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Madison, WI - May 29, 2017 - One concern that many people have when driving is that they struggle to enjoy comfortable sunglasses that actually block out the sun and make it easier for people to see while driving. The PIX Shades website is currently offering a special deal where any person can get a free pair of polarized driving sunglasses.

PIX Shades sells a number of designer sunglasses and accessories for all sorts of people. It offers such products for men, women, and kids.

The site is operated by MadisonClick, Inc., and The site was formed by Tony Herman, a ski instructor who started the site to offer great sunglasses for people with many particular needs for such products in a variety of situations.

The products are diverse and include items for all needs. These include driving sunglasses, clip-ons for traditional eyewear plus ski and snow products. Aviator-style sunglasses are among the products available for sale as well. The selection of goods for sale is regularly updated with many items in mind for all the needs people have.

The driving sunglasses are especially popular for being fully polarized. This helps to keep light under control while also creating a strong shield around the lenses. This creates a better amount of coverage that ensures a person will not be at risk of bearing with an overly aggressive glare on one’s sunglasses while using them.

Lenses are also available in a number of colors and designs. People can find lenses in colors like orange, gray and purple-gray among other choices. The options will vary based on the particular product one is looking for. The frames for sale are also available in many styles to create some attractive looks for one to wear.

The driving sunglasses being offered on the website can be found at This offer is good for up to ten of these sunglasses per household. Also, while the product is free, a shipping and handling charge of $4.95 will still apply on each pair. Customers are encouraged to check out the site as soon as possible as quantities for these free driving sunglasses are limited.

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Website: Offers Reviews Of Season’s Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet. is a one of its kind review website that serves the needs of people with flat feet looking for running shoes that are especially developed for them. there is a variety of sports shoes for flat fleet from some of the world’s leading sports shoe and apparell brands, whoever it is tough to find this specific types of shoes. Although, the range may not be range be large but TopRunningShoesForFlatFeet is dedicated to testing, reviewing and identifying the best running shoes for flat footed people

Selecting an appropriate shoe for any sports activity is an essential part because a major impact on performance and safety, specially running.  The wrong type of sport can lead to an injury, which can be prevented through the selection of an appropriate type of sport shoe. Over the past few years, sport shoes and apparel brands are have strated to branch out to include different types of running shoes that cater to the different needs of their buyers. For instance, running shoes that are made especially for people with flat feet have a ceratin changes in design and shock absorbers built into them which ensures that the runner’s legs and feet are supported and protected, furthermore flat footed shoes suitable for running, jogging and walking are also different and are unfortunatly pretty hard to find.

The web store spokesperson said: “Flat feet are not uncommon, tt is estimated that over 60 million Americans have problems finding the best running shoes for theri flat feet. It is imporatnt to understand why flat footed people require a different type of running shoe, flat feet can affect your posture, and it also makes it hard to find the right shoes. Through some hardwork and preserverance, we have been able to find the best walking and running shoes and review them. We have identified a selection of shoes that we have tested, and have found all of them to be extremely comfortable and durable. Furthermore, they are constructed to provide stability for the arch and the heel.”

The team at Top running Shoes for Flat Feet have searched through the brand for shoes from large well known brands as well as lesser known yet devoted brands to find out the right running shoes for flat feet that offer the right combination of comfort, design, durability and style.


Top Running Shoes For Flat Feet niche blog focusing on running shoes for flat feet from sports shoes brands around the world. 

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Mason, OH, USA - May 29, 2017 - Indian Gifts Gallery has announced that it is providing a full spectrum of unique gifts for everyone on every occasion. The online gift portal is created for all those Indians who are away from their loved ones and want to show their appreciation, love, and affection to their families and friends. For all the NRI’s who want to send gifts to India from USA or elsewhere in the world, the Ohio-based American company is the perfect solution.

“At Indian Gifts Gallery, we’re committed to our customers we serve and also in assisting them choosing the best gifts.” Said the spokesperson of Indian Gifts Gallery. “We also take pride in our work as a good community partner within the cities where we live and work.” He added. The portal is associated with more than 450 cities all across India. Moreover, the company has a local network of florist and bakeries in India to make sure that each petal and sweet Indian delight is fresh and high in quality.

For everyone who wants to send gifts to India, the gallery gives a bundle of options. NRI’s can easily send a birthday gift to India and they can send anniversary gift to India to their beloved wives. Moreover, the gallery also enables them to send online cake and flower delivery in India. These gifts include flowers, cake, chocolate and sweets and each item is delivered to the doorstep.

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May 29, 2017 - has announced that it will soon launch institutional financing marketplace built over crypto currency. The company is introducing a new marketplace with the Innovative and instant Settlement Mechanism that aims to deliver enterprise grade blockchain platform that can be used by institutions and Governments to find new ways for solving old and traditional problems for the global trade and financing industry. This new marketplace is aimed at real world integration of smart-contracts between buyers, sellers and financiers while offering instant cross border payments and settlements using its native token XDC (Xchange Infinite Development Contract).

“We want to bring the benefits of this futuristic currency to the real world institutions, projects and transactions.” Said Alex Mathbeck, the Head of Marketing at “We are building this futuristic network for institutions seeking global or local procurements for their projects, and also for suppliers who have proven products but are not so well known and financiers.” He added.

The marketplace created by Xinfin will use the power of blockchain for four main purposes. The first purpose is going to be an instant cross border settlement mechanism through its native token XDC. Initially there will be no transaction or settlement fees to supplier or for institution which makes it more business friendly for both the parties. In addition, another purpose is to map smart-contracts to real world contracts. Moreover, the blockchain will also use XDC to incentivize financiers to fund viable projects with low buyer and seller ratings. The Quickest transaction time to get real world use-case for bank and financial institution. Furthermore, it will be used to build an equity exchange over XDC for projects that want to raise capital.

About Xinfin

XINFIN foundation is a non-profit that liaises with the Governments of the world to help bridge the infrastructure deficit. The foundation is building a strong team of over 100 financiers, blockchain programmers, functional experts and business development personnel all over the world and all the team bios will be available at the time of marketplace launch. The project has opened its pre-ICO token offerings in limited numbers for its early backers.

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JW Realty Partners has Been Named the Preferred Real Estate Company of the Texas Airhogs Professional Baseball Team for the 2017 Season

JW Realty Partners

Texas, USA - JW Realty Partners has been named the Preferred Real Estate Company of the Texas Airhogs Professional Baseball Team. This came after the realty company had helped Texas Airhogs to secure an apartment for their 2017 league season.

A  former Airhog himself, Founder and Managing Partner Julian Williams states, “It’s great to be able to assist an Organization that I used to play for. These players come from all over the World as they showcase their ability to join a Major League Baseball roster and the last thing they need to worry about is where they are going to sleep. Working with Vice President and General Manager, JT Onyett and Community Outreach Manager, Lauren Mannion, JW Realty Partners was able to successfully negotiate and assist in procuring housing arrangements for the Airhogs players just in time for the 2017 Season.

“Our mission at JW Realty Partners is to create a dynamic, innovative real estate company.  An outside the box brokerage that works to provide a concierge customer service experience. Our industry knowledge along with uncanny ability to assist in the procurement, negotiating, and complex navigation of Residential and Real Estate transactions puts us in a category of our own. We have built strong strategic partnerships with like-minded professionals to help streamline the real estate process,” states, Julian Williams.

About JW Realty Partners

JW realty partners is a dynamic and innovative real estate company whose main mission is to create an outside the box brokerage that works that works to provide a concierge customer service and experience.

About Texas Airhogs

The Texas AirHogs are a professional baseball team based in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the United States. The AirHogs are a member of the South Division of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. Beginning in the 2008 season as the Grand Prairie AirHogs, the team plays their home games at AirHogs Stadium.

Contact JW Realtors

For more information, please contact

Or visit our website at

Telephone: (800) 918-4860

Or visit our office at 1303, West walnut Hill Ln, Suite #301 Irving, Texas

Contact Airhogs: or call 972-521-6730

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Osa Cargo is Now Successfully Operating Its Cargo Services Between Estonia & Netherlands

The leading European transport company now proudly covers 25 countries across the continent

Riga, Latvia - May 29, 2017 - OsaCargo, one of the leading transport and logistics companies of Europe has announced that its transport operations between Netherlands and Estonia are being carried out more than three times a week. The company guarantees 100% satisfaction and has delivered more than 1800 loaded trucks between the two countries so far.  Moreover, the Latvia based European Transport and Logistics Company has expanded its language options to offer road transportation services in Western Europe.

“We have been hard at work in expanding the list of countries that we work with through our ever expanding language options and logistics network.” said Oskars Lusis of the OsaCargo while talking about the expansion of operations. “We now deliver products nearly anywhere in Europe with our large team and extensive network.” he added. The company offers unbeatable prices and delivers nearly everywhere in Europe. In addition, the popular routes include Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Norway.

Regardless of the package size, the company is known for delivering throughout Scandinavia and pretty much everywhere in Europe from a small care package to a fully loaded truck of products. Moreover, the staff is familiar with more than 25 different countries covered in Europe from North to South and the customers are always satisfied with the services. Furthermore, this utmost satisfaction of the customers and large scale clients is reflected by their testimonials and phenomenal feedback.

Besides the countries mentioned above, the logistics and transportation company also covers Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and even Greece. The website offers complete details of the routes, countries, and transportation options available for those countries. Furthermore, the new route between Estonia and Netherlands has enabled the company to reach out to an overwhelmingly increasing number of customers in these countries and has also enabled it to establish a network that covers all parts of Europe.

For more information regarding the new route between Estonia and Netherlands, please visit:

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Vikki Walton Announces Her New Book: ‘Work Quilting.'

Work Quilting—a #1 Best Seller in Vocational Guidance, inspires and advises people in how to Live an Insanely Awesome Life!

May 29, 2017 - Award-winning author Vikki Walton announces the release of her new book titled: Work Quilting: Piecing Together Diverse Income Streams; Live an Insanely Awesome Life. Having only one source of income is restraining and stressful.  Diverse income streams provide a sense of security in an ever-changing world.

“People tell me all the time that they want to pursue another life path but they don’t know how. Happily, I’m here to help." says Vikki Walton. Work Quilting helps you live a passionate purposeful life where you’re the boss. The book makes a great gift for students (or anyone) who hasn’t settled on a career or life path.

Work Quilting supplies instructive tools to help you move forward. These tools help craft your work around your myriad interests and skills with quick, easily actionable steps. Most of all, it supplies motivation to turn dreams into achievable goals.

Work is changing at a rapid pace. Technology is eliminating or replacing many standard jobs. It’s also created opportunities to work from anywhere. People now have the audacity to want to live life on their own terms! It takes courage to break from the traditional career paradigm. Yet, there’s no better time to craft a life of freedom, flexibility, financial security and fun!

Vikki Walton has helped individuals launch writing careers, start businesses, take dream trips, and pursue passions.  She loves helping people get what they really want out of life. Vikki advises, “Take that first step. It’s the hardest one.”

Work Quilting is available for purchase on Amazon.

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