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Creative Neighborhood Set to Host Live Paint & Artist Showcase on April 6th, 2019

Creative Neighborhood Set to Host Live Paint & Artist Showcase on April 6th, 2019

Creative Neighborhood is proud to announce to the public their upcoming artist showcase that will be held on 6th of April 2019. The live paint and artist showcase is scheduled to go live at JackPotBar 4360 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. The door to the venue will be opened to all audience at 8 pm and the event starts at 9 pm. This entertaining event is hosted by Mike Robertson and will be fun and interesting because the renowned Dj Justus will be in charge of music for the day.  


The event is mainly organized with the sole aim of giving local upcoming artists a unique opportunity to showcase their skills, and also to assist them in moving their career to the next level. So, if you’re an artist that is looking for a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate your painting skills to the world or a recruiter that is in need of a platform to get the best paint artist in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, look no further because this event is your best choice.

In an effort to make the event affordable for everyone the entrance fee will be $10 AT DOOR while $5 DRINK WRISTBAND, furthermore  LYFT CODE: CREATIVE 01374, UBERCODE: n2ui

To ensure that the audience enjoys their time and at the same time to have a memorable experience, the event will be graced by many top artists that will be performing at the Creative Neighborhood’s live paint and artist showcase event. 


Stephanie Amon


Audrey Lyric

Irie Always


Jasmyne: Jasmyne is a talented artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her paintings inspire and evoke emotions through colors and abstract designs. The details in her work never go unnoticed. All she needs is a paintbrush and an empty canvas in order to create pieces that speak to the masses and captivates audiences. Jasmyne’s latest piece, “Rocky Heaven” is currently being displayed in art galleries around the world. Her style is reminiscent of the great Claude Monet and Michelangelo.

C. Slack: C. Slack is an entrepreneur/rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada. His music is direct, punchy and energetic, with a charismatic flow that reminds of the greats of the genre, including Kanye West, Logic, and Drake, just to name a few. He stands out for songs that are a great example of his uncommon lyrical prowess, as well as his ability to turn a beat into a massive explosion of heavy grooves and infectious melodies.

Vos: Vos is a rapper and producer who now operate out of Las Vegas. He is originally from Chicago IL but moved to Vegas after graduating from the university VCU in Richmond VA. While in University Vos not only developed his own style of music with the release of his 1st full-length album “The Melancholy Of Nevos Tyler” aka “MONT” he also hosted the radio show Secret Bonus Level which airs on WRIR 97.3fm. Vos just released an EP in October 2018 titled “The Fall Booster Pack” and is planning to continue releasing music for the foreseeable future.

Skooder: Skooder is an amazing artist. He just moved to Vegas from Compton a few months ago in pursuit of his dream to become successful.

Tiffanne LeMay: Tiffanne LeMay was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Her newest single “Ever Do”, is out on all streaming services, and she is set to release more incredible songs soon.

Daveon Collins: Daveon Collins hails from North Las Vegas, Nevada and is recognized by his stage name “D.SHOWW.” He is noted for his latest single, “The Beginning.” D.SHOWW graduated from Arizona State University where he has many accolades as a college track star. His passion for music stemmed from the many hardships he had growing up, as well as the struggle of finding himself after not being able to pursue a career as a pro athlete. Through the struggle and the turmoil he faced in accomplishing that dream, he redirected his focus on his passion for music. D. SHOWW is inspired by many rappers to include, Dave East, Mozzy, and Reason.

Oscar Cardona: Oscar Cardona is a musician from San Diego, California. He has been producing and distributing records for the last 7 years and has gained notable traction releasing records every 2 weeks.

Theo: Theo was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. He was adopted at the age of one and was very sheltered growing up. As he got older, his mother realized he had a speech impediment, so she made him read poetry and after that, the rest is history. In the past 10 years of his life, Theo has perfected his craft to a high standard. Every song he has released has been engineered by himself. Theo wants his music to be received as a relatable experience for those who might be going through the same things that he speaks about. Although he’s been creating for quite some time, he just started performing at Open Mic events and shows downtown and getting a slight buzz going in the city, about 2 months ago.

Reese Darko: Reese Darko is a modern day renaissance woman. She enjoys using many different forms of art to express herself, including, but not limited to, spoken word, writing, rapping, singing, jewelry design, metalwork, and more. Reese considers herself a poet above all else, breathing poetry into her life as a way to communicate the deepest parts of her soul. She is the creator of Saturday Snaps, a bi-weekly event platform that encourages people to discover and express who they truly are without fear of judgment or rejection.

Vic Smith: Vic Smith is a young man who fell in love with writing at the age of 12. Hailing from Saginaw, MI, a city 100 miles North of Motown (Detroit, MI), and now residing in Las Vegas, NV, Vic Smith is bringing that very culture to the desert while branding his own style of music influenced by such acts as Prince, Andre 3000, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Utada Hikaru, Big L, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and many more. Vic centers his music on powerful and soul touching atmospheres. He wants the listener to take a trip through his mind to feel what he feels and to understand his perspective on life’s journey; hoping to change minds and lives along the way.

Amara Cross: Amara Cross is a young event coordinator born and raised in Las Vegas. Fast city living and parties are what Amara knows best. With a creative eye and witty persona, her events are a clear projection of her attitude towards life. She lures together audiences of people leaving no dull moments at any of her events. Her attention to detail makes her stand out amongst others. With a passionate go-getter attitude, Amara is out to bring every event to life to turn daydreams into reality.

YoungKillaQ: YoungKillaQ was born in St. Paul Minnesota and raised in North. Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been making music since 2011 (His Junior Year of High School). His unorthodox style is a mix between Scarface and Tech N9ne. YoungKillaQ’s debut project: Diary of a Broke Nigga, will be dropped on March 24th, his 25th birthday.

Creative Neighborhood’s live paint and artist showcase promise to be a great event. It will give aspiring artists the chance to showcase their skills, make connections, find community, and change their lives positively.

About Creative Neighborhood

Creative Neighborhood is a group that holds a passion for talent. Based in Las Vegas, surrounded by the undiscovered, they want to create a home for those who deserve to be heard. From singers to painters, rappers and poets, Creative Neighborhood provides a platform for every talent to be seen. With the rapid and continuous growth of their city, Creative Neighborhood has made the decision that Vegas is the new hot spot. You can find local best and brightest soon to be stars at any of Creative Neighborhood’s events.

For more information, send an email to

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RE/MAX’s Melissa Adams Writes a Book to Help Homeowners Who Want to Sell By-Owner

Miami, FL - Mar 22, 2019 - Melissa Adams, one of RE/MAX’s top 1% of all Realtors has written a book titled: “19 Tips to Guarantee Success When Selling By-Owner”.  

The book is intended for any homeowner who wants to sell their house by-owner and would like to learn the proper way of navigating through the potential landmines of home selling. The book contains many interesting, practical topics such as how to sell one’s home for more money and sell it quicker. There are also chapters dedicated to the details that a homeowner should pay close attention to, high-end tactics for selling a house, why some FSBO’s sell and others don’t, and more. Melissa is a true professional Realtor, and in this book, she shares all the ins and outs to help her readers.

In addition to being an author, Melissa is a successful Realtor with RE/MAX as she recently achieved the RE/MAX Platinum Club Award for the third consecutive time. Members of the club are recognized as among the top 1% of Realtors in the country.  For the last eleven years, she has showcased her skills and experience as a Realtor by helping countless homeowners sell their home as well as individuals looking to purchase their ideal home.

Melissa’s recognition as a top Realtor in Florida is not only in evident in her membership in RE/MAX’s Platinum Club. Her Angie’s List and reviews also show an impressive account of her work over the course of her career. In fact, Melissa has been a recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award 8 years in a row. She holds more than 190 A+ reviews on Angie’s List and

Melissa is not just about business, in fact she has helped numerous homeowners avoid making poor buying and selling choices that would not be to their benefit at the detriment of her own personal business and she does so with a smile.  “I want to help as many homeowners as I can do what’s in their best interest, not mine,” she says.  Customers appreciate Melissa for her assistance and straight talk approach about their property and it’s evident as her customers refer her to their friends and family while they come back to her repeatedly for their own personal needs.

Melissa has already sold and assisted countless homeowners over the course of her career and she promises to continue helping clients to buy or sell with same courtesy, honesty and professionalism.

Melissa is a rare breed of Realtor who truly cares about the people who are her clients whether buying or selling.  Her clients recognize her as a true professional in every sense.

Her primary focus areas are Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Pinecrest, Greater Miami, and select South Florida areas.

About Melissa Adams:

Melissa Adams is a South Florida real estate expert, a RE/MAX Realtor, and author of the book “19 Tips to Guarantee Success When Selling By-Owner” dedicated to helping home sellers succeed. She is recognized as one of the top 1% of Realtors throughout the country specializing in Miami and select South Florida areas.

For more information, please visit For inquiries, please call (786) 565-6635 or send an email to

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Let's Play Two, Inc. launches crowdfunding campaign to build California's Finest Cannabis Facilities

Let's Play Two, Inc. launches crowdfunding campaign to build California's Finest Cannabis Facilities

Let's Play Two, Inc. is a California based Female Minority-owned business startup in the Cannabis industry. The company has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $350,000 for developing and growing their two Micro facilities in California. The funds will help this innovative company grow their businesses and increase their market share so they can dive into multiple derivative product categories.

At present, Let's Play Two, Inc. is applying for Micro Cannabis Licenses for their two, high technology 10,000 square-foot facilities in Los Angeles, CA. It will lease both facilities in approved real estate zone with an option to purchase the properties. Liz Banks CEO has been an advocate for the legalization of Cannabis for many years. Her VP Jamie Hale is a successful pioneer in the Cannabis Industry and the 3rd Women to own & operate a California legal dispensary.

The legalization of Cannabis in California has opened doors for local businesses to grow in Adult Retail customers, deal in and create medicinal/derivative products like edibles, drinks, lotions, pills or capsules, tinctures, oils, pens, vapes, sprays, transdermal patches for pain, cannabutter, chewing gum, THC bath soaks, all using Cannabis. Medical Studies from around the world stating the effectiveness of Cannabis in treating many ailments have further fostered businesses to show their interest in Cannabis production and technology. Make way for Let's Play Two, Inc., California's Finest Cannabis. Together we're taking Los Angeles by storm, creating two state of the art facilities backed by expert qualified staff and the latest technology.

Be a part of our successful fundraising campaign today, go to

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Experienced web and application development professional, Aaron Grainger, announces the launch of his web development company

Aaron Grainger an expert web developer has launched a full-service web development company that is focused on helping businesses of all sizes and industries reach their target audience effectively by improving their online presence. The primary aim of the company is to help businesses, private brands and clients to achieve an online presence that will lead to an improvement in their sales without having to break the bank.

The internet has been described by some as the blood and soul of any business that is looking to survive and remain competitive in the 21st-century business environment. This is due to the increasing accessibility to the internet by millions of users across the glove with the emergence of smart mobile devices.

Businesses are consequently taking advantage of the massive traffic on the internet to reach their customers. Unfortunately, several businesses are yet to harness the amazing features and benefits of the internet due to several reasons, one of which is the difficulty in getting quality yet affordable web development services. This is where Aaron Grainger and his team of experts are looking to change the narrative, and this is by ensuring that every business has a formidable online presence starting from having a captivating, professionally-designed and search engine optimized (SEO) website.

Aaron Grainger is putting his skills and wealth of knowledge and experience to work by helping business owners of any size to create websites that stand out in the industry while helping them to effectively reach their target audience. The experienced web developer also helps to rebuild old websites, giving them the professional touch to make it a sales generating asset to the company.

Using the latest in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, and a host of others, Aaron Grainger aims to bring the dreams of every business owner to life. Aaron Grainger also offers website optimization services to help put website of businesses on the first page of big search engines like Google, Bing and the likes.

More information about Freelance Web Developer Aaron Grainger and the web development solutions offered can be found on the website.

About Aaron Grainger

Aaron Grainger is an experienced Freelance Web Developer that is poised with helping small and large businesses build a formidable web presence by helping them develop new websites or even rebuilding their current websites.

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G & R Plumbing Launches Residential And Commercial Remodeling Services In Cincinnati, OH

G & R Plumbing Launches Residential And Commercial Remodeling Services In Cincinnati, OH
G & R Plumbing, Inc. has formally launched remodeling and renovation services on its website. The services will be available to all its residential and commercial plumbing clients in Cincinnati, OH.

Cincinnati, OHIO - G & R Plumbing, Inc. has introduced residential and commercial remodeling and renovation services in all its services areas in Southern Ohio. The company will be specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and office remodels in Cincinnati and beyond.

G & R Plumbing, Inc. has added a Remodeling Services section on its website. The company has finally launched its remodeling and renovation services formally on its website. G & R Plumbing will be handling both residential and commercial remodels in all its service areas in Southern Ohio.

Now that G & R’s remodeling services in Cincinnati have been formally launched on its website, the company's remodeling services are split into three main sections, namely bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, and commercial remodels. According to its website, the company has already performed countless remodels over its course of 37 years in operation.

Under its bathroom remodeling and renovation services, G & R Plumbing will be handling full projects including floor and wall changes, fixture and appliance upgrades, and the actual bathroom construction. The company has also announced kitchen remodeling and renovation services for all its residential and commercial clients in Southern Ohio. G & R Plumbing will handle kitchen remodels from scratch. It will offer great floor and wall ideas, help with kitchen fixture and appliance upgrades, and help with gas line and gas appliance reconnections after the remodel. Finally, G & R Plumbing will also be providing specialized commercial remodeling and renovation services in Cincinnati, OH. Its commercial remodeling services will cover commercial bathroom and kitchen remodels and office remodels.

The company can also be found at

About Us

G & R Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed and bonded plumbing company serving residential and commercial clients in Southern Ohio. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, but its services extend to the neighboring cities and localities. G & R Plumbing offers many plumbing services in addition to the aforementioned remodeling and renovation services. The company's highly trained and experienced plumbers also handle drain cleaning, sewer line repairs, leak detection and repairs, water softening, plumbing maintenance, and gas plumbing. G & R Plumbing provides high quality plumbing services at affordable rates to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The company's plumbing technicians have over 100 years of plumbing experience between them.

Reviews can be found at

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Dublin CPA Mary Beth Koester Earns Certified Exit Planning Advisor Designation

Dublin CPA Mary Beth Koester Earns Certified Exit Planning Advisor Designation
Rea & Associates has announced that its director of business valuation and transaction advisory services, Mary Beth Koester, has earned her Certified Exit Planning Advisor designation. Koester earned this designation after completing the Exit Planning Institute's four-day executive MBA-style program.

Dublin, OH - March 22, 2019 - Rea & Associates recently announced that Mary Beth Koester, the company’s director of business valuation and transaction advisory services, has recently completed the Exit Planning Institute’s MBA-style program. By completing this program, Ms. Koester has earned her Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation. Rea & Associates shared that the program was developed by nationally recognized experts in the field of exit planning and was designed to give participants the resources, experience, and strategic tools needed to assist themselves and their clients throughout their careers.

Rea & Associates provided some background information about Koester, who works in the firm’s Dublin, OH office. According to the company, Koester earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting and international business, with a minor in French, from Cleveland State University. She began her career with Rea & Associates in 2016, and has been instrumental in numerous valuation projects for business planning purposes, sales, gifting, and partnership transitions.

As the director of Rea’s business valuation services in Dublin, Koester is responsible for performing valuations for business planning purposes, gifting and partnership transitions, and sales. She currently focuses on the professional services and medical practices sectors, and offers insights into how business owners can increase the value of their business.

Rea & Associates shared that Koester has earned several other major designations and awards, including the Certified Valuation Analyst designation (2017) and the 40 Under Forty Award, which was presented to her by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) in June of 2018. Rea & Associates stated that the CEPA designation marks another career milestone for Koester. Further details about Koester can be found at

Rea & Associates closed its announcement by providing some company information. Rea & Associates stated that it was founded during the Great Depression, and has been serving Ohioans for over 80 years. The company provides financial planning, as well as business consulting, services throughout Ohio. Rea & Associates stated that it has grown quite rapidly in recent years, and now boasts over three hundred employees. The company shared that it has always been committed to giving back, and has actively supported charities throughout Ohio. 

Reviews can be found at

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Express Your Meditation Exercises with Pack of 36 Amazing 3d Golden Stickers for iMessage proudly announce the launching of their most beautiful emojis and stickers to the public. Each pmojis and stickers to the public. Each pose was hand drawn to achieve the most realistic and accurate image possible. If you are looking for cool golden stickers for iMessage chat, then look no further. “3D Exercise Yoga Golden Stickers” App lets you use 3D style yoga exercise stickers. It’s a pack of more than 30 amazing stickers of a golden fitness girl. Various yoga exercises pose to share with friends and family. Share wellness and fitness message in your social circle.

Your friends will laugh out loud and be amazed when you send them “3D Exercise Yoga Golden Stickers”. Liven up your messaging, show your love of yoga, and communicate expressively with this perfect emoji app!. They will be adding poses and yoga packs regularly. The set of stickers contain various yoga poses performed by a golden girl doing meditation on a yoga matt. Contains 3d poses for your favorite yoga positions. “3D Exercise Yoga Golden Stickers” app is a sticker extension app for iMessage. Users can add these new cool 3D golden yoga stickers in their stickers section easily.

“We know your love for stickers. As a fitness enthusiast and meditation practitioner, you should try out this amazing Yoga sticker App. Experience the chat in a new way and express your emotions better in fitness, wellness, and yoga discussions” said the spokesperson of exerciseyogagold while, talking about the app.

“It’s time to up your texting game with relevant stickers in your stock all the time. Brag about your fitness routine by sharing cool yoga gold 3d pose stickers in the chat. Inspire others to meditate and exercise like yoga can nourish your mind, body, and soul” he added custom and exclusive yoga emoji’s are the best way to show off your unique personality along with the perfect message to express your emotions for any situation or occasion.

Don’t wait up; Try all-new yoga stickers in your next chat. Download the app NOW!

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Tech entrepreneur Jared DaSilva (@Jayalxndr) has risen quickly to the top of the Miami technology scene. Having successfully published over 36 mobile apps on the AppStore in under 16 months, DaSilva is paving the way for the future of tech in South Florida.

Brazilian born and Florida raised, has worked nonstop to build NXTLVL; graduating from Florida State’s finance program and working on Wall Street to being homeless and couch surfing in Silicon Valley. By compiling all that he learned in his west coast travels, DaSilva saw the market opportunity in Miami and founded NXTLVL TECH (

What exactly is NXTLVL’s mission statement?

Jared DaSilva: NXTLVL’s mission statement has always been to “Create The Future.” Every business can benefit through the use of mobile technology, whether it’s creating the next big idea, innovating the on-demand economy or streamlining any business model to increase efficiency, we have a solution for any and all businesses or entrepreneurs. We are a creative digital agency passionate about mobile technology and a band of visionaries on a mission to continue building a global tech empire.

What can NXTLVL do for companies and entrepreneurs looking to take their vision and infrastructure mobile?

JD: We take a lot of pride on bringing entrepreneurs and business owners ideas to reality in a matter of weeks from each stage of the app development process. Our primary focus in the initial stage is to focus on building an app based around a brand. Branding is the most vital part to the success of any app. The second thing we look for is ” does this app have a business model that can sustain the rapid advancement of technology and the cut throat app world in general.” We have a saying here at NXTLVL that “ 1 month in the tech world, is equivalent to 1 year in the real world” … and this couldn’t be more true! Technology moves very fast, so as an agency we must make sure all our projects are built to scale from the ground up, and can sustain any curve balls thrown at us over its course.

Can you share any exciting projects NXTLVL has in the works?

JD: Our current project we are spending a lot of time on is called Spotless. Think Uber for Maids, but with a an easy to use rewards system to earn free cleanings by sharing and booking through the app.  Book your appointment, set your date and a time, and a professional Spotless cleaner will come to your home to make your place Spotless!

What is your backstory? Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

JD:  In 2014 I created the first dating app for Instagram out of a coffee shop in South Florida. The name of the app was called Mingyl. This was a dating app that had an algorithm that connected people based off common interests through the risingly popular social media app Instagram. I knew that if I wanted to one day become a tech mogul like my idols Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs, that I had no choice but to leave everything behind and move to Silicon Valley.

After quitting my full-time job, I brought nothing but my macbook, business plan and a duffle bag with me on the plane aross the country. I spent a year and a half couch surfing from friend to friend in Silicon Valley picking up the tricks of the trade and learning as much as possible along the way. It was crazy to be surrounded by the largest companies in the world. I was literally 5–10 minutes from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. Those experiences in the valley changed my life forever.

For many people with zero to low coding experience, breaking into the app and mobile industry feels impossible, even if they have great ideas. Any suggestions?

JD: I always recommend UDemy courses to my coders and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Their online courses really break down the entire app development process step by step for anyone who wants to learn how to build apps.

What do the next five years look like for NXTLVL? Any thoughts on the future of the technology industry?

JD: At the time of this article we currently have 36 apps published on the iOS Appstore (search: NXTLVL for our developer profile). We are projected to have 60-70 apps developed under the NXTLVL brand by 2020. I would suggest anyone who wants long-term success to at least have some sort of technical, design or programming skillsets so they remain relevant over the next five years. We are also working on some AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) apps that we will be working on throughout 2019 and beyond. At NXTLVL we are working hard to create the future and I believe that we will one day become one of the largest tech companies in the world.

For more information about NXTLVL TECH, visit their website here. You can follow them Instagram (@NXTLVL.TECH). You can also follow Jared DaSilva on Instagram (@JayAlxndr)

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Marshall Goldman, Mecca for the Motor Head

For most kids, visiting Disney World is the equivalent of discovering heaven on Earth, it’s the place, “Where Dreams Come True,” after all. The atmosphere surrounding the Magic Kingdom draws kids, both young and old, like moths to lamps. For automotive enthusiast “moths” however, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales is effectively a lighthouse.

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales is a foster home to over 250 exotic and collectible cars. Over the past 41 years, Marshall Goldman, his son Harlan, and the talented sales staff have built an empire that dominates the exotic, luxury, and collector car realms. Seriously, being here provides a serious dosage of sensory overload. The instant you walk through the door, you are bathed in a sea of automotive candy. Three buildings, multiple rooms, and cars packed so tightly a sheet of paper must suck in its beltline; yes, this is heaven.

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales opened its doors in 1978 situated just blocks away from its current location on Miles Road in Warrensville Heights. After years in the retail business and a short stint as a fireman, Marshall Goldman (the man) decided to fulfill his lifelong passion for high-end cars by purchasing and selling a single car and growing the business through his skills as a retailer. Cars have always been a thing for the Goldman family, and son Harlan followed suit joining the family business. As a result, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales has grown from a humble, single car dealership to the largest retailer of preowned exotics in the United States. Nothing here is on consignment. As you pass through, you are basically scything through a multi-million-dollar museum where all of the exhibits are for sale.

Keen investors who visit the dealership note exactly what is on the floor. Much like when Warren Buffet sneezes, investors take careful notice of exactly what sort of cars are coming into the inventory at Marshall Goldman. For instance, just before the BMW Z8 market exploded, 8 Z8s of varying trim (both standard and Alpina variants) appeared in the showroom. Just a couple of months later, the entire market had risen to record heights for what is admittedly a very collectible BMW. The brain trust at Marshall Goldman always has its eye on the horizon for the next big thing, and the wise always take notice.

While the main attractions are the über expensive Supercar Row in the front window, there is something for every automotive proclivity. Muscle cars, daily drivers, luxury cars; the rainbow of automotive flavors is diverse and very well curated. Currently, there are 41 cars at or below the $60k price point ( such as an Alfa Romeo 4C, a 1968 Camaro SS, and even a 2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible. That’s quite an eclectic group of cars for less than a price of a base Audi A6.

Although Marshall Goldman has some cars at more affordable price points than you might expect, they specialize in finding the absolute best examples of the best cars ever made. A Porsche Carrera GT here, a one-off Ferrari 599 SA Aperta there, LeBron James’ Rolls Royce Ghost casually tucked in the corner; these are the types of cars that frequent the premises. Frankly, it is easy to be overwhelmed seeing it all at once. Fear not though, you can head to their website (hyperlink to site here - to take in all the inventory, one savory piece at a time.

Cleveland is not an exotic travel destination for most people. However, for every exotic car lover, this place is a must stop location on your travel list. Indulge your inner child, bring your checkbook, and pack your bags to visit the dealership where dreams really do come true.

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Morocco Film Production Launches Their First Props House Based In New York

In exciting news, the leading film production services company in Morocco just launched their first props house in New York. The newly launched New York-based sister company of Morocco Film Production will be offering a wide variety of authentic Moroccan Props Rental, Moroccan furniture rental, Moroccan theme party rental that has been sourced from Morocco specifically for the US market.

Morocco has been the perfect destination for all kinds of movie projects due to its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and stunning architecture. Timeless classics like Casablanca and the Gladiator were shot in different locations around Marrakesh. Morocco Film Production has been helping local and foreign filmmakers with their comprehensive and wide range of services, which include scouting locations, production management, supplying props and costumes and production coordination.

In 2018, the company took a huge decision to establish a sister company in the US, whose first office is located in New York with the aim of providing authentic Moroccan Props Rental, Moroccan furniture rental, Moroccan theme party rental services. The art, culture, and beauty of Morocco are highly admired in the US, and it also has the largest film industry in the world. This strategic move by Morocco Film Production will open doors to new and bigger collaborative opportunities.

Morocco Film Production spokesperson said, “It has been a long time since we have been receiving requests for providing authentic Moroccan props and furniture to filmmakers. Although, we did accommodate the request of several filmmakers; however, it was neither feasible for the filmmakers, especially the ones with a small budget nor it was feasible for us. Therefore, after months of planning, we have finally launched our first Moroccan Props Rental house in New York, and we are very excited to work with our US filmmakers’ community”.

Due to the easy accessibility from western countries and the availability of a range of locations that were perfect for shooting films, filmmakers all over the world have gone to Morocco to shoot their dream projects. Now Morocco Film Production is planning to take authentic Moroccan Props including Moroccan furniture and Moroccan costumes to different locations in the world starting with their first sister office in the US.


Morocco Film Production is the premier company offering a comprehensive list of film production solutions in Morocco. The company is a full film production company that specializes in locations scout, locations management, production management and coordination in Morocco.

For more information, please visit

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