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Evesham residents benefit from storage and removals expertise from Advanced Removals & Storage

Advanced Removals & Storage is well-known in many areas around Gloucester, Swindon, Bristol, and Worcester, and this locally-based company has been of significant help to residents in many communities such as Evesham as well. Today, Evesham residents can take full advantage of Advanced Removals & Storage's expertise in removals and self-storage, as well as man and van services.

UNITED KINGDOM - Moves can be challenging for anyone, regardless if it's a simple residential move or a more complex office move. Planning a seamless and well-organised move entails a lot of effort and time, and it involves the proper packing of items and materials and the adequate and safe transport of these same items and materials as well. Fortunately, however, companies like Advanced Removals & Storage exist to make moves less stressful and a lot more organised.

Advanced Removals & Storage has helped numerous customers go through an efficient and effective move, and its clients come from all over Bristol, Gloucester, Worcester, Swindon, and the surrounding areas. Today, residents of the town of Evesham can also take advantage of Advanced Removals & Storage’s personalised yet professional service. Advanced Removals & Storage describes its removals service in more detail: “All our customer services and removals staff are fully trained, professional and, perhaps most important of all, eager to help. Someone is always there, whether on the removal day itself or in the weeks beforehand, to help with any last-minute problems that may arise and to make your move stress-free.”

Evesham businesses and residents will also be happy to know that Advanced Removals & Storage additionally specialises in storage solutions, where customers can store additional items in the company's self-storage facility – a completely modern warehouse which has CCTV, perimeter fencing, and other elements which enhance security, and which is temperature-controlled as well.

But apart from removals and self-storage services, Advanced Removals & Storage also offers man and van services for the residents and business owners of Evesham who need to move but do not require a big lorry or truck. The man and van service is perfect for smaller moves and moves which don't involve too many big or bulky items, and Advanced Removals & Storage's man with a van will make sure that everything is appropriately organised, loaded, transported, and unloaded on the day of the move.

About the company:

Advanced Removals & Storage operates in different areas, including Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester, and Worcester. It has helped numerous businesses and residents with different kinds of moves as well as self-storage services. For those who are interested in Evesham removals services, visit the company website.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Advanced Removals & Storage offers free quotes for man and van service in Cheltenham

The services of a man with a van can prove invaluable to anyone who would like to have a move that's easy and stress-free. And now, anyone who wants to get a quote for a man with a van can quickly do so with Advanced Removals & Storage's free quote service.

UNITED KINGDOM - Advanced Removals & Storage has existed for over 30 years, and it is known for its efficiency, professionalism, the friendliness and expertise of its staff, its affordability, and more. The company, which has grown through its many years of operations, is still a family-run enterprise, which allows it to give customers a service that is truly personalised.

Advanced Removals & Storage also knows and understands how stressful it can be to plan a move. And with this knowledge, it has helped numerous families, and business owners get the stress- and hassle-free move they deserve. And now, for those who are interested in a man and van service, Advanced Removals & Storage offers a distinctly unique and excellent service as well.

Advanced Removals & Storage states, “If you’re living in Cheltenham, doing business in Cheltenham, or studying in Cheltenham, we have the service that’s right for you. You have a choice: do you want to go through the hassle of hiring a van, or do you want to ease your worries with a complete man and van service? You decide.”

The man with a van service offered by Advanced Removals & Storage takes care of basically everything that has to do with a move – from the loading to the unloading and more. With this kind of service, customers don’t have to worry about damaging the van if they drive it themselves and they don’t have to worry about fuel for the vehicle as well as making sure the vehicle is returned to the depot once they finish with their move.

And now, interested customers can quickly ask for a free quote through the Advanced Removals & Storage website as well. When customers click on the ‘get your free quote now' icon, they will see a form which they can fill in with their name, phone number, email address, and message. All they then have to do is submit the form and then wait for their free quote. The services offered by Advanced Removals & Storage are all designed to make a move much more hassle-free, as everyone deserves a well-structured, organised, and efficient move.

About the company:

Advanced Removals & Storage has already established itself as a premier, trusted company in removals, self-storage, and man and van services in Cheltenham and other nearby areas. For those looking for an affordable man with a van in Cheltenham, visit Advanced Removals & Storage.  

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Advanced Removals & Storage now offers an affordable and professional man with van service

Advanced Removals & Storage is known for providing excellent removals services for Cheltenham residents and residents of nearby areas. But the services offered by Advanced Removals & Storage now extend past the usual removals service and now include a man with a van service as well.

UNITED KINGDOM - Man with a van services have become quite popular in recent times, especially for those who are moving with just a few essential items or who don't have the budget to arrange for a more extensive moving service. While many people opt for a van hire service for their moves, this isn't often enough, hence the increasing popularity of a man with a van service.

Compared to a simple van hire, a man with a van service provides customers not just with the van or vehicle, but with a professional and experienced driver and mover as well. The man can help customers load their belongings into the van as well as unload their belongings when they reach their destination. A man with a van service is undoubtedly more convenient than a mere van hire service since customers get the advantage of a professional worker who is ready to help them with their move.

Also, with a man with a van service, customers no longer have to worry about bringing the van back to the depot once they finish with their move – the driver of the van will bring it back to the depot himself. Furthermore, unlike a van hire where customers are expected to fill the van with fuel, a man with a van service doesn't come with this extra responsibility. In other words, the service provider carefully and efficiently arranges everything, and the man will show up with the van at the appointed time and leave after moving everything.

All this is confirmed by Advanced Removals & Storage, which now offers one of the most efficient man and van services around. Advanced Removals & Storage attests that its man and van service relieves customers from worrying about hiring a vehicle during a move - with its service, customers don't have to think about vehicle damage, fuel for the van, or dropping the van off back at the depot when moving day ends.

About the company:

Advanced Removals & Storage is one of the most well-known companies in Cheltenham and other surrounding areas. The company has existed for more than three decades, and it has proven its expertise and commitment throughout the years. For those who want more information on a man with van in Cheltenham service, visit the company’s website.

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EcoCrops Commissions Independent Report Into Its Estonian Bio-Mass Project

EcoCrops International has recently commissioned a report on their Estonian Biomass Forestry project to be done by an American company ´Transparency Market Research´ who are a well know and highly reputable company that produce independent reports in a wide range of different market sectors.

EcoCrops International fist contacted Transparency Market Research, an independent third party, to write a report to establish with certainty the viability of its investment in Estonia and to provide potential investors with the same confidence that EcoCrops has to continue their investments into their Estonian Project.

The report identifies key areas such as project location, wood pellet prices, strengths and of course weaknesses and risks within the project.

James Grainer, a spokesperson from EcoCrops International has said that they are delighted with the findings from the report and has highlighted that investors will see that the projections on the independent report are actually higher than that of the company’s initial projections. He then further stated that the commissioning of the report is a positive move to increase transparency and investor confidence.

If you wish to receive a copy of EcoCrops Internationals report then you can do so by contacting them directly by either email, info@ecocropsinternational.com, or by telephone on +34 932 201 207.

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The Rise of Corporate Housing in St Louis Missouri

In recent years, the popularity of corporate housing has increased significantly. As the country’s workforce and society as a whole increasingly develops around technology and mobility, short-term housing has become not only desirable but necessary. St. Louis Corporate Housing has contributed to this trend by offering affordable, comfortable corporate housing for the St. Louis area.

Corporate Housing’s Increasing Popularity

In 2017, the national number of corporate rentals rose 6.5% to over 71,000. Workers in technology-based jobs generate the highest demand for corporate and other short-term housing. While temporary accommodations for business purposes is still the top reason for utilizing corporate housing, other demographics are also jumping aboard as they discover fully-furnished, temporary apartments at an affordable price.

A Better Alternative to Extended Hotel Stays

As demands for work-related travel increase due to our global economy, extended stay hotels have also seen a fair amount of growth. However, corporate housing is considered by many to be the top choice. Relocation and training are cited as the top two reasons for the use of corporate housing, at 54% of the market. Corporate housing can provide all the perks of home instead of the stuffiness of hotels, at a less expensive price. St. Louis Corporate Housing and other similar companies have pricing that is all-inclusive, unlike hotels that charge items separately, resulting in surprises on the final bill.

Feel At Home, Without the Hassle 

By 2020, it is expected that adults ages 21-30 will make up a large number of corporate employees. As part of the millennial generation, many of these people function as non-traditional tenants. Some don’t want all of the obligations that go along with apartment or condo living, especially if they’re frequently traveling. Corporate housing, such as St. Louis Corporate Housing, provides the benefits of apartment living without the drawbacks. The rooms are usually fully furnished, include all needed appliances, and responsibilities are minimal.  The tenant can make their own meals, claim their space, and settle in. Most have all the amenities required to function in today’s tech-savvy world, all included in one set price.

Workers are not the only demographic relying more on this type of temporary housing. People whose homes are being remodeled, who are in the military, or who are embroiled in a divorce or separation are turning more and more to this type of housing. Corporate housing allows people in these situations to get back on their feet.

In Conclusion

Corporate housing has and will continue to rise in popularity due to its apartment-like feel, affordability, and convenience over the alternatives. As demand increases, more corporate housing providers are appearing with steady regularity. Companies such as St. Louis Corporate Housing offer exciting solutions to fulfill those needing temporary accommodations.

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Kansas City Corporate Housing Offers Luxury

Kansas City Corporate Housing located in Kansas City, Missouri, is the leader when it comes to corporate housing. Whether a one-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment is needed, rest assured Kansas City Corporate Housing has what is needed in the Kansas City area and beyond. Corporate housing is available immediately and all rentals are fully furnished.

Why Use Corporate Housing?

Consumers are now choosing corporate housing more than any other type of housing rental.  The perks of corporate housing are many, including fully furnished apartments and homes, one monthly fee, and long- and short-term leases available. Whether the stay will be one month or a year, Kansas City Corporate Housing has the consumer covered.

Corporate Housing Shows Growth

Corporate housing has been growing in the past few years. The US corporate housing average daily rate was $160 in the year 2017. Most of the individual MSAs reported a growth of ADR in 2017 of 7.1% over 2016.

For seven years straight, moving and relocation was the biggest reason for using corporate housing in the United States. Training and projects were the second reasons for leasing corporate housing.

But the technology division has created the most demand for corporate housing by trade.

Corporate Housing Cost

Kansas City Corporate Housing announces that prices on corporate housing will vary depending on the market and season. Rates are also based on what the consumer wants, where the corporate housing is located, when it is needed, and how long the stay will be. In the off-season, 1-bedroom units begin at about $75 per night. The 2-bedroom units start at about $85 per night.

There is a $500 initial fee that covers the deposit. The refundable amount of the initial deposit is $275. The remaining $225 is used towards admin and move-in fees. Temporary and short-term furnished apartments are in great demand in the Kansas City area. Kansas City Corporate Housing suggests beginning the corporate housing search early so that the best choices are available.

Corporate housing is used by consumers for multiple reasons. It used to be that a job relocation was the only reason to obtain corporate housing. But more reasons to lease include home repairs and emergency situations. Temporary stays in corporate housing are an excellent option for those who have home remodeling taking place and need a place to stay.

Kansas City Corporate Housing serves all areas of Kansas City with neighborhoods including Overland Park, North Kansas City, South Kansas City, River Market, Crown Center, Westport, and Blue Springs. Kansas City Corporate Housing apartments come with amenities including resort-style pools, fitness centers, dog parks, dog washing stations, car wash stations, business centers, and outside grills. 

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8 in 10 Canadians Love to Barbecue: Is it Hot Dog Time Yet?

Everyone loves a barbecue. It’s when families and friends come together to enjoy a couple of drinks, have a good time and most importantly devour smoky, sizzling goodies. It’s mouth-watering just talking about it.

Even though summer’s the best time to light up that grill, barbecuing is now an all-year round activity and for a good reason – it’s delicious and healthy! According to a new study, Canadians are also getting more enthusiastic about the various types of grills available out there. 8 in 10 report owning a grill or a smoker and their main reasons relate to flavour (72%), lifestyle (52%), entertainment (40%) and as well convenience (33%).Beyond holidays where for many families and communities, barbecues have become tradition, almost half of Canadians (49%) turn to their BBQ cooking stations to celebrate birthdays. Others (24%) would not imaginer their camping trip without it, while sporting events seem also like a great opportunity to cook outside for 11% of them.

Needless to say, the most important part of a barbecue is what’s getting grilled. While vegetables have started to win territory, no barbecue is complete without a plate of piping hot wieners and sausages. And they’ve been a must ever since we can remember. Back in 2014, Canadians had about 75 million hot dogs and this number was predicated to double by 2019.

With the explosion of meat brands and options available on the market, it is easy to get side-tracked and go for the less tasty and healthy meats. This trend has led to many people giving up or being reluctant about cooking the ever-savoury hot dog. For example, over a third of Americanssay they wouldn’t have them anymore because of fears of what they might contain. But instead of giving them up completely, a much more practical solution is to get the facts on what’s the best out there. With Canada’s long-standing love for hot dogs, authentic products have kept their integrity. With a heritage of over 46 years old, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is one of the few places that have kept their commitment to keep on offering Canadians and especially residents of Ontario where their products are most popular, high-quality meats ready to make any barbecue an experience for the taste buds.

A hot dog made out of a simple, short list of ingredients is believed to be six times more likely to make it to the grill. Another priority is for the wiener of choice to be made out of 100 percent grass-fed beef, which only makes sense: no one wants chemicals and artificial ingredients in their food. While these concerns are valid, giving up hot dogs altogether is not.

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Rugged tested smartphone for professional gaming will release soon on IndieGoGo

New launch aims to cater to the needs of professional gamers and also of enthusiasts of outdoor activities and professionals working in challenging environments for gadgets.

Shenzhen, China - An Android phone said to be the “world’s first rugged smartphone for professional gaming” is launching soon on IndieGoGo, presenting features that the creators of the device hope to draw the attention of both professional gamers, thrill-seekers and professionals working in environments which are typically challenging for gadget users.

“From the gaming point of view, we created a smartphone that will make serious gamers seriously happy,” Mr. He, the main developer of the device, stated. “It comes with a comfortable detachable grip gamepad that connects by Bluetooth to let its users play on their phone as if it was a console. Its grip and usage has been tested by over 20,000 pairs of hands, to ensure maximum comfort for all hand shapes and preferences. It has a side button that allows the user to immediately set the phone to gaming mode while it’s also engineered to automatically clear the other applications and to be in a constant cooling mode so that it performs splendidly while never overheating. Oh, and it has, of course, incredible HDR visuals for an amazing gaming experience,” the crowdfunder detailed.

However, professionals such as engineers working in construction sites, workers in factories, firemen as well as police officers are also expected by the DOOGEE S70’s crowdfunding campaign creators to also find value in this device. After all, this smartphone has an IP68 water-proof and dust-proof rating, and an IP69K pressure proof rating. This means that the phone has been tested and determined to withstand extreme conditions which would typically mean the end of a smartphone.

The DOOGEE S70 can be up to 1.5 meters deep under water for 24 hours, and it can be exposed to dusty environments, to vapor or extremely hot temperatures, without seeing its integrity, memory and working capacities compromised. The phone has been classified as compliant with the MIL-STD-810g, EN 60529 and DIN 40050-9 standards, meaning that it can fall off or even be thrown against solid surfaces without breaking or being affected in its performance.

“For many types of professionals, as well as for adventurers, thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts, this is the perfect smartphone”, Mr. He commented. The phone also has a customizable button that can be used and pre-set to call an emergency or priority number if it is pressured for only 5 seconds. “It even allows professional users who need to wear gloves while working to make an efficient and easy use of its touchscreen without seeing any less sensitivity or responsiveness,” Allan further detailed.

In terms of technical specifications, the DOOGEE S70 has an MTK high-end processor Helio P23 (MT6763T) 2.5GHz, a 5.99” FHD screen with an 18:9 ratio aspect, it works with the Android 8.1 Oreo OS, it has 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, a 5500mAh Polymer battery and a 12V/2A flash charger, to ensure that the phone charges in only 1h40m.

Among other features, the camera was not neglected. Resembling the Xiaomi 8, the DOOGEE S70 has a built-in 12.0MP SONY IMX363 camera embedded in the rear part with Dual PD auto-focus tech, with an f/1.8 big aperture, 1.4μm pixel and a 5.0MP depth of field lens. “In this respect, we just asked ourselves why should such an outstanding phone not incorporate an equally outstanding camera?”, Mr. He justified.

In its crowdfunding campaign, the DOOGEE S70 is intended to capture the support of backers from different regions of the world, an expectation supported by the fact that the phone is equipped with a 6-module band that supports 27 frequencies, among which the major operators around the world. The design was also a concern of the creators of the device, who did not want to sacrifice style concerns when developing such a singular smartphone.

For more information, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/doogee-s70-world-s-first-gaming-rugged-smartphone/coming_soon/x/19227592, or contact April Zhu, at info@doogee.cc

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MediRevive Makes Pain Relief and Posture Correction Easy with Adjustable Clavicle Brace

August 20, 2018 - A straight posture is not merely about healthy appearance; it can actually promote greater health and wellbeing by protecting against a myriad range of pains and symptoms. The new MediRevive Adjustable Brace is for men, women and kids to correct their posture through an adjustable, safe and comfortable shoulder and clavicle brace.

No matter how much one tries, bad postural habits die hard. The MediRevive back posture corrector makes the task much easier with its Velcro support straps that can be adjusted to fit all sizes. The bad posture corrector is ideal for chest sizes between 28"-42", and come with two bonus underarm pads for increased comfort.

MediRevive upper back posture corrector can be worn anywhere, while driving, at work or while taking a walk. The product is breathable, lightweight, and stays unnoticed under clothes. The straps are made from high quality, durable material and are soft for comfort, whether used during weight training or yoga.

"Experts are finding that proper posture is critically more import than ever imagined before. The laundry list of problems caused by bad posture alone are reason enough to wear a posture corrector,” said a spokesperson for MediRevive.

The adjustable back posture corrector is good for correcting forward head kyphosis of dowagers hump correction related to sitting in front of computers, using phones or riding cars. Anyone who feels tired of pain or discomfort in the neck, shoulders and clavicle due to poor posture can wear the brace and feel immediate results.

The MediRevive adjustable back posture corrector is available from Amazon with 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 30-day moneyback guarantee and a one year registered product replacement guarantee.

For more information, please visit: www.medirevive.com

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The Boulder Group Arranges Sale of Net Leased Panera Anchored Property

Randy Blankstein and Jimmy Goodman of The Boulder Group represented the seller in the transaction; a southeast based real estate investment group

The Boulder Group, a net leased investment brokerage firm, has completed the sale of a fully leased three tenant property located at 8340 US-64 and 2916 Kate Hyde Blvd in Bartlett, Tennessee for $4,175,000. The property is fully leased to Panera Bread, BancorpSouth and Red Wing Shoes.

The property consists of two adjacent buildings. A 2,500 square foot single tenant building fully leased to Red Wing Shoes and a 7,500 square foot building fully leased to Panera Bread and Bancorp South. The property was recently built in 2015 and has ample parking on site. The surrounding area consists of numerous retail properties, residential neighborhoods and Colonial Country Club (Host of 30+ PGA Tour events). The property benefits tremendously from being in the middle of numerous shopping, dining and entertainment options. Over 60,000 people live within a three-mile radius of the property with an average household income of $86,697.

Randy Blankstein and Jimmy Goodman of The Boulder Group represented the seller in the transaction; a southeast based real estate investment group. The purchaser was in a 1031 exchange.

Panera Bread and BancorpSouth have over seven years remaining on their leases and Red Wing Shoes recently signed a new five year lease. Red Wing Shoes’ rent escalates annually and Panera Bread escalates in 2020 and each renewal option period. All tenants have multiple renewal option periods.

“The market for net lease properties in top MSAs remains active as these assets are in high demand among private investors,” said Randy Blankstein, President of The Boulder Group.  Jimmy Goodman, Partner of The Boulder Group, added, “Properties in tax-free states remain in high demand among private investors.”

About The Boulder Group

The Boulder Group is a boutique investment real estate service firm specializing in single tenant net lease properties. The firm provides a full range of brokerage, advisory, and financing services nationwide to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes high net worth individuals, developers, REITs, partnerships and institutional investment funds. Founded in 1997, the firm has arranged the acquisition and disposition of over $4 billion of single tenant net lease real estate transactions. From 2011-2017, the firm was ranked in the top 10 companies in the nation for single tenant retail transactions by both Real Capital Analytics and CoStar. The Boulder Group is headquartered in suburban Chicago. www.bouldergroup.com

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