Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eat Botanical Slimming Food to Help in Building Good Shape

Purple sweet potato

Purple sweet potato has a higher selenium and anthocyanin content. There are rich in minerals selenium and iron minerals, can help a woman blood, Eat can enhance immunity and memory. Purple potato also contains a lot of dietary fiber, eat a small piece can have a very strong sense of satiety, Heat is also very low, and therefore also applies to weight loss instead of staple food.

Purple cabbage

Anne Hathaway announced her own weight-loss secret is "a lot of raw purple cabbage salad."

Purple cabbage is simply synonymous with natural diet meals, It is rich in anthocyanins, and various vitamins and minerals, fiber is not to say that. Anthocyanins have good antioxidant, Is a natural anti-aging nutritional supplements, Is also very useful for patients with hypertension. If you want to lose weight fast but with nutrition, eat purple cabbage will be absolutely good. And take some fruta planta is also a good choice.


Aubergine purple comes from anthocyanins and its glycosides, Eat eggplant skin will make anthocyanins preserved. Eggplant is also rich in vitamin P, this substance can enhance the adhesion of human cells, Enhance the flexibility of capillaries, reducing capillary fragility and permeability, Prevent microvascular bleeding, cardiovascular maintain normal function. So eat Eggplant can not only absorbed into the skin in proanthocyanidins,  it is also available to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

TIPS: Eggplant is a cold food, eating in summer helps detoxify. Long eggplant and round eggplant contains similar nutrients, However, anthocyanins are mainly distributed in the peel, Therefore long eggplant contains more anthocyanin.


Asparagus is rich in amino acids, proteins and vitamins, Its levels were higher than normal fruit and vegetables, But also has increased the number of bacteria in the intestinal effect, And also play a role in detoxification.


If your body is relatively poor circulation and metabolism, It will be more prone to edema than others, especially for the calf,  If you want to improve this situation, you can eat some bananas which are rich in potassium, you can also take some fruta planta pills, which is offered on It helps the body of excess sodium excreted, If you really do not like bananas, you can also drink some coconut water, have the same effect.

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