Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The New Successor to Minestatus is Making it More Convenient to Grab the Best Minecraft Server

The servers of Minecraft (MC) always remain on the target of the players who want to switch from a single-player to a multi-player playing environment. It is known that MC is a single-player game but these servers have converted into a more exciting game by introducing multiple players. Although several sites providing the MC servers are proliferating, not many of them actually reduce the search time to get to the best server. However, works by reducing search time. is a successor to Minestatus, which was the initial provider of the Minecraft servers list. However, it was suffering from some grave technical issues. Apart from that, it was supposed to be shifted to a better domain name so that it service is explained in a more descriptive and comprehensible way. This would also help the site to get a better rank in a search engine.

These two formed the reasons for a fresh start with the successor. Minecraft is the way for many players to indulge into several hours of entertainment. However, it is no longer a means of solo amusement. The game's original PC version comes with personalized servers that host countless players. The new site makes it more exciting and distinct in terms of shared playing experience through its tailored mods and plugins.

The site act as a creative platform for those who wish to build without having any knowledge of programming. Their notions and novel efforts are delivered via the different types of servers on the site. It is a single roof under which all servers are available. One can easily find Minecraft survival servers, Minecraft prison servers, Minecraft cracked servers, and Pixelmon servers.

Each server is an autonomous world with its own rules, scenes, and communities. The servers are commendable in terms of updates, uptimes, scenes, and players. However, each one offers something unique right from different game modes to remarkable scenes.

A player can easily search for a server through the advanced search tool, by rank, or by categories. It is also possible to sort the servers as per the votes, uptime, and players.


Regarded as a successor of Minestatus, is a budding provider of all types of MC servers in its list that is updated at fixed intervals. It is offering different types of servers. It is committed to reveal the different server statistics such as rank, uptime, and number of players.

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