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Airwheel H3 Smart Electric Folding Wheelchair Will Lead the Future Mainstream in Wheelchair Field

Airwheel H3 intelligent wheelchair is a new star in wheelchair sector. It is small-sized, foldable, convenient, strong and safe. What it brings people is more than efficient travel, but also great freedom. In a word, it will lead the future mainstream in wheelchair world.

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The development of science and technology is to upgrade various products so as to facilitate people’s life much better. Take wheelchair for example. Based on high tech, Airwheel offers people a fire-new wheelchair – Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair. As its name implies, it is a wheelchair that is full of intelligence. Indeed, H3 is totally different from ordinary wheelchairs.

Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair 

Full-automatic folding system comes very first. When people don’t need Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs, they can press the button and it can be folded by itself. The folded figure is only 790*630*370mm. That is to say, it needs very small storage space. The intelligent joystick controller is another humanized design, which realizes automatic brake when user’s hand doesn’t touch the controller. On the one hand, the control becomes simple. On the other hand, it guarantees user’s safety to the hilt. The omni-directional wheel design brings people great convenience. The 360-degree steering paves the way for people to change their routes at any moment. Besides, H3 gives people very comfortable sitting experience. The seat is made from soft and breathable material, which is wear-proof and durable. The longer people sit, the more comfortable they feel.

Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair

Strong power is the biggest advantage of Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair when compared with ordinary ones. It is coupled with high-quality and imported lithium-ion battery that is featured with numerous recharge times, durable, uninflammable and no explosive. Moreover, it offers strong and stable power supply. The rear gear motor also plays a key role. It is equipped with dual drive that ensures powerful kinetic energy.

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In addition, H3 owns two modes. If people pull the tie rod to the open position, the brake of wheelchair will not work. Then, it can be pushed by people like traditional wheelchairs. When people pull the tie rod to the close position, nobody can push it. To a large extent, H3 is able to replace two feet and gives people great freedom.

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SkinsProtect launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Mobile Skins with Scratch Resistant Vinyl!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, These are One of a Kind Mobile Skins to Protect & Adorn Smartphones like Never Before!

SkinsProtect is a Zurich based Swiss company that makes unique mobile skins to protect and adorn modern smartphones. To start its production, the company has started with iPhones and has plans to expand these skins to other devices as well. Founded by two friends Greg and Mike, the company has launched its first Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and awareness for these amazing mobile skins that come with a scratch resistant vinyl.

There are several unique and amazing features of these skins and the company has a goal to raise a sum of CHF 12,000 via Kickstarter for this project. Currently, the company is offering these skins in two colors but it has to expand its color range as well in the days to come for the users worldwide.

Following are some of the most amazing features of SkinsProtect:

  • No cases needed

  • Scratch resistant

  • Comes in Red and Green colors

  • Does not disrupts phone’s wireless functions such as Wi-Fi or GPS.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can become a part of this project by making pledges and donations. Each pledge offers a great reward and for a pledge of only CHF 15, supporters can get one skin as a reward while for CHF 50, they can get a family package of 5 skins as a reward with worldwide shipping. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About SkinsProtect

SkinsProtect is an innovative initiative of two Swiss friends from Zurich, who have perfected amazing mobile skins for smartphones with protective and scratch resistant vinyl. They have started with iPhones and they plan on expanding to other devices in the near future. Both Greg and Mike, the founders of this project are therefore seeking community support via Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to generously back the project by making pledges and donations.

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Mr. Right Underwear Launches Revolutionary men’s Health Underwear

Sep 30th, 2017 - The kind of underwear men use has been found to directly influence their health and fertility. A study done recently indicate that men who wear ordinary tight underwear are at great risk of infertility and poor health. Tight up is one of the things that cause the overheating of the balls. High scrotal temperatures have been known to affect the production of sperms. Studies have shown that high temperatures around this area reduce the sperm count and also affect testosterone production. Low sperm count has been the leading cause of fertility issues among men. Also, low testosterone has been associated with conditions such as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

Loose boxers are good to release heat, but they have another issue-chafing. Sports men or those who engage in strenuous physical activities are at greater risk due to consequential friction which comes with wearing boxers.  Those who were interviewed not only said that boxers cause discomfort but also make their testicles bangle in an awkward manner affecting their self confidence as well as participation in physical activities.

It is on this premise that Mr. Right Underwear has come to the aid of men who have suffered from wearing the wrong underwear. The company has launched revolutionary men’s health underwear. The underwear provides excellent support and is less prone to bouncing and tight up of the balls without overheating.

Mr. Right Underwear is designed to ensure that the scrotum temperatures remain at optimal level for the normal production of sperms and testosterone. The boxer brief has a unique feature which applies the “chimney effect” through the left and right creases of the groin region and the back crack of the wearer. This helps in reducing the scrotal temperature through natural means. With this boxer brief, there is no chafing or overheating or even zip accident.

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A New Study on PDX Models Being Applied to Describe The Proteome of The Tumor Microenvironment

The team led by researchers from New York University and Washington University recently published a new study on Science Signaling, which is related to the PDX models being applied to describe the proteome of breast tumors.

SHIRLEY - SEP 30TH, 2017 - The team led by researchers from New York University and Washington University recently published a new study on Science Signaling, which is related to the PDX models being applied to describe the proteome of breast tumors.

Tumor microenvironment has been an area of interest in research for a really long time, but only a few large-scale proteomics that works on this tissue. However, due to a variety of reasons which make it difficult to distinguish between stromal and tumor tissue and gather enough samples to enable a useful analysis. Jason Held, the assistant professor at WUSTL and senior author for this study, transplanting patient-derived xenografts (PDX) localized in the mouse and colonizing the juvenile matrix with his team while allowing the molecular identification of human proteins in the microenvironment from mouse proteins in tumors.

The researchers studied seven kinds of breast cancer PDX models, which represent basal, HER2 enrichment, lumens and low-density subtypes. They implanted each patient tumor into three mice, each giving them three biological replicates. After developing tumors in mice, they were dissected and used to observe the matrix and tumor proteome using a mass spectrum of 10-plexTM T isoforms.

However, the proteome changed from each tumor is very noticeable. Comprehensive analysis of tumors and stromal proteins, along with the comparison of these xenograft models shows that the known signs of cancer have multiple effects on the establishment and maintenance of the microenvironment niche of the tumor.

The researchers also used data from the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genome Atlas project to determine whether the changes they observed in the stroma of the PDX models were consistent with the stroma changes in the tumor microenvironment of primary tumors.

Since the tumor tissue belongs different organisms (human or mouse), they are able to distinguish both by recognizing the measured peptide as being either mouse or human. In addition, as scientists were able to implant different tumors into multiple mice, which makes it possible to replicate their study to determine whether the observed phenomenon was replicated in multiple subjects. The regulation of PDX matrix proteins through breast tumors is extensive, with 35% of the matrix proteome being consistently altered by different animals and passages. The proteins in the matrix are differentially regulated into six marks, including known and previously unrecognized tumor invasion and colonization contributors.

Although they are unable to distinguish between tumor and stroma tissue in TCGA data, they can approach by observing specific proteins that are known to be expressed primarily in the stroma and are usually not present in the tumor itself. They found that there was a high correlation between their data and the protein between the mRNA and the proteomics data generated by TCGA, indicating that the PDX model and primary tumor affected its microenvironment in a similar method.

Except for the insight for the interaction between the tumor and the surrounding matrix, this study also reviewed the potential application of tumor treatment.

"The implication is that these [stroma protein] changes are probably very important for tumor growth," Held said. "These tumors are kind of finding their way around, and they have to highjack the stroma in order to make it suitable for growth. People aren't thinking too much right now about how to drug the stroma, but here we are providing molecular information that could be potentially useful for [such an effort.]"

Held and his team already started the further study. They aim to figure out how to drug the stroma and estimate which stromal proteins may be important for tumor growth with this information. What’s more, discovering strategies that may co-target tumors and stroma.

About patient-derived xenograft cell lines offered by Creative Bioarray

Creative Bioarray is well equipped with advanced research platforms and exquisite technical team for establishing diverse and reliable PDX models, either subcutaneous tumor xenografts or orthotopic human tumor xenograft models, which targets the following categories, but is not limited to:

. Breast Cancer
. Lung Cancer
. Gastric Cancer
. Colorectal Cancer
. Pancreatic Cancer

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The Application and Development of SILAC Technology in Proteomics

Stable isotope labeling with amino acids is the new technology that is used for halo analysis of protein expression by taking advantage of stable isotope labeling amino acid binding mass spectrometry in the cell culture process. It can provide support for qualitative analysis of the protein, also offer accurate quantitative analysis with fewer sample requirements, but the simple and efficient process.

SHIRLEY - Sep 30th, 2017 - Creative Proteomics, which specializes in a full range of services to support various proteome-related researches from identification of single proteins to large-scale proteomic studies. Besides, we also offer professional products to support further researches and studies. Such as the Stable Isotope Standard, that will be helpful for the proteomics research use.

Stable isotope labeling with amino acids is the new technology that is used for halo analysis of protein expression by taking advantage of stable isotope labeling amino acid binding mass spectrometry in the cell culture process. It can provide support for qualitative analysis of the protein, also offer accurate quantitative analysis with fewer sample requirements, but the simple and efficient process.

The applications and specific strategies of SILAC technology are in the continuous development of updates. There are many applications and improvements, such as the differential expression of proteins, especially the identification of tumor molecular markers, protein post-translational modification, drug proteome, protein interaction and signal path, along with other directions.

At present, SILAC technology is mainly used as one of the main strategies to find biomarkers of disease/tumor by studying the differential proteins between the different state of cells and tissues, along with different state of tissues. SILAC, combining with MS technology can identify more low abundance protein marker molecules and target proteins, which have great potential for tumor marker screening.

SILAC technique facilitates the identification of post-translational proteins and the determination of modification sites. Quantitative proteomics methods for stable isotope labeling Identify the occurrence and site of phosphorylation / dephosphorylation by differences in the abundance of characteristic isotope peptides, which have a significant advantage in protein phosphorylation analysis. SILAC combined with immunoprecipitation and other biochemical means can not only identify the signal pathway in the bovine phosphorylated protein components but reveal the new signal regulatory molecules. In addition to its application in the phosphorylation site identification and signaling pathways, SILAC and affinity chromatography enrichment techniques have also been successfully used for the analysis of glycosylation and methylation of proteins.

The interaction of protein-protein with SILAC combined with MS technique can overcome the limitation of yeast two-hybrid method, it can effectively distinguish the background (false positive) from the real interaction protein, detect weak or unstable protein interaction. Meanwhile, this technology can support real-time analysis of the dynamic changes in protein interaction.

Currently, SILAC-based quantitative proteomics techniques have been used in drug resistance mechanisms and drug therapy target molecules and other related research. Besides, SILAC technology being successfully applied in subcellular organelle proteomics, plant proteomics, and other fields. Researchers used SILAC to study the dynamic changes of nucleolus proteins in cells and demonstrated the feasibility of SILAC technology in nuclear proteomics research with fluorescence microscopy.

As an important method of sequencing proteomics, SILAC is still in constant development and innovation. However, it has developed from the initial limited to the analysis of cultured cell protein expression, extended to the cells, the group longitudinal, tissue protein expression and protein interaction between the multi-field applications. At the same time, it provides a platform for researchers to study the state of life, especially the pathological state. In particular, researchers have found a number of candidate tumor markers by SILAC which also offer the scientific basis for clinical treatment of the tumor. Although SILAC technology still has some limitations, it is impossible to solve all the problems in the study, we can expect the further application in more fields with continuous development.

About Stable Isotope labeling:

Creative Proteomics offers Stable Isotope Labeled Analytical Standard for proteomics research use:

Analytical Standard
Biological Standards
Drug analytical Standards
SILAC Kits and Reagents

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ACEPC AK1 desktop vs HP Elite Slice review, introduced by Mini PC News

ACEPC AK1 has recently been reviewd by professional Mini PC tech blog Mini PC News as a mighty desktop PC, and a good choice in 2017. This blog has also compared ACEPC AK1 with HP Elite Slice, so people can have more information when they make a buying decision.

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Both HP Elite Slice and ACEPC AK1 are very similar in shape. Any of them is a conventional business-focused mini desktop on the surface, but it also has a port on the bottom that allows you to stack it on top of other modules, adding and removing functionality as needed.

Both HP Elite Slice and ACEPC AK1 can run either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro, and it’s a relatively clean install of the operating system (this is usually true of business-class systems).

ACEPC AK1 mini PC is a desktop PC with Intel Celeron J3455, up to 4GB of RAM and up to 2T of EXTERNAL storage (HDD) into a a case that’s similar to HP’s. While HP’s Elite Slice is equiped with Intel i5/i7 CPU, and ACEPC AK1 features Intel J3455 CPU. The former of course has better performance, but buyers should consider price factor.

ACEPC AK1 is always compared with hot models like Intel NUC, ASUS CHROMEBOX, MINIX, Apple Mac mini PC. The blog has drawn a conclusion that it can be a strong competitor among so many mini PCs in the market. 

ACEPC AK1 mini PC is designed as a compact computing solution. This little system is here to change what people think a traditional desktop computer should look like. By itself, the small size fits comfortably on an outstretched hand, and weighs roughly enough for users to know that it is packing some hardware.

Check it here:

ACEPC AK1 specifications:


CPU:Intel Celeron J3455

GPU:Intel HD Graphics 500



WiFi:Ac3165 Dual Band,2.4G/5G

LAN: Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000M

Bluetooth: BT V4.0


USB port:2xUSB 3.0;2xUSB 2.0;1xType C;support USB disk and USB HDD

Card reader: TF Card (up to 128GB)

HDMI Port: HDMI 1.4

Microphone audio: 3.5mm Microphone jack x1


ACEPC specializes in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. This brand is well-known for stable premium quality at affordable prices. ACEPC products bring full PC capability to small spaces, offering wireless connections, faster meeting starts, and power to drive multiple displays and digital signage.

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Newly launched mobile game 1000 Swipes Trivia receives good reviews from users

1000 Swipes Trivia is the newly launched mobile game that brings a new twist to the old-style trivia games. The game now available for download at Google Play and iTunes has received good feedback from the users. “Very well designed, love the learning experience. Great for brain exercise overall”, says one user at Google Play while another one at iTunes mentions, “Great app to keep your brain active and to increase your general knowledge”. It is a fun and entertaining game that tests the general knowledge of the user.

Although there are many trivia games available, 1000 Swipes Trivia is a new and unique trivia game that is designed to be convenient and fun to play. The user will come across a question in the middle and one option at the top and another one at the bottom. They can swipe up or down for choosing the correct answer before the time runs out. It’s a quick paced reaction based game that is fun to play and educational at the same time.

The game features many interesting levels for all kinds of users. The common-sense level tests the basic general knowledge of the user, the English vocabulary consists of questions on synonyms and antonyms, the world geography features questions on border states, capitals, continents, state nicknames etc as well as math equations level and the animal kingdom level, remember people, extreme chemist to test atomic number, symbol, group and period of the elements and last one is brand names that have questions based on top companies around the world.

For every correct answer, the player will score 1 swipe and they can unlock jump starts as follows:

Alpha Jump - 10 Swipe Jump-start
Bravo Jump - 50 Swipe Jump-start
Charlie Jump - 100 Swipe Jump-start
Delta Jump - 250 Swipe Jump-start

Since the game has 8 amazing levels, it also features 8 leaderboards and 32 achievements that allow the players to compete with their friends as well as check world ratings and challenge others on an individual basis. The developers will soon introduce more levels into the app, as it progresses.

The game is developed for both Android and iOS users and available for free download Google Play and iTunes.

A promo video of the game is available at and more information can also be found on their Facebook page

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Lecturers of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia will enjoy 50% discount on PetroEdge Training Courses

PUTRAJAYA - 30th September, 2017 - Heriot-Watt University Malaysia is pleased to announce that it has embarked on a three-year partnership with PetroEdge Pte. Ltd. (AsiaEdge Pte. Ltd.) and NrgEdge Pte. Ltd. today. This collaboration is aimed at nurturing Heriot-Watt University Malaysia students to be industry-ready upon graduation.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by key representatives from each organisation, i.e. Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi and Ms Janice Yew, Provost & Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer and Registrar of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia respectively; as well as Mohammad Khalid and Mohd Anas Asalem, Chief Technology Officer and Regional Strategic Partnerships Manager of NrgEdge Pte Ltd respectively.

With the MoU, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia lecturers will obtain a 50% discount on PetroEdge Training Courses. Various volunteer and networking opportunities with industry players will also be made available to students and lecturers, allowing them to gain a more indepth understanding of the oil and gas industry and enhance their skills and knowledge in the field. The partnership also encourages dialogue between students and lecturers as NrgEdge provides a knowledgesharing platform via online forums and discussions.

Additionally, the students and lecturers will have access to NrgEdge’s digital learning platform at, which include e-learning courses, webinars and virtual reality modules. This marks another step forward for the university in digital technical learning.

According to Professor Mushtak, the partnership with PetroEdge and NrgEdge would bring great value to students. “The 21st Century has brought its unprecedented challenges and opportunities and for our students and academics to succeed and thrive professionally and PetroEdge Pte. Ltd. (AsiaEdge Pte. Ltd.) & NrgEdge Pte. Ltd. Eileen Tan +65 6741 9927 Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Kamelia Shamsuddin 012 377 3945    personally, they will need to adopt a continuously learning and growing mindset. Making world class courses available to our community electronically is a very important initiative that will go a long way in supporting the professional development of our people.”

Mohammad Khalid from NrgEdge adds, “It is our vision to help members in the energy, oil and gas industry excel at every point in their career journey, by providing them with the tools to succeed, whether it be by networking, or by helping them learn new skills. We want to be able to bridge the skills gap and to prepare the students for a brighter future in the industry.”

Aina Jais, a second year MEng Petroleum Engineering student at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia adds that PetroEdge would certainly assist in helping her to gain an edge in these uncertain economic climate. “I am looking forward to using the platform to learn more. I have a huge passion towards the petroleum industry, and hope that we can gain a deeper insight into the industry, and glimpse into the career that will shape our future.” Aina Jais is also a NrgEdge Student Ambassador.

The event was held at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia in Putrajaya. Besides the MoU signing ceremony, the day’s itinerary also included speeches by Professor Mushtak and Mr. Khalid, as well as a testimonial by NrgEdge Student Ambassador Aina Jais. The event concluded with a group photo session and light refreshments.

About PetroEdge and NrgEdge AsiaEdge Pte. Ltd. is the holding company of PetroEdge, the leading provider of Energy, Oil & Gas training in Asia. NrgEdge is the professional networking platform for Energy, Oil & Gas professionals, focusing on the Asia Pacific region. The company aims to create a holistic environment that will empower members to excel at every point in their career journey and to assist companies grow their business more effectively.

About Heriot-Watt University

Founded in 1821 as the world’s first mechanics institute, Heriot-Watt has a rich heritage and an established reputation as a leading researchled university. Now, our communities of scholars come from across the world and for a purpose: leaders in ideas and solutions, they deliver innovation and educational excellence in business, engineering, design and the physical, social and life sciences.

Working with leading academics, our students learn and thrive in our friendly community of campuses, with our partners and online. Our graduates are specialist, creative, professional and globally minded. With their research-informed education underpinned by the HeriotWatt values, they develop character, leadership skills and social mobility, becoming professionally educated, globally employable, citizens of the world.

Our roots are in Scotland, our ambition and reach are truly international. A leader in transnational education, wherever we are, Heriot-Watt is a powerful driver and engine of the economy. Together with our alumni, civic community and industry partners, we transform people, society and the world we live in.

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Candidate for the 2020 United States Presidential Election

Joe E. Collins III, a former United States Sailor has joined the ranks of qualified candidates for the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

It is time the United States of America had a President who represents all of the American people and not just the certain few in specific categories, distinguished by the amount of money in the bank. 

We can‘t allow our country to be divided by the racist rhetoric from anyone when it is more than clear that our Bible states we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. This great nation is made up of more than just one type of person, so we need more than a “one size fits all Government.” We are people of different faiths, beliefs, backgrounds and social statuses and regardless of how we ended up in this melting pot we call the United States of America, we all have one goal in common and that is the pursuit of Health Wealth and Equality for all who are willing to work together towards this common goal.

As a former Sailor in the United States Navy, we were always taught, true leaders lead by example. In order for the United States to be true leaders of the free world we must govern ourselves in such a fashion that makes all other Countries want to follow in the direction we are going. It is important that we look back at our past and use the lessons we have learned as guide lines for a prosperous future for our children, and our children’s children.

We must curb this violent approach to issues that cannot be solved with violence but through diplomacy and mutual beneficial working relationship. In order for this to happen we must elect someone who will represent our Country in this manner. 

America has always been the birth place of visionaries and dreamers, where all things are possible! And I hold these truth’s to be evidence that all men are created equal! The Bible asks “Am I my brother’s Keeper?” and the answer to this question is “Yes! I am my “brother’s keeper!” We are the vision for the future but this vision can only be accomplished if we as a Country erase the blurred lines, pull together as one Nation and work towards the benefit of all American’s.

Support your campaign because WE ARE THE VISION FOR THE FUTURE.


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Address:2534 State Street Ste. 481
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Jessica Navratil launches Kickstarter Campaign for The Northern Southerner Cookbook!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, The Cookbook is written by a Southern Girl Living in the North!

Jessica Navratil is an inspiring American woman who was raised in Texas and then later moved to Minnesota. Currently residing in Minneapolis, she has created a family based cookbook prepared and it is titled The Northern Southerner Cookbook. The book contains amazing recipes prepared by herself and inspired by her and her father’s love of cooking. Jessica has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for the book and she is welcoming generous support to raise funds for on Kickstarter.

The primary inspiration behind this cookbook comes from her own story of life. When Jessica moved from Texas to Minnesota, she noticed major differences in the cuisines across the United States and she realized that people in both regions had different priorities when it came to dining. Therefore, she blended the recipes from North and South in order to create dishes that can be delicious for everyone.

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign launched by Jessica is to get 200 copies of this cookbook printed. In order to achieve this goal, she hopes to raise a sum of $7500 and she is welcoming everyone to generously support her in meeting this target. In addition, she is also offering great rewards for the pledges made for the campaign.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and food lovers from all across the United States and worldwide can help Jessica by making pledges and donations. These can range from $5 to $500 or more and each pledge offers a great reward. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the book.

About This Cookbook

The Northern Southerner Cookbook is an inspiring initiative of an American woman Jessica Navratil. She is a stay at home mother of three kids and a daughter of a single father who is also fond of cooking. Now, she has created an amazing cookbookfor all of the United States and she needs help for this book. She is raising funds to get this book printed and is therefore welcoming all the support she can get via Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform.

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Shipping-Container Housing For Homeless Coming to Los Angeles

Design by KTGY Architecture + Planning combines architectural character with speed-to-market for Los Angeles' first series of homeless developments to use shipping containers.

LOS ANGELES - KTGY Architecture + Planning has unveiled designs for Hope on Alvarado, a new building that will be the first of a series of housing developments in highly walkable communities, providing support services for individuals transitioning from homelessness. The building, west of downtown in the Westlake District of Los Angeles (166 S. Alvarado Street), is moving quickly through the development process and is slated to begin a six-month construction period in the first part of 2018. The accelerated construction is due to a unique design incorporating shipping containers as a primary building material.

Aedis Real Estate Group is the developer of the building. It is the first of a series of Hope developments in Los Angeles to be built within the next year using the shipping-container design. The plan is to continue this forward-thinking, cost-effective model for affordable housing in dense, urban areas from San Diego to Seattle.

“One major advantage of using shipping containers is the dramatic reduction in construction time. While sitework and foundations are being constructed on site, the containers are being manufactured off site, including most interior finishes and fittings,” said Mark Oberholzer AIA, LEED AP, Associate Principal with KTGY Architecture + Planning.

“We’re not trying to hide the fact that these are shipping containers,” added Keith Labus AIA, LEED AP, Principal of KTGY Architecture + Planning. “There would be great costs associated with creating the level of character they already have. Our approach is to work with what we have and develop something unique at each location.”

KTGY’s design is centered on a central courtyard, providing privacy and encouraging safety and a sense of community. Floor-to-ceiling glazing distinguishes the support-services office space on the street-level. The development is designed to LEED standards but is not seeking certification. The speed of construction and efficient use of building materials is among the project’s sustainable attributes.

The four-story Hope on Alvarado will offer 84 units of studios and one-bedroom apartments on a .44-acre site at 166 Alvarado Street. Unit plan sizes are 400-480 square feet. Located within the building, parking spaces will be provided for social services staff and each resident will have a bike-storage space.

The Hope Homeless Housing developments are financed by LSA Capital in partnership with Project Sponsor Jerry Jacobs with Scott Baldridge and Leslie Weiss, working with the Foundation for Affordable Housing. The shipping containers converted into prefabricated dwelling units are sourced locally in Los Angeles.

Each of the residential apartments is created using several containers, which are modified by removing the doors and portions of the exterior metal skin and adding floor-to-ceiling windows and interior fixtures and finishes. The containers are transported by truck to the site and a crane is used to fit and stack them together into a single building. Appliances are furnished on site.

About KTGY Architecture + Planning

Celebrating 25 years, KTGY Architecture + Planning is an international award-winning full-service architecture and planning firm delivering innovation, artistry and attention to detail across multiple offices and studios, ensuring that clients and communities get the best the firm has to offer no matter the building type or location. KTGY’s architects and planners combine big picture opportunities, leading-edge sustainable practices and impeccable design standards to help create developments of enduring value. KTGY serves clients worldwide from offices located in Chicago, Denver, Irvine, Los Angeles, Oakland, Pune and Tysons.


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Two Investigators are Seeking Support on Kickstarter for a Thrilling Supernatural Investigation!

With a Combined Experience of 60 Years, Two Seasoned Investigators will Probe whether Ghosts Really Haunt the Hallways of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto!

The Men in White are a group of three inspiring people, two of whom are amongst Canada’s most seasoned investigators. These two, David A. Gibb and Mitchell Dubros, together have over 60 years of professional experience in the field of investigation. They are now taking on the challenging task of investigating whether supernatural creatures or ghosts really exist in one of downtown Toronto’s most renowned - and reputedly haunted - hotels.

Toronto's landmark Royal York Hotel has been a fixture on the city's growing skyline for almost a century and this upscale hotel has 28 floors and 1,048 rooms. There are countless stories of hauntings in the old building, especially on the 8th floor. According to these ghost stories, the floor is visited by a spirit of a gray-haired man in a burgundy smoking jacket and slacks who is sometimes seen pacing the hallways at night.

In addition, several other stories persist about supernatural happenings at the hotel, including a famous story of an employee who hung himself and has haunted the building ever since. Many other strange, and supposedly paranormal, occurrences have also taken place at the legendary Royal York Hotel and these two veterans will thoroughly investigate using their skills, training and cutting-edge technologies - just in time for Halloween! For this purpose, they are seeking support to cover their expenses, and welcome everyone to help them in raising these funds.

“We will be taking photos, videos and audio recordings during our investigation, and will provide all evidence along with a fully detailed investigative report upon the conclusion of our inquiry,” said David Gibb, while talking about the goal of their investigation. “Our aim is to either make contact with any supernatural entity that resides within the Royal York, or expose it as fantasy and wishful thinking,” he added.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can help these men by making pledges and donations to the project. Their goal is to raise a sum of CA$ 2000 with this project and they will provide detailed report of their investigation to any supporter pledging over $10. For a $750 contribution, backers can even join the investigators on their ghost-hunting mission for an event that will surely be the experience of a lifetime.

About This Project

The Men in White is a Canadian organization and two of its members are seasoned investigators, who will investigate the ghost stories and strange paranormal occurrences taking place in the century old Royal York Hotel located in Toronto, and they are raising funds on Kickstarter to make this project a success.

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Star Zeal: A 4X RPG by Akuu Digital Entertainment launches Indiegogo Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Indiegogo, Star Zeal is a 4X Hybrid Role Playing Game with Real Time Gameplay & Many Great Features!

With an enormous galaxy and a unique blend of 4X strategy and RPG features, Akuu Digital Entertainment is bringing an exciting game for space civilization fans worldwide. The gaming company based in South Africa has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, raising funds to complete the game for release worldwide. The name of this new 4X RPG is Star Zeal and it is all about space strategy with a whole new and exciting approach.

In addition, this 4x space strategy game focuses on a more personal take with the players’ civilization and characters. The game is a unique blend of a procedural open ended RPG and a space civilization builder. The goal of this Indiegogo campaign launched Akuu Digital Entertainment is to raise a sum of $26,000 and they are welcoming everyone to contribute to its success.

Following are some of the most amazing features of this game:

  • Features an enormous galaxy

  • Features thousands of procedurally generated and hand made Star Systems and clusters, with unique lore.

  • Features Realistic Scale Bodies in space. Massive stars and black holes.

  • Features full 3D space battles

  • Features deep character and species system

  • Focuses on character interaction

  • Mysterious foes and anomalies along your civilizations journey.

  • Pre-made and procedural factions

  • Much more

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and gaming fans from around the world can back this project by making pledges and donations that can range from $15 to $350. Each pledge offers rewards including free copies of the game and unique development art, more details are available on the Indiegogo campaign page of the game.

About Star Zeal

Star Zeal is a unique Indie space strategy 4Xand it is now raising funds on Indiegogo. The game offers classic space civilization building with a blend of new features unlike any other game of its kind. From Star Strek fans to gamers who enjoy scifi strategy and role playing will feel right at home with Star Zeal. The developers at Akuu Digital Entertainment are therefore welcoming everyone to contribute in raising funds for the game on Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform to make it a worldwide success.

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Announcing the Launch of Talkalang - the Newest Social Network for Language Learners

September 30, 2017 - A new website and an Android App, Talkalang is the latest innovation in the social network industry, designed to help language learners acquire reflexes and gain confidence in speaking a new language. It enables users to chat and communicate with people from all over the world.

Joining the Talkalang platform allows users to practice a foreign language through having written conversations with the members of the social network worldwide. This is different from other chat solutions currently available these days, as Talkalang allows users to take part in real discussions. The community starts discussions and any user can join any discussion they want. It has opened to Spanish, French and English communities and will open other communities later.

Connecting to the platform provides a unique solution to learn a different language, unlike the use of other platforms today. Users can join a wall that displays all the discussions suggested to them. There are thousands of discussions to choose from, so there is always a topic that users can take part.

“Talkalang is no longer a project but a full-fledged site, and I am working to build an even more pleasant and motivating space for users, so that they can gain confidence and no longer be apprehensive about discussions,” stated by Marc Roche, the co-founder of the website in relation to the Talkalang method. “I try to help the users dive into an environment where every new element they learn remains in their memory through affect: the more emotional links you can create with the new information, the more you will be able to retrieve it in time.” The platform provides an exciting and fun way to learn a new language.

Talkalang isn’t a language learning course, but a unique medium where users can participate in active discussions in foreign languages in order to improve their language learning skills and practice even better. Users can conveniently decide which discussion to take part in or even make their own discussion. The app also enables them to build their own language learning profile. They can earn points and advance levels as they take part in discussions.

Talkalang is now the most unique foreign language learning community to learn Spanish, French or English languages. Android users can enjoy its benefits today, whereas iOS users can take full advantage of the App next year.

For further details about this new website and Android app, please visit the following websites:



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Simple But Very Effective Addition To Every Health Care Resume

September 30, 2017 - San Carlos, CA - By “going holistic”, you’ve opened numerous doors for alternative treatments instead of the conventional methods.

The Golden Gate Institute of Integrative Medicine, a top medical clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area, has made a new integrative wellness online course available globally.  A direct link is posted on the GGIIM website that leads to a user friendly registration and free browsing of the beginning course content. The course packs numerous topics introducing integrative medical treatments, ranging from cool aqua therapy to therapeutic acupuncture, and includes quick chapter quizzes and exams with certification awarded upon successful completion.  Entirely self-paced in the absence of any deadlines, this course is designed for the busy bee individual for sure.

The online course allows global access to anyone who wishes to study holistic health and integrate their learned knowledge into new lifestyle practices. Additionally, graduates from this certificate program can work in a variety of settings such as medical centers, corporate health companies, private practices, and employee wellness facilities.  "In the broader sense, our revolutionary new educational program will allow everyone to elevate their occupational credentials and training regardless of where they live in the world," added Dr. Naheed Ali, COO of GGIIM.  For a limited time, tuition at the Institute will be only $29 per course.

Health and wellness consultants are well-suited to assist patients in making very important lifestyle modifications. In addition, many practitioners, health care professionals, and professors are receiving training in integrative wellness. GGIIM’s “Integrative Wellness 100” online learning curriculum is designed to give an overview of holistic and natural approaches to improving mind and body while avoiding future medical problems. It allows the student to make lifestyle choices that promote wellness. As always, the key to optimal health is preventative approaches and GGIIM teaches the online integrative wellness program student the specific techniques needed to bypass critical health concerns.

Headquartered in beautiful San Carlos, CA GGIIM physicians and holistic experts also evaluate patients with chronic pain or illness, provide drug addiction rehab counseling, and further their research efforts in the respective field. 

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Contact Person: Naheed Ali, MD, PhD
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Address:1213 Eaton Ave. #6
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Join the California Freemasons for the red carpet event on October 13, 2017.

Los Angeles, CA - September 30, 2017 -

From Masons to Masons – your invitation to walk on the red carpet for the world premiere. 

Before Johnny Royal’s gorgeous and highly enticing feature length documentary about the world’s oldest and most powerful secret society, “33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY” hits the big screen in 10 major cities, TriCoast Entertainment is thrilled to invite you to the world premiere screening at The Masonic Auditorium on October 13, 2017 in San Fransisco. 

“33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY” is noted as the first film to fully examine the entire American Masonic structure, providing answers from prominent members of the Masonic Brotherhood to long-time questions – the purpose and meaning of the rituals, why people join, the unique culture of the Masonic fraternity, and where the future of the ancient society is headed.

The film provides the viewer with a real behind the scenes perspective of the Masons path to enlightenment, as Freemasons from across the country share their personal experiences within the fraternity and the ultimate overarching narrative of their own “hero’s quest”.

“What begins to surface is a realization that we [the candidates] are able to be the hero or the villain in our daily lives, based on the choices we make. Freemasonry truly is a progressive moral science interlaced throughout the narrative structure of the Hero's Quest,” says director Johnny Royal.

“33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY” is a film about the shared experience of membership in the world’s oldest fraternity. Through poignant interviews and beautiful photography the film highlights the worldwide legacy of Freemasons and their perspectives on these timeless rituals and their place in the world around them.

Royal's team on the film includes California Freemasons Producer Robert Doan, Producer, Music Supervisor, Composer, and Re-Recording Mixer Sean Beavan (Lost Highway, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson,) Supervising Editor Jason Pachomski (Bates Motel, Hand of God), and Composer and Co-Producer Tennessee Freemason Ernest Chapman. The team also includes Co-Producer and Composer Juliette Beavan, as well as Visual FX Supervisor Zach Brinkerhoff  (“Thor” and “X-Men First Class”).

Guests will get an exclusive Q&A with several of the featured Brothers as they explore their work on this revelatory documentary, as well as their own experiences as California Freemasons.

To purchase tickets and for more information, please visit:

Date: Friday, October 13, 2017

Time: 9:00 P.M.

Location: The Masonic Auditorium

1111 California St.

San Francisco, CA 94108

Run time: 90 min.

Upcoming cities on the tour: Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Guthrie, OK, Alexandria, LA, Charleston, SC, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI. 



For more information on “33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY”, visit and

For further information about upcoming screening events for “33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY”, please contact Jenna at

33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY (2017, 90 min.) Written and Directed by Johnny Royal. Supervising Editor: Jason Pachomski. Cinematographers: Pablo Diez, Philipp Friesenbichler and Daryl Gilmore. Original Music: Juliette Beavan, Sean Beavan, Ernest Chapman and Johnny Royal. US, English. Praetorian, TriCoast Entertainment.


About TriCoast Entertainment: 

A new home for story-driven American films, TriCoast Entertainment is a full service media company that creates, produces, manages and distributes unique and unusual entertainment. Bringing together filmmakers, distributors, financiers, and technologists, TriCoast Entertainment embraces change by redefining the production and distribution model for indie filmmakers, providing them with low cost tools, financing, and worldwide theatrical and digital distribution, along with market feedback and storytelling opportunities.

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Dr. Majd Naji takes the dentistry sector in the Middle East to new global heights

Milan, Italy - Mr. Hisham Tinaoui – Regional Sales Manager AMET of Cefla stated that Dr. Majd Naji takes the dentistry sector in the Middle East to new global heights and he mentioned that in the past years there has been a remarkable increase in the sales of the company due to the strategic plans that were set; including buying and adding multiple high profile companies under their umbrella, enhancing their production line with innovative high-tech systems, and setting an exceptional marketing strategy to spread out information about their products and educate the public about their technologies in cooperation with Dr. Majd Naji the founder of Liberty Dental Clinic whom reinforced the presence of Cefla in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Hisham also mentioned that Dr. Majd Naji is an iconic figure in the world of dentistry and has a great credibility among all the dentists, as for the past 5 years consecutively he’s been selected by Anderson Corporation as the Best Dentist in the Middle East which clearly encouraged many dentists to follow his footsteps and take his advice on all of the products he used from Cefla.

The dental field has recently witnessed an extensive economic and scientific revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry specially in the MENA region, which triggered a huge competition between multiple local medical companies in obtaining the franchise of international dental cosmetic brands such as Lumineers from the USA, 3N Veneers from Germany, and Glamsmile from Belgium who are the 3 leading international companies in the field of esthetic dentistry.

In that regard, many countries and cities are currently preparing to attract those investments, doctors, and patients by organizing a set of rules and systems that will nourish their medical field.

As clearly seen, Dubai became a very busy attraction for many people seeking treatment from around the world, and Dr. Majd Naji stresses that Dubai is the capital of the medical tourism in the region as it was significantly prepared and organized by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Dubai Health Experience (DXH).

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Cefla Dental Group: Dr. Majd Naji an International Dental pioneer

Rome, Italy - Mr. Hisham Tinaoui – Regional Sales Manager AMET of Cefla stated that in the past years there has been a remarkable increase in the sales of the company due to the strategic plans that were set; including buying and adding multiple high profile companies under their umbrella, enhancing their production line with innovative high-tech systems, and setting an exceptional marketing strategy to spread out information about their products and educate the public about their technologies in cooperation with Dr. Majd Naji the founder of Liberty Dental Clinic whom reinforced the presence of Cefla in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Hisham also mentioned that Dr. Majd Naji is an iconic figure in the world of dentistry and has a great credibility among all the dentists, as for the past 5 years consecutively he’s been selected by Anderson Corporation as the Best Dentist in the Middle East which clearly encouraged many dentists to follow his footsteps and take his advice on all of the products he used from Cefla.

The dental field has recently witnessed an extensive economic and scientific revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry specially in the MENA region, which triggered a huge competition between multiple local medical companies in obtaining the franchise of international dental cosmetic brands such as Lumineers from the USA, 3N Veneers from Germany, and Glamsmile from Belgium who are the 3 leading international companies in the field of esthetic dentistry.

In that regard, many countries and cities are currently preparing to attract those investments, doctors, and patients by organizing a set of rules and systems that will nourish their medical field.

As clearly seen, Dubai became a very busy attraction for many people seeking treatment from around the world, and Dr. Majd Naji stresses that Dubai is the capital of the medical tourism in the region as it was significantly prepared and organized by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Dubai Health Experience (DXH).

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Andrea Desmond sets to Release her new Single "Inner Fire" on October 1st

October 1st, 2017 will mark a new beginning for Andrea Desmond music career when she releases her new sound. Andrea is set to release her new song “Inner Fire” on this day.

Known for great vocals and capturing melody, Andrea promises that her new sound will strikingly deliver magnificent and captivating feelings to her fans. Described as a budding talent, music analyst says that music world should prepare for a big star. Andrea is also a talented song writer and a great performer, electrifying the crowd with her melodic voice.

The singer started her career in Seattle and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue bigger opportunities.  Back in Seattle, she was playing with her band performing in a series of shows and gracing radio interviews.

On moving to Seattle, she became an assistant to a composer working on PBS Television Show, a teacher as well as a song writing coach. She built a song writing team of Natalia Bortolotti and helped out Randy Jackson with artist projects. It is during this time that the song “Inner Fire” was born. The song is a completely new sound, it is more of a pop to 40 and a unique to Andrea own voice.

This is the first time Andrea is releasing a song ever since she moved to Los Angeles. It will also be the first time that the world will be hearing her new sound. Her music is hard to place in a generalized genre but her new sound is an inspiration of the world renowned artists Adele and Sia. Also she has been greatly inspired by Alan Menken, the award winning composer of Disney Classic Alladin and Beauty and the beast.

For more information about Andrea Desmond visit

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99cryptocoin announces launch of new website

99cryptocoin launches new cryptocurrency website to review and monitor more than 900 cryptocurrencies

99cryptocoin has recently announced the launch of its website, monitoring over 900 cyrptocurrencies and more than 4000 markets. The site will also be providing information on more than 85 cryptocurrency exchanges. This ensures the cryptocurrency investors and other users of cryptocurrency tokens can get accurate information and make informed decisions.

Cryptocurrency, and its underlying blockchain technology, is changing the way transactions will be made across the globe in the future. The investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and the opportunity to make money by trading on cryptocurrency markets have made the innovation even more impressive.

Information is said to be the determining factor between a successful and failed business decision. Becoming a successful trader or investor in the world of cryptocurrency is even more dependent on information. This is so as an otherwise insignificant information or news can lead to steep changes in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

With the features and benefits of cryptocurrency with the likes of Bitcoin leading the park, traders and investors in cryptocurrency need accurate information to make the right decisions. This has always been the bane of making the right decisions, with traders and investors resorting to guesswork for trading their portfolio.

99cryptocoin aims to solve this problem and other such challenges investors and traders in cryptocurrency face with the launch of the website. With over 900 digital currencies featured on the site, with information about them, traders can be sure of making profitable decisions.

The site provides current and historical price information, trade volume information, and market cap information on the several cryptocurrencies and markets, making it a one-stop place for all kinds of information on cryptocoins. The price movements and traded volume in the last one hour, one day and one week are also provided on 99cryptocoin.

99cryptocoin also has a news section that contains the latest news items from the top cryptocurrency news websites. This ensures that users of the site do not only get accurate information, but are also fed with the latest news in the cryptocurrency world.

The information on 99cryptocoin can be filtered based on the currency. Some of the cryptocurrencies and tokens featured on 99cryptocoin include Ethereum,Monetha, NEO, Ripple and other such cryptocurrencies from the relatively new ones to the somewhat old coins, categorised based on their 24 hour traded volume and market cap.

About 99cryptocoin

99cryptocoin is a website designed to monitor hundreds of cryptocurrencies across many exchanges and markets and subsequently bringing the information to traders, investors and other users of cryptocurrency to get accurate and up to date information.

The site provides accurate, current, and historical information on price, trade volume and market cap with over 900 cryptocurrencies, 85+ exchanges and more than 4000 markets featured on the site. The primary aim of the site is to be the information hub of everything and anything concerns the world of cryptocurrency.

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Proker Launches Cordless Bluetooth Headset On Amazon

Proker, the Shenzhen-based company specialized in providing technology solutions for everyday living, recently released its cordless Bluetooth headset on The headset’s debut on the Amazon market comes on the heels of the launch of the company’s line of ultra-slim battery cases, which are compatible with the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus models, respectively.

The Proker in-ear phone headset features advanced, Bluetooth 4.2 and CVC 6.0 technology, providing a stable and speedy wireless connection with any Bluetooth-supporting smart device, such as iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows phones, iPads, tablets and smart watches. Weighing in at just 0.18 oz. each, the Proker wireless ear buds contour around the ear’s natural curvature, remaining firmly in place and affording smooth sensation, throughout wear.

Thanks to a high-performing, 50mAh battery, the Proker in-ear headset supports 3 hours of playtime, while, making use of its accompanying 450mAh charging dock, the wireless ear buds can be charged for up to 4 times, prior to the box needing recharging.

“Using a Bluetooth headphone set is both a matter of convenience, and safety. Our customers wanted a reliable pair of ear buds, which they could use while driving or working out, without occupying their hands” said Mr. Jackie, Proker’s media representative. He continued, “We came up with our headset’s design after carefully considering our customers’ needs and wants. Our headphones are IPX4 certified, which means they are guarded against sweat and splashing water, making them the perfect workout accessory for those who are heavily invested in fitness. What’s more, the headset can be used for up to a full day after a single charge, making it ideal for busy professionals and anyone on-the-go. We are delighted to see that the headset has been a success, and we pledge to come out with many more, exciting products!”

The Proker cordless Bluetooth in-ear headset is available for purchase through the company’s amazon store. Standing behind its products, Proker offers a 1-year warranty for each and every one of its Bluetooth headsets.

The company’s full product range can be viewed, at all times, here.

To learn more about Proker, please visit:

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