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Unknowing for the rules for using snow chain will be result in life safety risk!

December 26, 2014 - China - Snow chains are generally made by the high reliable steel chain and the rubber components, which has very good performance for non-slip. According to the different structure, the Snow Chains manufacturers can also be divided into two types. One is the hood-like snow chains and the other is the cross installed snow chains which own relatively simple style and cheap price. However, the latter one is not as good as easy to install like the former one. No matter what kinds of the snow chain, the function of them is all in same purpose that is the anti-slipping during the winter season. But, during the using process for this product, people need to carefully note attentively points below to ensure the good working condition of them.

In the use of snow chains, people should pay attention to the following aspects.

The Snow Chains China should be preferably installed before the driving rather than install them after facing with snow and ice road because the temporary parking for chains installation will cause into more trouble and it is not conducive to the personal safety. Before the installation and removal of the snow chains, the vehicles should be parked in front to safe areas. If the place for installation is at busy road, people need to set the necessary traffic warning signs to ensure the safety of the traffic on the road.

The second crucial point for the snow chain installation should be that people should not install snow chains in the case of the flat tire. Please firstly repair the tire and then the snow chain installation could be processed.

Snow chains also have such limitation for sizes which will be suitable for different wheel with different sizes and tire width. Therefore, each car driver should pay more attention to the selection and matching between the wheel size and chains size.

After installing snow chains, it is not mean that drivers could drive their car without any concern. Please remember that the travel speed is generally not more than 40Km/h and please pay attention as much as possible to avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration. All of these incorrect actions will cause into the unsafe condition.

When the vehicles have been driven into roads without the use of snow chains, the driver must remove the snow chains timely or the snow chain will cause into damage to the road surface.

Please note that the Snow Chains are not suitable for trailers and heavy tractor. There are other ways for these special vehicles to avoid the dangerously slipping.

In cold areas, some car owners prefer to do the snow chain by their own. Although the DIY is also very good way and can temporarily solve the problem, it is not worth promoting as most of car owners do not have the professional skills and the related good materials to build the standard and certificated snow chains.

At last, hope each car driver could enjoy a happy and safety Christmas holiday. For more information, please visit our official website

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