Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live For children's book "Dear Little human: Messages of love and wisdom from Sophia, The Talking Tree” By Author Leantara Shah

Leantara Shah announces Kickstarter campaign for "Messages of wisdom from Sophia the Talking Tree" - a book Empowering Children & Healing Inner Child thru Storytelling

Leantara Shah, founder of the EmpowerME Project, has announced fund raiser campaign on Kickstarter for her book, "Messages of love & wisdom from Sophia the Talking Tree." It is a children’s book packed with inspirational stories that can empower children and provide parents the words and tools needed to support them.

“Human experience is an integral element of all stories and it helps us look at things beyond our personal perspective,” says Leantara Shah. “My stories and characters have been created to inspire children in many ways. Sophia, the Talking Tree is an honest attempt to empower children and prepare them to manage hardships and teaches them to be resilient. I have this dream to inspire & empower the children of the earth through story-telling . One kid at a time. So that they become the change we want to see in the world."

According to the author, people love to read and listen to stories that have an element of human experience and characters that face situations that are similar to what people face in real life. Sophia, the Talking Tree has this concept at the core of all its stories. There are invaluable tools in these stories that can help parents bring up empowered and confident kids.

The tree that the author refers to in her book is a Palaver Tree. They are usually large baobab trees around which people gather and discuss things in Africa which often turn into storytelling sessions. Major celebrations such as weddings, harvests and births are all celebrated under the tree in certain communities. They also meet here to share moments of grief.  Sophia has heard so many stories that she now knew how to talk . She loves children and has lots of stories to share with them, stories which instill a sense of happiness, self-confidence and other positives.

In the book, Sophia introduces children to herself and her 22 friends, says Leantara. They all have great stories and awesome messages to share. These are messages of wisdom and love. They are practical, empowering  and solution-focused according to the author. Sophia, the Talking Tree is a book that children, teenagers and adults will readily identify with as the stories told by Sophia are truly universal. After all and according to Sophia the talking Tree, the earth is only filled with children, the little humans as she calls them, the actual kids and the children hidden behind each adult.

Each story in the book is of three pages and there are 22 characters narrating one story each in this first volume of Sophia, the Talking Tree. The author has planned three more volumes that will have a total of 88 characters. Leantara also intends to develop a lesson-plan and curriculum aimed at caregivers and Teachers, in order for the book to be used in schools. For the author, it is about reinventing traditional storytelling by giving it a modern and digital  twist . Leantara hopes to turn Sophia the talking tree  stories into an app, an audiobook, a podcast and an animated movie.

In the first page which is created as a poster, the children will meet the character and get the core message conveyed by the character and the hashtags. The second page will go deeper into the discovery of the whereabouts of the character while the third page will have role play elements.

And create true interactivity and dialogue with the parents. Awesome stickers meant to share the awesome messages learnt from the book are also included at the end of the book. 

The topics covered include dealing with differences, self-confidence, happiness, bullying, slow-learning, self-esteem, ADHD, body image, hygiene, nutrition, friendships and much more.  

For example, “I follow my dreams” Ingrid is a swan ostrich who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina at the Opera of Paris. Her story talks about believing in one-self, dreaming big and daring! (Hashtags #idream big#iampossible #Idare)

I “love myself no matter what” Bob is a tiger who dreams to be a fairy princess, not usual for a tiger so this story talks about loving acceptance, about gender bias, about daring to be your true-self and questions our definition of normality.(hashtags #ilovemyself #Beingdifferentisok #fairytiger)

The fundraiser campaign started on Kickstarter will attempt to raise $33,300 for bringing this book to life and dealing with various costs associated with the project

About Sophia, the Talking Tree:

"Dear Little human: messages of love and wisdom from Sophia, the Talking Tree" is an endeavor of author Leantara Shah. The children’s book has stories narrated by Sophia the talking tree where she introduces us to 22 different characters. All the stories are packed with elements that will inspire and empower children. There are words and tools that parents can use to support their precious kids and instill a sense of self-confidence and happiness in them. A real first aid book for all parents and caregivers.

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