Tuesday, September 22, 2020

AutoBoss Show How Car Support Services Are Stronger Than Ever

With the luxury car market as strong as ever, it is good news for the supporting services like window tinting and paint correcting, AutoBoss have claimed today.

A spokesman from the Ontario based car detailing and paint correction company said that services like paint correction were crucial for proud car owners – whether it was a brand new Porsche or a 10-year-old Toyota Prius. 

He said: “The luxury car market is certainly holding its own despite the coronavirus pandemic and that is really good for businesses like ours that can support car owners in keeping their cars in tip top condition. But, when you come back to your car and find a fellow shopper has banged their trolley into the side of your car in a supermarket car park, or someone has opened their car door onto yours in a restaurant car park and damaged your pride and joy, it is upsetting and a massive inconvenience to have to get it fixed for any car owner.

“That’s where we come in. People take a lot of pride in their cars and we want to help our customers to keep them in the very best shape with the services we offer. Paint correction is a hugely popular service. Our customers know they can trust us to look after their cars and give them personalized care and attention. We aim to help all of our customers to keep their cars looking their very best for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter what care we work on, but we do have lots of experience of dealing with high end, luxury vehicles.

“Our team are a highly trained team of technicians in the art of paint correction, using Plasti Dip, removing scratched and applying paint sealant to damaged areas. It is a very thorough and detailed service,” he said.

As well as paint correction, AutoBoss also specializes in window tinting using advanced technology and materials. The procedure has become so popular, even offices and buildings have demanded the services of the company to tint their windows.

“Many car owners and now business owners, want to introduce tinted windows. We offer our customers a variety of shades, colors, levels of gloss to get just the right finish for their car.

“Car window tinting is not just to make the car look good. Window tinting can block up to 99.9% of UV rays from getting into the car. It can also block glare from the sun on the windscreen and make it easier to see with bright oncoming headlights at night. It also helps to protect your car from break ins. By having tinted windows, people can’t see who or what is in your car when you are parked up. Pricing for tinting obviously depends upon how many windows a customer would like tinted and the size of the car,” he added.

About AutoBoss 

AutoBoss works with customers to keep their cars looking good and running well with a range of services – from car detailing to window tinting and paint correction. The company prides itself on the personalized care and attention it gives to its customers and their cars, no matter what brand they own and the problem.

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