Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Forecast and Predictions for the Financial Markets in 2015 from the Acoin Project

Germany - December 30, 2014 -- Here is what the market analysts from the Acoin Project expect to see in the year 2015:

BITCOIN - Bitcoin will experience another run in 2015 reaching at least $600 but more than likely $900 or higher. There will be once again a lot of selling resistance if Bitcoin crosses the $1,000 mark. Bitcoin could break the $1,000 resistance and reach new heights only but if the current economic and political status quo prevails in 2015. If things get worse, the $1,000 mark could easily be broken by quite a margin.

BANKING - There is a high likelihood that we will see one or more banking failures in 2015 that will cause banking deposits to be more or less confiscated, similar to what happened in Cyprus in 2013. We do think more and more people will realize that money in the bank is no longer their money.

REGULATIONS - There will be increased pressure on politicians to regulate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and there will be an increased amount of arrests and confiscations. 2015 will be the year that the banks will try to strike back with all they got at Crypto. Although this may cause some temporary price dips as we have seen in the past with Mt. Gox and Silk Road but on the whole, it may actually cause the price of cryptocurrencies to rise overall. The regulatory attitudes toward Bitcoin in Russia and China may also play a major role in how Bitcoin is perceived and the expected marketprice of Bitcoin.

ALTCOINS - As we have seen in the year 2014, when the Bitcoin price rises, many Altcoins will have price gains far greater than the gain that Bitcoin makes. If we do see a Bitcoin price of $900, we can expect some Altcoins to go up 10-100 fold in value. Acoin has consistently outperformed Bitcoin throughout its short existence and we expect the Acoin price to rise dramatically in 2015.

POLITICS - 2015 will be a year full of turmoil. The pro-war establishment seems to have a clear upper hand at the moment so we can expect that there will be further pressure on the economies of the world to support their "efforts". Which means, no end to austerity to be expected any time soon and no solution to any banking crisis, upcoming or already in progress.

RUSSIA - We will see a continuation of pressure being put on Russia and the Russian economy. Russia is hard at work together with China and the other BRICS countries to implement their own "Plan B" for the world economy and they are making lots of progress. There could be some really turbulent times ahead in the financial markets and if that "Plan B" is fully implemented, that would turn out to be very positive for Crypto as well as Gold and Silver.

STOCK MARKET - We don't have much to predict for the stock market. It has been pushed to a state where it is really no longer is relevant to the average person. Whatever movement the stock market will exhibit (short of a collapse) will give us little indication of what state the financial system is really in.


It is a good idea to hold very little money in the bank and to hold an emergency stash of BTC as it is the easiest to liquidate. For capital appreciation, the better Altcoins will be outperforming BTC but BTC is of course a conservative bet to increase your net worth. Watch the news (and I don't mean CNN or FOX) to be prepared for any surprises. There will definitely be many surprises in 2015 that can affect your finances greatly.


The Acoin Project was started by ex-Wall Street traders disillusioned by the current state of the financial system. Our analysts look at alternatives to fiat money and traditional banking and out of our desire for a better way to control your own financial destiny, the cryptocurrency Acoin was born. Acoin is similar to Bitcoin and accepted as payment in many stores, restaurants and online businesses. It is of course traded on the better Cryptocurrency Exchanges and offers several improvements over the original Bitcoin concept.

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