Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chapters Capistrano Highlights the Dangers of Binge Drinking

According to Chapters Capistrano, binge drinking doesn't always qualify as true alcohol addiction, yet it can still be damaging to one's health.

Recent studies have confirmed that binge drinking and alcoholism do not necessarily go hand in hand; in fact, a majority of Americans who drink heavily do not actually fit the criteria for alcoholism. Even so, binge drinking—so common during the holiday season—can have numerous adverse effects all its own. Chapters Capistrano highlights some of these, in a new statement to the press.

“People tend to drink more than usual over the holidays, especially around New Year’s Eve, and to an extent that’s not a problem,” comments Mike Shea, founder of Chapters Capistrano. “With that said, true binge drinking is corrosive to your health and can be the start of a difficult-to-break habit, even when it doesn’t meet the technical criteria for addiction.”

A recent Medical Xpress report confirms as much. Even those who are not true addicts or alcoholics can drink so much that it damages their bodies, the article notes. Additionally, binge drinking can be an early sign of a greater, ongoing problem; in many instances, binge drinking can lead to further binge drinking down the road, and ultimately to a problem with alcohol dependence.

Alcohol dependence aside, there are other health concerns as well. Says Medical Xpress: “If average daily consumption of alcohol is greater than two drinks for men and one for women, it is associated with an increased risk of adverse of medical outcomes that include, but are not limited to, cirrhosis of the liver; high blood pressure; chronic heart disease; and ulcers and gastro-intestinal bleeding.”

“An increasing reliance on alcohol ravages both the mind and the body,” Shea concludes. “Drug and alcohol rehab can help break alcohol’s hold, whether it’s true addiction or simply unhealthy binge drinking.”

More information about how drugs and alcohol can affect our brains can be found online.


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