Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lady Dione launches the sophisticated bohemian clothing for free spirited women

Launched as a custom designed t-shirt label, Lady Dione has moved itself up in the industry as a luxury brand that offers clothing inspired by the bohemian culture with a sophisticated and classy touch. The brand is for the woman who is free, experimental and free spirited. The clothing is designed keeping in mind the gypsy chic and the bold women who don’t shy away from showing their personal style.

Lady Dione is a brand owned by Lady Dione Bevel, a graduate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She was inspired to draw an image of a woman with a beautiful afro and around her, she wrote, “Inside every woman lives a queen.” This proved as the beginning of her journey into the world of fashion and entrepreneurship as she started a t-shirt company with custom designed graphics. From that point onwards Lady Dione has come a long way and become a brand that is loved by several women across the globe including celebrities such as Lalah Hathaway, Adam Lambert, Sate, Keisha Epps, Erykah Badu among many others.

The brand based in Oakland, California began in 2003 and now caters to the fashion needs of both men and women. Lady Dione is a brand that represents the nomadic, gypsy and free spirit vibe that lies within every person while the designs are inspired by bohemian chic with African and Japanese influences. The brand ensures that only high-quality fabrics and manufacturing process is used in constructing the garment so that each of the garments reflects a piece of art. The products from the brand can be purchased from many retailers throughout California as well as their official website

As stated by Lady Dione’s mission statement, “We represent the Black Bohemian, Nomads, Gypsies and all Wild/Free Spirits of this earth”, the clothing is not only meant for the Afro women but anyone who relates to the before mentioned traits. The brand promotes the idea that everyone should feel beautiful inside and out despite their color, ethnicity or place of origin. The clothing surely represents a lot about the personality which is why Lady Dione aims to inspire people to wear how they feel and what they want to say about themselves silently to the world.

Lady Dione’s showroom is now located in 1200 Santee St., St. 1002, LA, CA 90015

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