPower Charger, is a leading Chinese manufacturer of cellphone accessories, like chargers, car-mounted chargers, data cables, batteries and power banks. The company’s products have been approved under QMS certifications such as CE, RoHS and CCC, and are mostly exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon, and other Middle East countries.

For more information, please visit <> or contact Duke Hung, on

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Get PeopleCert ITIL-Practitioner Exam Dumps Released with Valid PDF Questions & Practice Test Software

PeopleCert has recently updated its PeopleCert Business One Release (ITIL-Practitioner) Certification exam syllabus. It is important for every IT personnel to validate credentials against PeopleCert ITIL-Practitioner exam, as it adds benefits to one's professional profile, such as his competency level can be measured easily. CertificationsSoul has also updated its practice questions for ITIL-Practitioner exam, according to the recent changes introduced by PeopleCert.

How to pass PeopleCert ITIL-Practitioner Exam on First Try?

Do you know that recently PeopleCert has updated the syllabus of its ITIL-Practitioner Exam? Following those updates, CertificationsSoul has also updated the material, just to offer you an immediate solution against your challenges which you might face in ITIL-Practitioner Exam. The new syllabus of ITIL-Practitioner Exam is intended to validate the skills to successfully manage the Logistics Business Processes, Financials Tasks and Financial Business processes. The Exam ITIL-Practitioner validates your credentials against Certification PeopleCert Certified Application Associate. Our Exam material offers you latest exam questions and user-friendly interface to be certified associate in the first attempt.

PeopleCert ITIL-Practitioner exam is an equal opportunity provider, which help you in skill upgradtion and development. It is equally important for professionals, as well as for fresh candidates. No matter if you have hands on experience and a fresh candidate; you would have to study the recommended material of PeopleCert. There is no alternate than to study the material, you can’t escape out of reading.  But, if you are willing to lessen your chances of failure in the actual exam, then you must use the updated and latest questions of ITIL-Practitioner Exam Dumps.

PeopleCert ITIL-Practitioner Exam Questions: Now Available in 2 Formats

Our Exam material for PeopleCert Business One Release 9.2 exam has been prepared by the subject matter expert. You may now get the latest exam dumps from CertificationsSoul in 2 easy-to-use formats; e.g. PDF and Practice exam. Both the formats are effective to help you and to make you pass exam on your first attempt. CertificationsSoul offers you cost-effective study material, which can be shared with your peers. You will get one key on purchase of PeopleCert exam material, which can be used on 2 Pcs.

  • ITIL-Practitioner  PDF File: The ITIL-Practitioner Exam dumps are readily available in PDF formats, which is portable and can easily be installed and carried out anywhere. This is indeed a self-paced lower-cost and more reliable study material, which carries the actual questions; those will surely be questioned in the real exam.

  • Practice exam: Our Practice exam offers you various self-learning and self-assessment features. So, all the knowledge you get from PDF file can be tested on our software. It offers you real exam simulation which helps you to learn and prepare for exam under actual environmental constraints, (exam settings, timed exams, and multiple mock test attempts, number of questions test report). Our Practice software is best suited to busy professional who doesn’t have enough time to spend on preparation. It’s self-evaluating feature is good to identify your weak areas, which can be overcome by practicing same questions over again.

Try Free Demo of ITIL-Practitioner Practice Exam

CertificationsSoul highly recommends the users to try the demo of product before purchase. This free demo will help you to get acquainted with the interface of software. Also, we give 24/7 customer support to our esteemed users. You may write us an email, in case you find any ambiguity in the product. Lastly, we give you 90 days free updates to all our users. If, in case, PeopleCert introduces any changes within 90 days, our dedicated team will update the material. This update period will be effective right from the time of purchase.

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Scoopify One Of The Leading And Most Popular Websites In United States Offers Guest Posting Services To The Businesses

One of the leading and most popular websites in United States, Scoopify has been portraying a new vision to present with the latest trends and hottest news of in and around the globe. With every pathway of enhancement, the website has been gaining popularity for its presentation. With a fusion of successful genres and special creation of content, Scoopify is now giving the opportunity to showcase their guest post services.

It has now become the easiest pathway to become a member of Scoopify team where the aspiring writers are provided with the chance to showcase their creativity on this online platform. With the commencement of guest post services, like any independent writer, the concerned person will be paid to write for the articles that will be published on the leading e-magazine, Scoopify.

Once coming in association with Scoopify through guest post services, one will be able to reach a huge number of the audience without any hassle. They are provided with the chance to work with the impeccable editors of the team to take a step forward for reaching their professional team. The provision of a set schedule will be taken accordingly, where creativity and efficiency at work are highly welcomed.

Being a guest blogger at Scoopify, one will be receiving exemplary benedictions. Not only gaining traffic to one's site but also they will be welcomed to the world of other writers of the different genre. Through the guest post services, one will be able to curate the backlinks for their respective website as well as give a fresh portrayal of content to the readers. From gaining traffic to finding a proper blogging home, there is so much to learn and garner from being a part of the Scoopify team.

For further more creative detailing, visit

About Guest Posting Service

Scoopify has showcased the implementation of guest posting service. Here the professional or aspiring bloggers as well as independent writers are given a chance of become a member of the professional team of Scoopify. With quality writing and creative set of contents, it is the pavement for a new opportunity provided to the writers to showcase their skills in front of a large number of readers. Not only will they be able to generate traffic to their respective website but also they are able to meet and work with new writers to garner more knowledge in the field of creative content management and writing.

About Scoopify

Scoopify is one of the leading websites that showcases the daily news and trends globally. The website presents with new sets of contents every day on different genres including lifestyle, health, education, crime, film news, humour, sports, food, travel and entertainment. The contents are curated by the experts and team of top-notch editors to make the website worth the success.

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Become a Master in the World of Information Technology with Guidance from NPN Training

November 30, 2018 - At this age of digital communication, you may witness the dominance of technology everywhere. Hence, there is a prospect of success for experts of Information Technology in today’s society because IT influences or controls a variety of human activities. A methodically devised course on IT may present multiple career opportunities in front of an individual. A certified professional may become a technical writer, technology officer or web-developer. He/she may acquire any other designation that requires an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on Information Technology.

However, it is essential to select an updated training program to achieve mastery in IT, as this field receives frequent updating. The NPN Training institute of Bangalore gives every participant ample opportunities to become experts in different segments of IT. This institute helps students as well as professionals master the basic and advanced technical concepts related to different fields of IT better than other software testing or Spark training institutes in Bangalore. The educators associated with NPN Training have the expertise to turn every participant into master programmer. Hence, each participant does not just acquire jobs with prospects of brighter future. He/she is filled with the confidence and expertise to resolve every complication when developing various programs.

NPN Training has the most detailed training program for Selenium 3.0 in comparison to other Selenium testing institutes in Bangalore. This program covers the basic and advanced concepts of Selenium WebDriver enabling every student to become an expert in Selenium automation testing. To refine the knowledge, the students learn through the practical training whilst developing projects. Hence, every student at this institute learns through experience.

The participants of Selenium-3.0 Certification course receive in-depth knowledge on Java programming along with TestNG, DevOps and automation framework through theoretical and practical training whilst developing industry-relevant projects. It is undoubtedly the best Selenium training in Bangalore which is suitable for QA-professionals, manual-testers or programmers who have basic knowledge in programming language and want to sharpen their skills.

To become a master developer of Big Data and Spark, it is essential to have extensive knowledge in Apache Spark. NPN Training can help students acquire mastery through an extensive Apache Spark and Scala training in Bangalore. This training program does not just help students have clear understanding of Big Data. It equally enables a student to resolve every issue associated with Big Data utilizing Hadoop. The students receive an extensive knowledge through practical projects on Big Data.

The Big Data masters program at NPN Training is not only suitable for students who have an interest in Information Technology. This updated and extensive program, which gives ample opportunities to the students to learn through hands-on training, is equally ideal for Software programmers/engineers looking forward to have in-depth knowledge on Big Data. The database administrators or data analysts who want to learn about the architecture of Hadoop may equally benefit from this training program along with the product managers.

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Address:Sri Vasavi Arcade #83, 3rd floor, 17th Cross, 21st main, Banashankari 2nd stage, Near BDA Complex, SLV Swadista Hotel, Polar Bear, Sri Krishna Stores
City: Bangalore
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GG SwingTips Golf, Online Golf Academy & Lessons

"Over 200+ instructional videos and an extensive Facebook community!"

November 30, 2018 - GG SwingTips Golf, an online golf academy with 200+ instructional videos and a supportive online community, is designed to help skyrocket golfer’s abilities all over the world so they can perfect their game.

The online academy provides courses in every aspect of golf, including swing speed, driving distance, mental game, putting techniques, hitting irons pure, body positioning, and body rotation, plus much more in over 200+ instructional videos. The instructional videos are designed for everyone, from beginners to long-time players, with content optimized for golfers of every skill level. New instructional content is added regularly so you can constantly improve your game.

With the accompanying Facebook community, exclusive to GG SwingTips Golf members, you will be left with a digital country club in your pocket. Connect with golfers around the world and share tips to mutually improve your golf games.

You can visit GG SwingTips Golf and their online academy by visiting

GG SwingTips Golf has a proven track record of success and has thousands of active members who testify to the improvements they have seen in their own game after going through the online academy. Scores and consistency out on the course have improved, as has confidence and mental strength.

About GG SwingTips Golf 

The team at GG SwingTips Golf is passionate about the game of golf, but especially golf instruction and helping golfers around the world advance their abilities within the sport. A well-credentialed and experienced team, one of the owners has over ten years of experience working with PGA professionals and PGA Masters, bringing first-hand knowledge of how to coach and improve players to GG SwingTips Golf.

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Dr. Bertrand Canavy, N.M.D, Becomes An Advisor At A Great Life

"A proven expert, Dr. Canavy's expertise will be monumental!"

November 30, 2018 - A Great Life is proud to announce that Dr. Bertrand Canavy, N.M.D, has joined as a company advisor.

“I love practicing medicine, writing books about slimming solutions, and helping people to live better, longer, and healthier,” said Dr. Canavy, N.M.D, when explaining his motivations for joining A Great Life. “Weight loss has been a passion of mine for over fifteen years. In addition to my degree in naturopathic medicine, I graduated in nutrition, micronutrition, and health.”

Dr. Canavy, N.M.D is well-known globally within the health and wellness fields. His coaching program, "I Love My Health," is followed by over 80,000 people, and over 250,000 people have also completed his online trainings Optimum Well-Being and Nutri 5.

“I believe in A Great life because we share the same values,” said Dr. Canavy. His years of experience in the field, as both a doctor and health/wellness leader, will be greatly influential to A Great Life, its programs, and its products. He is a proponent and supporter of The Skin Tea, a dream product that offers a long-term solution to weight management for the average person.

About Dr. Bertrand Canavy, N.M.D

Bertrand Canavy holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (N.M. D) and several other university degrees obtained in France and the United States. In addition to being a health/wellness coach, a "globe-trotting" health practitioner, and lecturer/trainer, he is also the author of nearly thirty books dealing with wellness, personal development, and spirituality. A subject matter expert, Dr. Canavy, N.M.D has much to contribute to A Great Life, its products, and its programs.

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TraKine™ Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kits (Orange/Green Fluorescence) from Abbkine

Abbkine Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kits can rapid stain plasma membranes in living and fixed suspended or attached cells using proprietary CPM Orange™ (Ex/Em = 549/569 nm) and CPM Green™ (Ex/Em = 484/501 nm).

The cell membrane (plasma membrane) is a thin semi-permeable membrane, consisting of a lipid bilayer with embedded proteins that separates the interior of all cells from the environment. The basic function of the cell membrane is to protect the cell from its surroundings. The cell membrane controls the movement of substances in and out of cells and organelles. In this way, it is selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules. Cell membranes are involved in a variety of cellular processes such as cell adhesion, ion conductivity and cell signaling and serve as the attachment surface for several extracellular structures, including the cell wall, glycocalyx, and intracellular cytoskeleton.

Abbkine TraKine™ Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kits has below two components:

1. CPM™ Green (1000×) for Green Fluorescence or CPM™ Orange (1000×) for Orange Fluorescence
2. Assay Buffer (10×)

Abbkine Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kits are a set of fluorescence imaging tools for rapid staining of plasma membranes in living and fixed suspended or attached cells depending on the cell type and experimental conditions.

CPM™ Orange (1000×) included in TraKine™ Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kit (Orange Fluorescence) and CPM™ Green (1000×) included in TraKine™ Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kit (Green Fluorescence), they are proprietary lipophilic carbocyanine dyes which are weak fluorescent in water but high fluorescent and quite photostable when incorporated into membranes.

The Abbkine Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kits has below features:

1. Enables the uniform staining of cell membrane across a wide variety of mammalian cell types, and can be used for both living and fixed suspended or attached cells.
2. Optimized for various fluorescence platforms such as microplate assays, flow cytometry and fluorescence microscope.
3. Proprietary CPM Orange™ (Ex/Em = 549/569 nm) and CPM Green™ (Ex/Em = 484/501 nm)-resulting in accelerated diffusion within membranes, staining is also maintained after fixation with formaldehyde, enabling further multi-color staining.

About Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd.

Abbkine serves global scientists in the field of proteomics and cytology and is committed to the innovation and development of various scientific reagents related to proteomics and cytology, expecting to accelerate the pace of life science research and drug discovery. Proteomics products cover the preparation of samples (protein extraction, purification, coupling), protein quantification, antibodies and kits for protein detection. Cytology products involve cytokines (cell culture), cell status detection, cell staining, organelle extraction, cell metabolism and cytopathology reagents (kits). Abbkine relies on the product portfolio and unique marketing support as the main market strategy and product innovation mode, with ultimate aim to facilitate your research career!

Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded by a number of scientists and marketing experts in the field of life science in California, USA in 2012. With brand acquisition and resource integration, Abbkine moved its headquarters to China, to meet the growing demands from Asia Pacific. Combining cutting edge technology from United States with China's manufacturing engineering and cost advantages, we aim to provide innovative, high-quality and affordable experimental kits, proteins, antibodies and other research tools for scientists in the field of proteomics and cytology worldwide.

Media Contact
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Address:Bldg 1, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave
City: Wuhan
State: Hubei
Country: China


District officials are grateful for the support of the community and hope to put the School Bond funds to where it will be most impactful to students.

In the recent elections, with an overwhelming display of support from the community, the school bond passed with flying colors! The Borrego Springs Unified School District staff is elated at the degree in which the community has supported their local schools and wishes to thank them for helping our district and our community by voting for this school bond. Because of their support, this school bond passed with the highest percentage of votes in San Diego County! We know that is due to our community caring and getting behind us.

We love our community and appreciate all the assistance they provide, enabling us to provide opportunities for learning and growth for our students here at the Borrego Springs School District. The bond proposed to improve the quality of education with funding that the state would not be able to take away. It would also aid in modernizing outdated classrooms, restrooms, solar and overall school facilities. Making safety and security improvements were a big concern and hope of the bond, as well. With the successful passing of this measure, the students of Borrego Springs Unified will benefit tremendously from the funds issued for these improvements.

Our district commits to being good stewards over these elected funds and understand that it is a great responsibility to do so. We are excited about what we can do with this bond and how it will impact current students at our district, as well as students to come in the future.

About the Borrego Springs Unified School District

We are champions in the classroom and on the field at Borrego Springs Unified!  Our schools offer a safe, caring, and small community atmosphere. We have amazing resources and programs to prepare our students for their futures. Our highly qualified staff love educating every child and are excited to make an impact each day your student is here. We have great preschool and transitional kindergarten programs to give children fast starts into their education and then continue with a variety of technology, resources, and career education opportunities to help them in their futures beyond 12th grade. We invite you to join our family and give us the chance to educate yours!

BSUSD Mission/Vision

As a small school and caring community, we work together to provide every single student a diverse and academically rich education. We aspire to produce graduates who have their own visions for the future, armed with strong values and the tools for success in college, career, family and community life.

For more information about our district, please visit the Borrego Springs Unified School District. Website and follow us @borregospringsusd on Instagram, and Borrego Springs Unified School District on Facebook and Youtube.

Media Contact
Company Name: Borrego Springs Unified School District
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: Phone: (760) 767-5357, Fax: (760) 767-0494
Address:2281 Diegueno Rd
City: Borrego Springs
State: CA
Country: United States


We Make The Decision / We Finance The Individual / No Credit Check / We Make The Loan 0% Interest.

This Weekend In Atlantic City, NJ December 1, 2018 @ 10AM We Will Begin To Finance Individuals.

Atlantic City, New Jersey - Nov 30, 2018 - Advanced Consulting, Inc. Chief Executive Ofiicer Gem Lake said they will be providing in house financing for 200 Condo Units this weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. These are beautiful beachfront units with incredible views of the ocean, indoor pool, parking garage along with incredible amenities. We will be bypassing the banks while  making our lending decision based on the individual, not based on credit or past issues like bankruptcies or challenges a person has faced. With our own ability to finance our units in house we are able to turn each person into an owner creating a high level of value. (0% Interest)

200 Units Will Be Financed This Weekend  / This Has Never Been Done In America Before.

This weekend we will be doing a walkthrough of the property, join us for the most incredible project in America.

To even the playing field our loans will be no interest again, 0% interest for the life of the loan.  Individuals who have the ability but don’t have the credit or the requirements most banks ask for will have a door opened for them. This Saturday, December 1, 2018 starting at 10am we will begin to approve people.

This is not a pre-approval, once your approved you are approved.

Get into a real level of action, avoid all the side talk, unnecessary meeting and reach out to us.

Atlantic City is incredible, crime has dropped 44% over the last 2 years, Moody has increased the City’s credit rating, over a billion dollars in new development over this year, the market has made an incredible turn for the predominately African American city.

Lake said: It’s an opportunity for all ethnic groups to invest in diversity while investing in themselves.

We see to many people standing on the sidelines, banks continue to deny the loan, they are put through so many discouraging steps that many just quit. We believe it starts with the ability to finance in house while building a new chapter in business.

Call us at 516 226 8308 or the best way is to email us at

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Phone: 516 226 8308
Address:276 5TH AVE STE 704
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States

Allied American Underwriters, a division of USG Insurance Services, is excited to announce a new and fast growing E-Cigarette & Vape Store program!

The vaping industry is on the rise and growth is exponential. Over the years it has become a popular new option for the smoking population. We are proud to announce that our E-Cigarette & Vape Store insurance program is available to distributors, retailers, importers, and wholesalers.

Our program offers Property and Liability coverage including Product Liability with a limited battery exclusion.

About Allied American Underwriters and USG Insurance Services, Inc.

AAU is a program manager and specialty division offering Workers Compensation, Programs, Environmental, Personal Lines, and Surety Bonds.

USG Insurance Services, Inc. specializes in providing innovative solutions for hard to place commercial insurance. We are a national wholesale broker and managing general agent (MGA) with 21 offices across the country. We represent a variety of “A” rated carriers, both admitted and non-admitted, represent 18 carriers and work with over 260 different brokerage markets. We write business in all states!

In addition to our E-Cigarette & Vape Store insurance programs here are some of our most popular products: 

Habitational - Apartment Buildings, Condos, Rental Properties, Subsided Housing, Student Housing and Dwellings along with over 30 markets

Contractors - Artisan Contractors, Architect & Engineers, Roofers, Fire Suppression and more We have over 20 markets and the majority are “A” rated

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Jennifer Kessel
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Phone: 844.INS.LINK option #1
Country: United States

Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic helping athletes to achieve long-lasting results

Leading provider of specialized therapeutic procedures and sports injury rehabilitation, Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic, using unique chiropractic methods to offer lasting solutions to clients

Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic was founded almost half a decade ago to bridge the gap in the chiropractic community particularly in the area of for sports injury and soft tissue therapies. The practice has grown to become a nationally recognized cutting-edge rehabilitation clinic with amazing services delivered using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and the best hands around to help athletes and other such patients achieve long-lasting results.

Injuries are bound to happen and they occur in different parts of the body. Athletes, weekend warriors, and even workers tend to be significantly affected when injured as such injuries impacts their productivity negatively. While there are several treatment options available to offer relief to the injured person, many of the available options have been identified to be ineffective or harmful to the health of individuals in the long run. Consequently, chiropractic has become increasingly popular in recent times due to its safety and effectiveness in treating injuries. However, there seems to be a gap in the industry particularly in the treatment of sports injury and soft tissue therapies and this is where Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic has been making tremendous strides over the years.

The services offered by the clinic include physical rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment, kinesio taping, sport performance testing, class iv laser therapy, and nutritional evaluation. Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic offers a wide range of services to manage and treat several conditions such as Concussion, Headaches, Neck pain, Back pain, Knee pain, Sciatica, and Post-surgical cases. Other cases handled by Dr. Darren Holmes and his team are Tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, Carpal tunnel, Neuropathy, Auto accident injuries, and Work injuries.

The clinic’s uniqueness that stems from using the latest techniques and delivery of excellent services has made it the choice of the people in and around the areas it services with accolades coming from different quarters. “I am very happy with the experience that I have had at Elite for myself and my daughter. The doctor was very thorough and explained everything during the exam. I highly recommend Elite Sports and Spine,” says Michelle Kielar.

Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic is also looking to expand their services to Saint Louis Missouri in the Spring of 2019, allowing people in and around the area to enjoy its unique services.

More information about Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic and the services offered can be found on their website. Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic

Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic was founded in 2014 by Dr. Darren Holmes. The nationally recognized cutting-edge rehabilitation clinic focuses on active care and sports rehabilitation. The practice aims to provide the highest quality service to those in need of chiropractic, rehabilitative and sports injury care, offering research-backed solutions to clients to ensure that they are provided the care they need and deserve.

Media Contact
Company Name: Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic
Contact Person: Darren Holmes, MS DC CCSP
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Phone: 833-45-ELITE (1-833-453-5483)
Country: United States

New Most Authenticated News Social Media Site, Battling Fake News Launched. is an emerging social media website dedicated to providing most authenticated Independent, Irreverent, and Intelligent news from around the world. Nowadays, a considerable amount of people’s time is spent online; on social media websites, these sites are not only providing a form of entertainment and connectivity but are also rapidly becoming a preferred medium for news and information. Freedom Connects seeks to establish itself in a swiftly growing niche that combines social media with authentic news that people can depend on.

Freedom Connects’ focus as a budding a social media website is to bring together like-minded individuals who like to stay in touch with the local and global current affairs but are skeptical of social media platforms as a source. The free to join website with a quick and simple registration process takes no time to complete and homepage, after being registered each Freedom Connects user will be directed to their customizable profile through which they can start viewing and sharing videos, pictures, and other news with their social network. The website is worldwide and not limited to a specific area or group of people, the only focus is authentic news.

The spokesperson for Freedom Connects said, “As a platform Freedom Connects was to create content with sharp opinion in the arena of politics, Entertainment, Live events, Art and Culture, Health, Law, Business, and Showbiz. Our team’s approach is always skeptical but never cynical.”

The need for a more reliable social media site that offers authentic news in an entertaining social vibe increased when the alarming issue of fake news and misinformation on most social media platform was raised. The problem of fake news and misinformation seems to be rampant on social website like Facebook and Twitter to this day despite serious measures taken by the management. The highly questionable and low quality content has a serious and concerning impact on the US 2016 Elections. This also goes to show how much impact social media news has on its users. Shadow banning is another common issue on social media websites that Freedom Connects aims to eliminate. Shadow banning refers to the act of limiting the visibility of a person's post to the user who created it without outright banning the creator.

The team believes:

“The big problem is that many people often lack the ability to discriminate between the real news from the fake and shadow banning, this has become a problem that we must deal with immediately. Precisely for these reasons, Freedom Connects platform was created.”

About: is a newly launched platform offering most authenticated news. Operating from the United States, Freedom Connects is home to Independent, Irreverent, Intelligent global news round the clock.

For more information please visit:

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Ornate Dental Clinic Offers Holistic Range of Dental Services in Bentleigh East

As a leading East Bentleigh dental clinic, Ornate Dental Clinic offers qualified dental solutions with expertise, modern tools, and the commitment to deliver the best oral care.

Ornate Dental Clinic, a trusted name for quality dental solutions in Melbourne, is looking to make Bentleigh East a place with 100% oral health with its holistic range of dental services. The clinic offers qualified dental solutions by combining expert hands, modern tools, and the commitment towards oral and dental hygiene.

Mouth is a critical organ system that influences the overall health and the quality of life of an individual. Researches have proven that oral issues such as gum disease can lead to severe health issues, including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Therefore, it becomes vital for people to ensure that their mouth is getting the best possible care.

Until recently, some Melbourne suburbs – especially Bentleigh East – did not have access to high-quality dental solutions. In recent days, Ornate Dental Clinic makes a difference with quality oral care solutions in Bentleigh East and the surrounding areas.

Ornate Dental Clinic is a modern family dental clinic in Bentleigh East that offers a wide range of dental services using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The East Bentleigh dental clinic offers holistic range of dental services and relaxed treatment experience to give the best possible care to its patients.

Services offered by East Bentleigh’s dental solutions provider include fillings, tooth extraction, bonding, scale and cleaning, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, and wisdom teeth removal. The leading Bentleigh dental care service provider also offers dentures, fissure sealant, as well as occlusal splints, making it a one-stop shop for all oral care needs.

The dental clinic combines affordability with consistent quality services and makes it the preferred choice for families who are looking for reliable and qualified dentists in Bentleigh.

Consequently, the dentist in East Bentleigh receives thousands of heartfelt “thank-you notes” from his patients. “Enjoyed my time in the chair!! Dr. Mann took excellent care throughout my whole treatment and explained everything. I didn't feel nervous at any point and completely felt at ease. I have recommended the practice and Dr. Mann to all my friends and family!” says Ashara Fernando.

More information about Ornate Dental Clinic and the services offered can be found on their website and Facebook.

About Ornate Dental Clinic

Ornate Dental clinic is a modern, friendly family dental clinic in Bentleigh East, offering an extensive range of dental services. Founded by the experienced dental specialist, Dr. Mann, the clinic uses modern, state-of-the-art technology and equipment for every procedure.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ornate Dental Clinic
Contact Person: Jagdeep Grewal
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Phone: +61 03 9042 3460
Address:G02/259 East Boundary Rd.
City: Bentleigh East 3165
State: Victoria
Country: Australia

Introducing Brand New Game Changer To The Mobile Beat Making World


November 30, 2018 - Tech Company RizbIT, based in the United Kingdom has released their new application for mobile phones. The application, BeatDrops, is a one of a kind app that is a deviation from the norm of the horde of similar apps.

BeatDrops is an app that allows the users to create fun new original beats, loops, ringtones and songs on the users’ mobiles by providing a user-friendly mixer interface where in-built sound samples can be dragged onto the app’s sequencer. Unlike most other beat making apps for mobiles, using BeatDrops requires no prior mastery of beat making or producing. All that is required to use BeatDrops is a love for music and fun, and a mobile phone equipped with the platforms on which BeatDrops has been created for. With this new and exciting app, everyone can create their own sounds and make the music of their heart and to their hearts’ content.

With hundreds of samples available to the user to experiment with, as well as the ability to import original songs from the users ’device, the new and exciting BeatDrops app is one that will make music lovers and professional producers happy as music can be made on the go. With the app, users can also -

• Save and share their beats and musical projects with the world. Show people the stuff you’re made of by sharing your sound and music ideals with them using the BeatDrops app. Other users can then download and make use of your shared musical project.

Adjust BPM. Change the beats per minute of any sound to recreate it in any genre of your choice, such as Trap, Hip-Hop or Dance

Add vocals while recording. BeatDrops can be your own recording studio as you can produce your own music complete with lyrics after creating your beat.

DJs are not left out as the BeatDrops app can also help with the mixing of songs as the inspiration comes. An anonymous source once said, “A truly great DJ, just for a moment, can make a whole room fall in love. Because DJing is not just about choosing a few tunes, it’s about generating shared moods; it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place.” With the new BeatDrops app, every DJ can become better at their craft.

BeatDrops is currently available to download free from the following App Store:

Google Play Store

Windows Mobile App store

But if you fancy using something a lot easier and fun to make your beats why not try BeatDrops Pads Pro? Get it for free here:


RizbIT is one of the best blogs on the internet for movie, TV shows, apps, and tech reviews, with an interest in mobile application development. RizbIT also offers IT services such as app promotion services, website promotions for traffic and YouTube views.

BeatDrops Official Website

BeatDrops on Facebook

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PubHTML5 Flipbook Software Is Available for Marketers & Designers in 2018

PubHTML5 flipbook software now is capable of helping marketers and designers create engaging visual content.

Effective marketing is one of the important pillars of a successful business. Visual content plays an extremely important role in increasing the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. PubHTML5 flipbook software has been a leading choice for the marketers to create an extremely interactive visual content with the help of its advanced and powerful features. The flipbook software has been a key tool for marketers to create highly engaging visual content for their marketing campaigns so far. It aims at being the leading marketing tool for all business users once more in 2018.

Discussing the importance of visual content in successful marketing and role that PubHTML5 flipbook software has played, Anna Lee, chief designer of PubHTML5 said, “Visual marketing is the future of marketing. Publishing interactive content is still the leading content marketing trend for 2018.” She added that PubHTML5 flipbook software has been a leading marketing tool for the designers so far and it is all because of the powerful features of it that make creating extremely engaging and interactive content very easy.

While the designers have always had the issues with the technical aspects of similar software, PubHTML5 flipbook software has removed these concerns with the help of its simplicity of control which removes need of custom coding or agency contracts completely. It is loaded with built-in templates, themes and amazing animation effects which help the designers come up with wonderful results. It also allows them to add multimedia content easily that adds interactivity to their visual content for making the marketing campaigns more effective.

“We have been a leader in providing flipbook software that helps marketers and designers create wonderful visual content. PubHTML5, Being the simplest flipbook software to use, it has changed the way of creating interactive visual content positively,” said Anna.

PubHTML5 flipbook software has been applauded warmly for its better-than-all effectiveness. For more information, go to

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Phone: +86 020-61972665
Country: China

Cell Senescence Detection/Staining Kit (Beta-Galactosidase Assay) from Abbkine

Abbkine Cell Senescence Detection/Staining Kit (SA-Beta-Gal) provides reagents for detecting the senescent cells or tissues.

Cellular senescence is a phenomenon in which normal cells cease to divide. The senescent cells can no longer replicate, but they still maintain metabolically active and stain positive for senescence-associated beta-galactosidase activity, which is considered to be a biomarker of cellular senescence. Cellular senescence can be achieved by the activation of oncogenes and cell-cell fusion, DNA damage in response to elevated reactive oxygen species (ROS), rather than relying solely on the number of cellular divisions. During normal aging, the number of senescent cells in tissues increases significantly.

Abbkine Cell Senescence Kit (β-Galactosidase Assay) contains below components:
• X-gal (lyophilized)
• Fixation Buffer (10×)
• Reagent A
• Reagent B
• Reagent C

The Abbkine Cell Senescence Detection/Staining Kit (β-Galactosidase Assay) provides reagents for detecting the senescent cells or tissues based on the up-regulation of senescence-associated β-galactosidase (SA-β-Gal) activity at pH 6 during aging. The aging of cells or tissues can be observed under a common optical microscope. SA-β-Gal is present only in senescent cells and is undetectable in pre-senescent, quiescent, tumor or immortal cells.

Our Cellular Senescence Assay Kit (SA-β-gal Staining) has below features:
• Optimized assay protocol, suitable for cellular senescence detection of senescent cells or tissues.
• Only stain senescent cells and does not stain presencent cells, quiescent cells, immortal cells or tumor cells.

Note: The β-galactosidase staining solution is toxic and corrosive to the human body. Please be careful when handling it, and pay attention to effective protection. Avoid contacting with the human body or inhalation directly.

More cell status detection Kit at celluar assay kit.

Media Contact
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Address:Bldg 1, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave
City: Wuhan
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Country: China


Device blends original design, careful craftsmanship and advanced sound speaker technology with affordability

A doughboy-shaped and Space Cadet Bluetooth and Wireless True Stereo Speaker is being launched on Kickstarter today to appeal to audiophiles, music lovers and also to an audience of consumers who look for originally designed gadgets that also make singular decoration items.

“Quite simply, we believe the 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKER has it all,” confidently stated Eric at Monster Link, Inc., the company that created these speakers and which is now launching them on Kickstarter. “We wanted to make sure that people could rely on stereo speakers that offer such a quality of sound, that they truly feel like the user has a headphone on. At the same time, we also wanted to bring affordability into the equation while also making it unique with its design, but also versatile because people can have it as a normal-looking speaker if they want to,” the innovator detailed.

While its design is the most apparent feature of the Singing Dough Boy and Space Cadet, this is a stereo sound speaker system that promises to go beyond the aesthetic impact it wants to create. The 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKER is composed of a 4-inch woofer and two 1.5-inch mid-range tweeters, it features a Bluetooth 4.2 technology with a transmission distance working within 10 meters, and it has three separate vocal tracts for bass, left alt and right alt sound channels while having a 2.1. sound channel that promises not to frustrate the expectations of music lovers while still keeping a simple structure.

The device incorporates a DSP Chip that allows for flexible audio channels allocation and an EQ effect adjustment that allows the users to experience a sound that feels authentic. “Clean, layered, stereoscopic, pure and powerful, that’s how the 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERdelivers its amazing sound output,” Eric added.

The device works through a frequency range of 80HZ—18KHZ with a SNR higher than 81dB, it comes with USB and AUX connections, and it can be remotely controlled not only through Bluetooth pairing and Wi-Fi from a tablet, laptop or smartphone, but also with an infrared remote control.

“For an even better experience, we designed the 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERto allow for further sound improvements through a smooth touch and to have an adjustable volume through slide touch. It also comes with Interconnection and Simultaneous Play features,” Eric further explained.

The durability and quality of the materials have not been forgotten either, in a gadget world where consumers will not take powerful features while sacrificing quality and durability. The 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKER is made from select materials, namely integrating an aluminum alloy Diaphragm and Wriggling neck, ABS raw materials, and a Steel mesh grille with a 1 mm front mesh that gives priority to sound transparency. The metal base of the device, along with the FRP-built body of the doughboy-shaped device, are characteristics that are expected to reassure potential backers about the product life of these Stereo Sound speakers.

The 9.01 BLUETOOTH HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERcrowdfunding campaign is being launched today at <>, and it is seeking to raise $10,000 to fund the large-scale production of the device. Backers are being offered early and discounted access to the doughboy-shaped speakers in exchange for their support.

For more information, please visit <> or contact Eric, on (415)867-3030 or at

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