Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

Are there any tips for choosing sunglasses? Below are the things that we should look at.

Here we are, back to the season of sunglasses — fashionable items that prevent bright sunlight from our eyes. Are there any tips for choosing sunglasses? Below are the things that we should look at.


A simple method to check the lenses of your sunglasses is bringing them to the light to see if there are any bubbles or blemishes on the surface.


Nice sunglasses won’t be cheap. Bad sunglasses are often not easy to wear, but easy to wear out.


Try your sunglasses on under natural light. Walk out of store with them when the sunlight is bright. The floor you see through your sunglasses should be flat and the objects cannot be deformed.


Beautiful frame is important, but the comfortability of the lenses and the frame is a lot more important. You can’t choose sunglasses that make you dizzy or give you painful eyes.


If you need them for preventing sunburn rather than looking cool, it’s better to choose sunglasses with gray, green or blue lenses that can protect your eyes, because these relatively gentle colors won’t cause discoloration and are especially safer for car drivers (won’t affect their judgment on traffic lights or other traffic signals).


Tags are often too small to be noticed. In fact, they can tell you much more useful information other than place of origin. Pay particular attention to the QS sign on the tag.

UV protection

UV protection, also known as UV filtration, is a very important criterion. Most sunglasses get a rating of 96-98% UV protection, and darker lenses work better than brighter lenses. There are instruments in sunglasses stores that can help you to find out whether or not the sunglasses in your hand are helpful to protect your eyes. 

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