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November 17, 2017: Sabitas Boots by Sabas Flores is an inspiring project of Handcrafted Quality Men's and Women's Footwear and the founder of this project has announced to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming brand. Sabitas is an aspiring brand that emerged with a dream when Sabas was a young boy growing up in his village. In extremes temperatures, he didn’t have proper shoes due to poverty and bad financial situation of his family. However, he still remembers that time and those memories inspired him to create a company for the needy.

“My vision for this company is to be able to help provide real shoes to families in need. Every child, regardless of the financial situation, should have that opportunity.” Said Saba Flores, the Founder of Sabitas Boots, while talking about the company. “With each purchase made at Sabitas, a portion of the proceeds will be used to provide children in need with a new pair of shoes.” He added.

In addition, Sabas’ own childhood and harsh conditions of weather with no shoes were the primary motivation behind this brand, which made him feel the pain of those who are less fortunate. He aims at helping families around the world who are in need of proper shelter and he will take the community on board by launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

To find out more about this initiative by Sabas Flores, please visit:

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Long Aeronautics To Be Launched in October 2018 Viable Aeronautics Patents Incorporated

October 6, 2018 Release date: Inspired flight in the Aeronautics Field

Blacksburg, VA – November 17, 2017: Darel Lynwood Long is planning the release of a new aeronautics concept.  Information is expected to be released on October 6, 2018. This group is aiming to offer an inspired platform supporting aeronautics.  

The concept of Long Aeronautics was produced first in 2012 with a unique design. It was designed with the support of a small team with no money and no budget to work with.

The inspiration for Darel Long's work came from watching an insect fly.  It eventually led to the desire to look into aeronautics and technology to see what can be done to improve the industry.

The industry was known to be expensive to maintain and work with. Long Aeronautics was designed to help with decreasing the costs of aeronautic functions while also increasing aeronautic speed. They are working with industry veterans and is going through testing to refine the design.  

The group found its location for a semi-public release on the east coast. Long, will keep the details on the location private until September 28, 2018 when the information on that location will be posted online.

The goals for the business are to grow within the industry and to become a thriving entity. The initial start of a semi-public release will be on October 6, 2018, with a few details being revealed at the time to the public. Those who sign up for email alerts will receive information on the release before others in the public domain can.

The concept produced by Darel Lynwood Long has been found to be rather efficient. It showed an improvement of about 30 percent over the efficiency of the current designs available. This was vital for ensuring that it would be easier for the company once formed to stay operational and profitable.

No additional inquiries or responses from Darel Lynwood Long will be sent out to the public until the October 6, 2018, release of Long Aeronautics with the location for the release being provided on September 28. People can still go to the website at to receive notice of the initial release and limited information.

Darel Long is also encouraging people to visit to sign up for email information. Long and his team will not share anyone’s email addresses.

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Absolute Solutions Introduces the Truler For Measurement and Cutting Needs

Designed As a Useful Tool For Industrial Sites That Need Exact Measurements

Orange, CA – November 17, 2017: Absolute Solutions has produced a new product that serves as a true evolution for the ruler. The Trulers is an intriguing product that is currently available for sale to people in various industries.

The Trulers is designed to help with measuring stock and can work for many industrial purposes. It is based on a 1x12 and 1x36 and 1x72 ruler and offers a distinct layout.

The general design of the Trulers is made to make it easier for people to measure items for industrial needs. It is perfect for measuring cuts and drilling spaces on any kind of surface. This is needed for industrial purposes where only the most exact types of measurements are good enough.

Arrow points are featured at every quarter-inch on the Trulers. These are used for lining up masking tape for pin striping needs.

Meanwhile, every eighth of an inch features a circle in the middle part of the ruler. These are laid out for measurement purposes for cutting and drilling. These are made with circular designs to make it easier for people to measure all sorts of surfaces including some irregular spaces. These work especially well for handling rivet holes.

The layout works with a flexible body that is slim in design and moves over surfaces without adding too much bulk. This, in turn, adds a good layout that is not too hard to utilize for measurement needs.

Each rule is one inch tall with 12 and 36-inch and 72”options available. The points are measured evenly on each of these surfaces.

A 11x11-inch Trulers eighths circle layout is also available for sale. This is designed for helping people with cutting accurate circles of any diameter. This uses the same points and arrows on the standard Trulers model to create a more useful and easier to follow layout.

Additional information on the Truler models and how to buy them can be found at Absolute Solutions is aiming to get the most out of these rulers and to make them more effective and easy to follow. The support being offered through the Truler is designed to be ideal for all those aiming to make their measurement plans easy to follow.

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New York City, NY, USA - November 17, 2017: Luxury Avant Street apparel from New York City, GOSN NYC has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of street apparel in its latest collection of tops. With its fabric imported from the finest Japanese mills and each cut made with precision, the brand firmly believes in perfection. Moreover, the clothing options offered by the brand are perfect for the everyday office as well as weekend trips and vacations.

“I few years back I used to collect old military garments and would deconstruct them to make them more of my own.” said Taylor Goson, the Co-Founder of GOSN NYC, while talking about the inspiration behind the brand. “Most of my inspiration comes from Japanese culture, taking utilitarian style garments and adding intricate detail to make them my own and unique.” Taylor added. Taylor founded the brand alongside Thaddeus Gurley. According to the co-founders, the brand is definitely going to extend the line to pants and technical outerwear coats in the days to come with GOSN boutiques worldwide.

Taylor and Thaddeus have also expressed collaboration and partnership plans with other leading brands in the fashion industry. Some of their favorite brands include ‘Maharishi’ and tattoo artist Koji Ichimaru. New York City is the cultural hub where all the cultures from around the world blend smoothly to create the best and most trendy fashion in the world and GOSN NYC plans to lead the way into the future with its unique and amazing product line.

For more information and to order online, please visit:

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Address:433 Broadway Suite 522, New York, New York 10013
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Dr. Justin Raanan Providing Quality Dentistry and Periodontist Services to Patients Around Beverly Hills

Services Work With Detail and Experience to Provide Patients With Lifelong Smiles

Beverly Hills – November 16, 2017: People who are looking for a quality periodontist or dentist in Beverly Hills can trust Dr. Justin Raanan, DDS MMSc for their needs. Dr. Raanan is a prominent Beverly Hills dentist and periodontist who focuses on his patients first.

Dr. Raanan is an experienced dentist who assists patients with their teeth and the supporting structures around those teeth. His goal is to help people develop healthy teeth and gums and to prevent serious gum diseases from developing.

Dr. Raanan is a graduate of the USC School of Dentistry and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology as well as the California Dental Association.

The work that Dr. Raanan provides as a periodontist in Beverly Hills is essential to the lives of all his patients. Dr. Raanan focuses on full evaluations of all his patients and helps with gum cleanings and surgical procedures. His emphasis is on ensuring that all structures around one's natural teeth are preserved and that they can continue to develop strong tissues for years to come.

The computerized tomography and X-NAV gum surgery functions offered by the doctor help patients get the most out of their treatment needs. This is to help with controlling dental issues and with taking care of various threats before they can become significant.

Tissue reconstruction and dental implant services are available through his clinic. Sedation procedures are also included to help patients who might be worried about the dental treatments they are looking to utilize. The help that Dr. Raanan offers to his patients helps keep them comfortable.

Dr. Raanan has worked for many prominent stars to help them get the smiles they are looking for. He works as a Beverly Hills periodontist for various celebrities and has been invited to many local events.

People looking for additional information on what Dr. Raanan has to offer as a dentist and periodontist in Beverly Hills can contact his website at He is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Twitter.

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Darel Lynwood Long Promoting Efforts to Settle Private and Personal Debts

Work From Long Settles Debt With Many Creditors

Blacksburg, VA – November 17, 2017: Darel Long has established a website dedicated to his settlement of his private and personal debts. Long states that he has been working on handling his debts over the last twenty years. In 2016, he started paying off two large debt groups and a majority of debt is paid off the end of this year.

Darel Long has been struggling with many debt concerns over the years. He had a custody case that lasted more than six years and also dealt with significant medical issues.  Long, began repayment of debts from real estate opportunities from the West Indies.  Once supporting documents are received, Long; will begin to settle both income and debt from the L.LC. from the website also known as Long

The new settlement website that Darel Lynwood Long has produced is designed to allow creditors to easily locate and contact him. Long is asking people to provide him with details on any debts that he might owe them so they can be resolved as soon as possible.

The work that Long is handling on the site is helping to ensure that he manages all his debts and discover any unpaid debt. This comes as Long wants to ensure that the money he has owed over the years can be handled properly and that he is able to resolve all the past financial issues that he has been dealing with over the years and all debt will settle with a settlement lawyer of his choice. 

Long will check his emails on Tuesdays at 8pm with the exception of Tuesdays on Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. His settlement site is hoping to reach as many potential creditors as possible so Long can get all of the difficult expenses in his life resolved as soon as possible.

Darel Long is receiving his funds from some of the new endeavors that he has set up including the West Indies Home Deals and early 2018 from  His general goal will be to get his debts covered as soon as possible and that they will be resolved  without any problems.

Information on Darel Lynwood Long’s settlement efforts and how to contact him can be found online at The site is being prepared to help with allowing Long to reach creditors and to ensure that all debts involved can be covered as soon as possible.

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A Spanish Music Professor launches Kickstarter Campaign for A New Book of Music!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, This will be a Fun Book for Learning Percussion Instrument Cajon!

María del Mar González Luzón is a Spanish professor of percussion teaching at two music schools and she has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and support for her new music book. The objective of this project is to publish a fun book, which is easy to understand and learn how to play a percussion instrument called Cajon, which is just like a drum box. Moreover, the book will be published in English, German and Spanish languages in order to maximize its reach around the world.

“During my 20 years of experience being a professor of percussion, I have realized that students learn only when they have fun and this idea inspired me to write this book.” Said María del Mar González Luzón, while talking about the music book. According to the author and professor, many students fail to learn the language of music because it is complicated and to solve this problem, she has written this book in a form of a comic to make learning music more simple and fun.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can get this book by making generous pledges and donations. The goal of this project is to raise a sum of EUR 5000 and rewards for the pledges include the book itself in hard copy or eBook edition along with several other rewards including videos, play-along or the instrument of Cajon itself with worldwide shipping.

About This Project

This project is launched by a Spanish music professor and it is aimed at simplifying the learning of music. It is the most innovative method ever written for the drum box or Cajon, which is a popular musical instrument and the creator of this project has written this book in form of a comic to make it more fun. The project is currently seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and everyone is welcome to make contributions.

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