Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jase King Transforms Fashion Industry With New Contemporary Style, Creating Visionary Wearable Art Pieces For Edgy Trendsetters

Shanghai, China - Dec 30, 2014 – Jase King, professional photographer and designer from Melbourne Australia, has launched his new clothing line called Viaggi on IndieGoGo. This new and unique clothing and lifestyle brand incorporates the alluring pictures Jase King  photographed over a span of 10 years. He traveled the world across 79 countries and almost 200 cities. During this time, Jase captured more than 250,000 incredible moments. Now he wants to showcase these photos to the world through contemporary fashion.

Typically, photographers publish their work in a plain coffee table book, which is rarely looked at and the art collects dust while it sits on a table for years. Art is meant to be appreciated. In the fashion world, many clothing lines lack originality and unique items that make each individual stand out. Now, Jase King is revolutionizing the fashion industry by designing various garments using the vast collection of photos he has taken.

Viaggi is customizable and will be tailored to each person’s size. This elegant and sophisticated brand appeals to both men and women, as well as offering prints on any home goods. All pieces are created using premium fabrics that is travel ready to wear right when it is taken out of the luggage, but also  luxurious yet comfortable. The artwork is all done by Jase King, which means each signature piece cannot be bought anywhere else and will make a memorable impression on everyone who gets to see the design.

King is currently launching his brand in Shanghai China and will be working from Paris come summer 2015. He is seeking support from those who believe in this vision and to make this innovative brand into a reality that will change the art and fashion world. The IndieGoGo campaign goal is to raise a minimum of $30,000. Funding will go towards producing all the clothes and merchandise on Viaggi by Jase King’s website once its launched after this campaign. 2/3 will go towards selecting premium fabrics, printing, and tailoring, to make this clothing brand exclusive to wear for any occasion. Anyone who makes a pledge will receive a special reward from Viaggi as a thank you. Do not wait any longer. Make a contribution today and help translate these perfect moments into wearable art. Remember, every pledge counts!

To make a contribution or get more information on the campaign, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/visionary-wearable-art-pieces-for-edgy-trendsters

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