Friday, December 26, 2014

Detailed steps about how to install the snow chain for winter driving

December 26, 2014 - China - The famous Welded Chain manufacturer and supplier Pujiang Dingxin Electrical will introduce with people detailed steps about how to better install the snow chain during the winter season. 

First, people should make sure whether their car is the front wheel driving or rear wheel driving as the Snow Chains supply must be hooked onto the wheel which plays a major role of driving force. After confirmation of which tires offer the driving force, please try to clean out the snow around the tires as much as possible and come up with a flat surface. Then, people should roll out the snow chain or the auto snow sock under the tires and confirm chain studded side toward the ground, which side part with the maximum traction and friction force.

If the car is the rear-wheel driving type, the driver has to clench the chain backwards. If the car is the front wheels driving method, it is necessary to move forward. After the initially fixing, people should check to see tires whether they are fixed with the snow chain. After this step, people could get on the car, start the engine and slowly and carefully take the car forward or backward for around 2 feet.

Once the snow chain has been placed on tires at right angles, please pull out the lap port at the top of the tire. Each side must be the device which shall be fully consistent with the whole apparatus of a chain gear. People should remember that they should leave 1 to 2 inches room and tightly bolt the chain through the chain link on both side of the chain.

Each rubber ring of the snow Welded Chain has four evenly distributed metal hooks. At the edge of the rim, each metal hooks are fixed to the tire by cross way which could ensures that the snow chain will not slip.

After the process of former steps, the chain should have been security installed and can provide the enough traction force on snow-covered roads. However, people shall test the snow chain. Please first start the car slowly and move the car by very little speed. During this process, driver needs to pay attention to the sound emitted by the car snow chain which may remind people whether the snow chain is loose or not. On the other hand, please do not forget that the low speed driving is very necessary for car driving during the winter season. Although the snow chain will help to avoid the skidding, the speed could not exceed 45 km/h.

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