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‘The Battle between Halos and Horns’ is a book written by Craig L. Snyder. The author was able to blend fictional characters with spiritual laws that showcased the rich and creative side of the book.

The author vividly recalls his communication with God at odd hours of the day, which he painstakingly added to the contents of this book, just as he considers the instructions received as invaluable.

The year 2005 experienced the undertaking of a new task and project by the author, which later proofed vital for the deep insight included in this book. During this time, the author was able to relate credible advice to his daughter as she embarks on the path to adulthood, and he has made such vital and rare truth available in this book.

Much insight can be derived from the words of the author with respect to the time of fellowship he has attained with his Saviour, which spans more than 30 years. The book also enables its readers to understand that demons try to control the human race through the soul or flesh, using fear and other evil manipulations.

The author is also of the opinion, that learning should be fun, and so a good combination of irony and satire, without exempting the educative aspect of a point, would be an effective way of passing across information.

Such combination of education and satire, led to the formation of rules that are vital for life, which is included in this book, and they are humorously termed, with an example such as; “Dad 1:1”, and an example of the rule mentioned include; “A wised man makes learning joyful”, and many others which make up part of the rich contents of the book.

The book which has the first episode titled, ‘Breaking through the hallowed hedge’ is available on Amazon, and can be purchased via this link below:

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Mattress World Starts Lucrative Labor Day Sale for their Customers

Aireloom Mattress offers handmade California design, crafted here in Southern California. Not often do you get the opportunity to choose up to $900 dollars in bedding and accessories free when you buy a luxury Aireloom mattress set. Aireloom Mattresses are handcrafted from high-quality materials, so you won't want to hide the comfort of your mattress with inferior bedding products. Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime with the Aireloom "Dream Bedroom" Sale.
One of the most popular mattress stores in San Diego, Mattress World is now offering Aireloom Dream Bedroom products and accessories worth up to $900 to their customers for free. This Labor Day promotion was launched by the company on August 26, and it will continue until September 10th.

Mattress World is delighted to announce that their much anticipated Labor Day Sales promotion is now up and running. During the entire duration of this promotion between August 26 and September 10, all customers of the company have an opportunity to receive free Aireloom Dream Bedroom products and accessories worth up to $900.

Mattress World offers a wide range of products that are highly recommended by their customers for improved sleep pattern and greater overall health. The company specializes in designing top-of-the-line organic mattresses that are chemical-free, non-toxic, fire resistant, GOTS certified and made from natural ingredients.

Aireloom was founded in 1940 by King Karpen, the originator of the handmade California mattress. Since they are handcrafted using high-quality materials, Aireloom Mattresses are considered to be the gold standard in the American market for bedding products and accessories. Mattress World offers an impressive collection of Aireloom Dream beddings with a choice of the best materials available, including sleek 600 thread count cotton sheets, gorgeous French linen sheets, silky breathable Tencel Sheets, a French linen Duvet, Lavender scented pillows, Down blend comforter, and much more.

Announcing the launch of the Labor Day Sales promotion, the owner of Mattress World, Bob Davis said, “Aireloom Mattress offers handmade California design, crafted here in Southern California. Not often do you get the opportunity to choose up to $900 dollars in bedding and accessories free when you buy a luxury Aireloom mattress set. Aireloom Mattresses are handcrafted from high-quality materials, so you won’t want to hide the comfort of your mattress with inferior bedding products. Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime with the Aireloom "Dream Bedroom Sale." 

In addition to mattresses from Aireloom and other renowned manufacturers, Mattress World offers the finest selection of pillows, mattress toppers, comforters, sheets, bed frames, bed supports, platform beds, bedroom furniture, and convertible furniture.    

To make use of this lucrative promotional campaign, please visit

About Mattress World:

Mattress World is among the most popular stores in San Diego for all types of mattresses, sleep accessories, and furniture. The store is rated highly for their wide range of products and extraordinary focus on quality.

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New Cosmetic Brand CandyStains, LLC. Launches Debut Products, to Expand Color Consciousness Worldwide

Cheyenne, WY - It hasn’t taken long for someone to realize that the color on the lips speaks more than anything else. More and more people are fascinated with colors today, and serving them with a unique perspective is CandyStains.

CandyStains has launched a new brand of lipstick and cosmetics, merchandising and opportunities. More than that, it has launched a new awareness to see the world in different hues, and most importantly, optimistic hues. The lip gloss and cosmetic brand is also here to educate and empower people while they use its quality products. CandyStains has a buzzing department of creativity, a headstrong commitment to ethics, and the confidence that it will earn the respect and appreciation it deserves.

CandyStains debuts its marketing act with a lipstick brand, known as "The Original Flava Fascination". It will be followed up by a full line of cosmetic and beauty products, all geared towards letting women know that CandyStains is how they can look different, confident and strong. CandyStains will ensure they get the message through community outreach that encourages positivism and self confidence.

CandyStains will make hearts flutter with its unique color matrix. The Candy Bag was launched in spring 2017, and happens to be the first promotional item of CandyStains. Available in exclusive quantities, this kit comes with 7 matte colors along with an attractive canvas bag.

CandyStains also aims to engage with a wide range of promotional events and activities made possible with the advent of the internet and new media access.

“We love the opportunity this provides for us to come face to face with our global family. We will represent all corners of the world, as we often will plan meet and greets, social events and opportunities based camps,” says a representative from CandyStains.

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Von Dent
98-785 Iho Place # B
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Steve Jacobson
9054 Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33412
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Toronto, ON, Canada - August 29, 2017 - USH Technologies Inc., an Ontario based Canadian group has announced that they have created the ultimate sports glove. The co-founders of the company Sukhman and Utkrisht have been close friends and gym aficionados for a really long time and they have created this innovative glove to solve the problem between picking a glove that gives you padding and comfort while sacrificing on grip and picking a glove that gives users decent grip but sacrifices on comfort and padding. The company will be launching a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter to seek support for the gloves and the campaign will go live at the end of September 2017.

“One day after their gym session, Utkrisht told me about the permanent calluses on his palms because of working out and asked if I shared the same problem. Needless to say, I did.” said Sukhman Sandhu, the company’s co-founder and CEO while talking about the inspiration behind these gloves. “We discussed how each of us went through maybe 10-15 pairs of different workout gloves and none of them seem to have the right amount of padding in the right area. If right amount of padding was present, then we sacrificed on grip because when you introduce a layer of fabric or padding between your hands and whatever you are lifting, you are increasing the circumference of the weight which results in decreased grip,” he added.

According to Mr. Sandhu, the new gloves are called MAGRIP and they have been created to provide excellent padding while also maintaining the grip and comfort. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the fitness glove with MAGRIP and now they are welcoming everyone to support their Kickstarter campaign in September.

“MAGRIP is a revolutionary fitness glove with our patent pending magnetic grip technology that provides amazing grip while maintaining unparalleled comfort,” said Utkrisht, the co-founder of USH while talking about the working of these gloves. “On its each side, we have strategically placed two neodymium magnets which are earth’s strongest and rarest magnets and which connect to a Kevlar cord system, which transfers some of the energy and stress from the palm and fingers to the wrist area. This ultimately enhances your grip for that extra rep while still allowing your hand muscles to do most of the work,” he added.

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Pamela Foland releases her debut book, Megan's World Book 1 - Megan's Munchkins in September

Pet lover and University of Texas graduate, Pamela Fond, releases the first of her debut book series to help children learn how to care for pets

31 Aug, 2017 - Dallas, TX - Pamela Foland has announced the release of her debut series, Megan's World Book. The first of the series, Megan's World Book 1 - Megan's Munchkins set to be released on September 12, 2017.

The book series is written by Pamela Foland in an attempt to teach children and even adults on how to properly care for their pets. The main character of the series is Megan, with the story centering on how she loved to own a pet.

Sonny’s Legal Publishing publishes the middle grade fiction book and it hopes to teach child learning responsibility. Megan, the main character,is a pet lover who accidentally finds four motherless kittens. The story also illustrates how children can care for cats and kittens, as well as a child keeping a secret, with Megan trying everything possibel to keep the kittens against her parents’ wish and without their knowledge.

Megan had always wanted a pet, but she got even more than she wished for, with three motherless kittens. Megan kept the kittens in her closet, making it a big secret and following her desire to care for the kittens and save their lives.

The book was written for 8-12year old girls. It depicts what it takes to cater to a child’s first pet as it detailed how Megan did all she could to ensure that the kittens lived well. Megan's World Book 1 - Megan's Munchkins details five weeks of Megan and her kittens. It detailed an endless cycle of feeding schedules, vet visits, homework, household chore, and sneaking around as she tries to continue keeping it a secret.

Megan’s dream was brought to life when she found the kitten, but will her parents say about her furry secrets? Will she be allowed to keep the kittens she loves with all her heart? Pamela Foland answers all the questions and more in her newest book, Megan's World Book 1 - Megan's Munchkins.

Pamela Foland’s love of animals and her experience with taking care of an abandoned litter of day-old kittens she found and raised have helped her put a unique and captivating story together. She now enjoys going home to her ‘little munchkins’ every night and the experience has inspired her to write the series debut, Megan’s Munchkins.

The second book from the Megan's World Book series, Megan's World Book 2 - Megan's Pet Sitting Adventure will be released in November, 2017. Both books are available on Amazon.

About Pamela Foland

Pamela Foland holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Business in 2005 from the University of Texas at Dallas. Growing up in Plano, Texas, Pamela has always being a lover of pets, constantly bringing home stray dogs, and injured birds. 

Pamela’s love for animals grew stronger as she became older, working in several pet hotels as a dog trainer and certified to teach pet first aid and CPR. Her experiences taking care of animals, especially raising an abandoned litter of day-old kittens inspired her series debut, Megan's Munchkins.

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The Laser Training Institute Launches a Free App

The app is a reliable laser resource for anyone looking to further their career in the aesthetic laser industry.

The Laser Training Institute has launched an app to serve as a reliable laser training resource.  The app is available for free to download and use today!  It is an easily accessible laser resource for anyone wanting to move forward with their career or gain a better understanding of the aesthetic laser industry.  Aesthetic laser training and laser safety are the main focus of The Laser Training Institute. 

The course calendar for The Laser Training Institute is able to be viewed on the app.  Signing up for laser courses can also be done directly through the app.

Advanced hands-on training is offered by The Laser Training Institute.  Advanced laser training certification courses have been created for medical aesthetic professionals and engineers. 

The app is available to help educate and guide owners, staff, and engineers of lasers through courses and hands-on training.  Proper training, knowledge, and experience for repairing and maintaining lasers is required for effective use.

The Laser Training Institute works directly with people who are already working with lasers as well as those looking to add lasers to their services offered.  Proper education for laser usage and methodology is crucial for those looking to start their own laser practice. 

As the laser industry advances, it is pertinent that doctors, spas, clinics, and nurses be up to date in their laser training and maintenance, in order to be trusted with using lasers.  The laser training courses offered by The Laser Training Institute are developed from clinical research, with evidence-based, factual information available.

A single course is not enough to be considered a laser expert.  The Laser Training Institute provides training and courses which are a combination of hands-on guided clinical practice from basic information to advanced hands-on clinical training.

You can download the free Laser Training Institute app and sign up for the laser course you need.  The certification you need to advance in the laser industry is provided by The Laser Training Institute!

About The Laser Training Institute:

The Laser Training Institute is a non-profit agency that is focused on teaching the proper and safe use and repair of lasers.  The Laser Training Institute has been successfully helping businesses and individuals learn the proper use of lasers since 1978.

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Austin SEO Marketing Company, Tunzel SEO, Aims to Offer Clients Long Term Success with Search Engines

Austin, Texas - Long lasting success with search engines is the dream of all website owners, online businesses, and internet marketers. The new SEO marketing company, Tunzel SEO, is now offering unique optimization methods and strategies that aim at bringing more traffic, greater conversion and better return on investment.

As a Houston SEO expert firm, Tunzel SEO’s mission is to deliver a long lasting presence on page one for its clients. It knows that marketing efforts go wrong, that the industry is full of blackhat SEO services, and that wanting quick results can harm websites. Tunzel SEO has therefore come up with safe and sound methods that will actually help clients increase sales. The firm has already succeeded in ranking thousands of keywords on the first page of Google.

Tunzel SEO is based out of Austin, and that keeps it in close touch with all things technology. Known as the Austin search engine optimization firm, Tunzel SEO joins technology with design to create a competitive offering, moving away from the narrow focus on data.

“Countless hours of researching, developing, refining and executing our strategies have allowed us to stand tall as thought leaders in the search engine marketing industry,” says Austin Crockett of Tunzel SEO.

Among its focus areas, the Austin SEO consultants uncover the most profitable keywords in any given niche, and aiming to maximize the returns on the same. The generous boos in web traffic and rankings makes it easier to find the client’s presence on all major search engines. Along with doing on-page SEO, Tunzel also offers improvements in site loading speeds and adaptability on all mobile devices. For off-site SEO, the firm aims to generate a steady stream of quality links for greater authority. All SEO activities are accompanied by weekly reports and increase in organic traffic.

"Tunzel SEO's work speaks for itself with a huge increase in the online appointment bookings for our company. The team's optimization capabilities were instrumental in analyzing the website's traffic. Tunzel was attentive, trustworthy and knowledgeable in the online marketing field," said a recent client of Tunzel SEO.

For more information, please visit:

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Rising Food and Recipes Website, EASYRECIPEUP is for SALE

The Recipes based Rising Star Website “EASYRECIPEUP.COM” is for sale. Owner placed a banner yesterday on the website header image where they provided an email address “” to make offer.

Bread Lee contacted the seller via email with offer of $7,500 but the seller rejected that, they claim $12,500 negotiable. It means deal can be final in round about 10K which is a reasonable price for this amazing rising star website. In an interview Bread Lee had regular discussion with the owner of “EasyRecipeUp.Com” via emails and he shared his point of view and expert opinion regarding “”.

This website features 132 unique recipes that are all written professionally. Each recipe includes 1-4 paragraphs of well written descriptive, keyword rich info.

Owner have fully approved the Adsenes account with and also placed the ads on 27 August, 2017. Have potential to generate regular revenue via Adsense. This is a recipe site that has been built the RIGHT way and using a premiumWordpress template that includes schema coding.

All recipes have large photos, many of which are unique. Several are stock photos. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to take over a well established recipe site that can be a proven revenue generator in it's1st year of existence and has LOTS of room for growth to build upon what it established.

Adding recipes is very easy. All you need do is write the recipe and add it via the premium template. The template is called Food Recipes. Site includes all content, Facebook page, Pinterest page, Twitter page, Google+ page. All the hard work of getting a recipe site off the ground has been done.This is a great investment for any intending buyer.

Domain was registered 19th February, 2017 and in just 6 months it has accomplished some unprecedented feats. Alexa ranked at 653,991, Domain Authority 23/100, Page Authority 36/100, Spam Score is Nil, Moz Rank 4.19/10. Owner focused more on facebook fan page and reached 1.5K fans / followers. With proper social meia engagement on Pinterest, Twitter and Google+, you can generate more and more quality traffic with little effort.

All the hard work of getting a recipe site off the ground regarding Onpage / Offpage SEO has been done. This is a great investment for someone for sure. It can become a star in Food and Recipes Market with little effort.

If someone is interested in a rising star business in Food and Recipes market, this is the best opportunity for them. The deal can be final in round about 8K to 10K which is a reasonable price for this amazing rising star website in Bread Lee’s point of view, because it can generate 2K+ monthly income via adsense only with little effort and strategy. It is best opportunity for professional website buyers because it can be sold with huge profit with little work. 

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‘Socially Aware’ Games by App Developer DreamSwitch to Herald a New World of Gaming

Pittsburgh, PA - An idea of gaming has finally been conceived, which will actually make the world a better place every time a game is played. DreamSwitch has been founded to bring to the world the very first charity and donation oriented gaming platform, where players can earn and also let charities around the world earn too.

Gaming need not be a futile waste of time and money. DreamSwitch is now prepared to change the very nature of gaming online and on mobile apps. The brain child of entrepreneur Gary M Gray, it is now seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo, beginning September 6, to build the App and a studio. The never before tried approach aims to reach 1 million players, which will allow it to award $40,000 to players and $40,000 to charities each day. At 5 million players, it can give $200,000 to players and $200,000 to charities each day.

“Many people lack the time or money to donate to worthy causes. Our new games will allow them to contribute in a tangible way, every day!” says Gary M Gray, Founder, DreamSwitch, LLC. “it’s a great value exchange for players, charities and advertisers.”

DreamSwitch has already announced its very first game, RoShambo Daily. The players, referred to as ‘Warriors4Good’, can spend just four minutes of time a day to start generating hope and help for millions around.

"This App will help mend the deep divides in this country. We'll see players from diverse races, political views and genders form a community of Warriors4Good to provide daily hope / daily help to the players and the various charities they support," says Gary.

Apart from its utility, the socially aware games aim to make people feel a new sense of positivity, and know how great it feels to aid and assist others with just a few minutes of time spent playing a game.

DreamSwitch welcomes funding contributions on its page (Roshambo Daily). Anyone who wishes to participate in this literally game changing endeavor can also sign up with the community to receive news and insider status, and invitation to exclusive tournaments for the early supporters.

For more information, please visit:

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USA gets hit with Canadian horror.

Los Angeles, CA - August 31, 2017 - TriCoast Entertainment’s horror division, “DarkCoast”, has partnered with Black Fawn Films, a new independent Canadian production house. Their mission is to give audiences the fright-of-their-lives by combines nerve-rending shocks, guts, gore and super-creepy characters to create the ultimate in terror. Reinventing the ‘70s classic Canadian genre “Canuxploitation” for a new generation of horror-lovers.

With several hit horror films under their belt, Black Fawn Films has become a staple in both the Canadian and international film industry.

Black Fawn Film’s true new wave of Canadian horror films in the USA began with DarkCoast’s release last month of  “THE SUBLET”, a psychological thriller that captivates the terrors that occur inside a sublet apartment, where the innocent new renters are terrorized by the ghosts of the former inhabitants.  

Directed by John Ainslie, “THE SUBLET” centers on a new couple, Joanna and Jeff, as they move into the new apartment to start their life together.

But, it wasn’t the start – it was the end.

As the sublet walls entrap Joanna inside her lonely self, the shadows and grim grow bigger as the sense of dread fills her mind, culminating in an astonishing ending that leaves the audience with chills, jumps, scares and violent galore. 

*Official movie still from "THE SUBLET"

“THE SUBLET” - Watch it now on: Hoopia, Vubiquity, InDemand, iTunes, Google Play, Fandango, Microsoft, Sony Playstation, Amazon, Vimeo Direct, FlixFing, and Vudu. Purchase “THE SUBLET” on DVD today on websites like Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Barnes and Noble for exclusive, behind the scenes footage. Watch the trailer here:

And, the Canadian horror doesn’t stop this summer.

Right in time for Halloween, DarkCoast Entertainment is excited to announce another collaboration with Black Fawn Films this October. USA - get ready for the visual, hair-raising, unbelievably shocking film “LET HER OUT”, directed by Canadian horror-director, Cody Calahan, who is known for his unique sense of dread and style. The lead characters played by Alanna LaVierge, Nina Kiri and Adam Christie put on an exhilarating performance by capturing how the ultimate terror cannot be escaped because it lives within us.

Critics in the UK have raved about “LET HER OUT” since its release:

 … Tells an interesting story which combines horror and psychological thriller while boasting some great, and gruesome, visuals. LeVierge and Kiri’s dynamic is believable and relatable, but it is LeVierge who steals the movie, developing Helen’s identity crisis in a scary and emotional manner. That and the direction of Calahan and his team make Let Her Out a must-see flick for horror fans.” Ricky Church, Flickering Myth

“This “Jekyll & Hyde” slash possession slash evil twin film is sleek and sexy, with a heavy dose of sleaze. LET HER OUT is a scary, grimy, and heartbreaking metaphor for alcoholism, drugs, and mental illness with a slightly supernatural angle, but heavy on character. It’s simply an excellent, and jarring horror film.” M. L. Miller, Aint It Cool

“I’ve been watching Black Fawn Films for several years now, and the trio of Alanna LeVierge, Nina Kiri, and Adam Christie deliver performances that set a new standard for the Canadian production team. I found myself completely immersed not only in the universe of LET HER OUT, but the lives of those who reside in it as well. That’s no easy task. Couple that with some outrageously effective FX work and a climax that left my jaw sitting in my lap.” Luke Rodriguez, Modern Horrors

Be prepared to really get spooked this October 20th, 2017 when “LET HER OUT” will preimiere in a nationwide theatrical release!

*Official movie poster for "LET HER OUT" 

For more information, please contact Jenna at

THE SUBLET (2017, 82 min.) Produced and Directed by John Ainslie. Editor: Jordan Crute. Director of Photography: Greg Biskup. Original Music: Jeff Morrow. US, English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment. TriCoast Entertainment.

DarkCoast is a division of TriCoast Entertainment. A new home for story-driven American films, TriCoast Entertainment is a full service media company that creates, produces, manages and distributes unique and unusual entertainment. Bringing together filmmakers, distributors, financiers, and technologists, TriCoast Entertainment embraces change by redefining the production and distribution model for indie filmmakers, providing them with low cost tools, financing, and worldwide theatrical and digital distribution, along with market feedback and storytelling opportunities.

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Fosjoas V5 Intelligent Mini Electric Scooter Can Be Applied To Museum

Drew's work in a dinosaur museum makes him very tired. One day, he saw an advertisement about self-balancing scooters occasionally. He was so interested in the new model that he came to a sports store and bought a Fosjoas V5 self-balancing electric scooter.

Many people have been interested in dinosaurs. The visitors of the dinosaur museum became more and more. Drew has worked in a dinosaur museum for almost 3 years. His primary work is to guide visitors to visit the museum. His work always made him exhausted. After he owned a Fosjoas V5 intelligent power scooter, he can ride it to work. His job has become easier and more interesting.


Why Drew chose a V5, rather than unicycles or two-wheeled scooters? Fosjoas V5 can not only reduce staff workload, but also attract more visitors. Fosjoas industrial designers applied the ground- breaking twin-structure and customized flat tires to V5 self-balancing electric scooter. To match its large size tire, the body is also flat and wide which looks very cool. The new structure and flat tires make Fosjoas V5 firmer. What’s more, it uses the magnetic suspension motor, which provides a quiet and pleasant journey to riders. No one is willing to make noise while riding, which not only disturbs passers-by, but also affects our own health.


V5 twin-wheeled electric scooter can be cycle charged numerous times with 3.8 times longer battery life compared with other ordinary lithium battery. Owing to the new designs, the contact area between wheels and the ground is wider. That is easier for freshmen to learn ridingV5. Because of safer cycling experiences and ease of learning, Drew bought a Fosjoas V5. In fact, it only took Drew 10 minutes to learn. During the working time, Drew is riding it while showing tourists the museum. Since he can completely control the electric scooters by twisting his body, his hands still can demonstrate some projects for visitors.


Now, the leaders of the museum have decided to buy more Fosjoaselectric scooters for the employees and visitors, as Fosjoas has many models at choice, like the K2 folding two wheel electric scooter, V6 one wheel scooter and U1 saddle-equipped scooter and so on.

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Contact Person: Jason
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City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Dogezer, an innovative startup for Software Development Industry, starts Initial Token Offering Sep 1st

Dogezer presents an innovative solution that connects idea authors and developers, designers, artists, salespersons and other individuals by empowering team members to become project investors, while helping project founders find a better, more effective alternative to raising investment from financial investors. Dogezer has announced that it will start initial token offering from the Sep 1st, 2017.

“Imagine a service where you could start your dream project in a few clicks, get it done with the help of the best world experts, give these people a fair share depending on their performance, and then enjoy success together. Dogezer is a platform enabling such possibility by bringing in all the necessary tools and processes into one integrated product, enabling your team members to become your investors.” Dogezer.

The main objective behind Dogezer is to enable founders and developers to collaborate with one another on project to eliminate the need for financial investors, essentially simplifying the process of getting a project of the ground while minimizing the various challenges software developers and individual contributors face in today’s software development industry.

Dogezer’s services will remove investors as "middlemen" in a project team organization process. This will open the doors to the possibility of executing the project using the balanced system of promises to team members, who effectively will be the product investors.

By becoming a part of this platform individual contributors will be able to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe in. In return, they will be taking an active role in ensuring the project's success and enjoy the rewards matching their contribution. This gives them more opportunities to work on projects of their choosing and reap fair rewards for their contribution.

Dogezer provides a platform that has integrated and ready to use set of tools and best practices for a project execution. The purpose of the platform will also include minimizing conflicts of interests inside the team, ensuring team member’s involvement and helping in building better products faster.

The team behind the platform describes all details in Dogezer Whitepaper document which accurately captures information on how platform will work, contain details on development and marketing plans and provides all the information in Initial Token Offering event.

About Us:

Dogezer is an innovative solution, which connects idea authors and developers, designers, artists, salespersons and other individuals to collaborate on projects of their liking.

For more information, please visit:

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Music Masters Class: Bringing A Redefined Experience To Online Music Training Like Never Before

31 August, 2017 - MirralexMedia in association with MirralexMusic proudly announces the release and launch of Music Masters Class, the premier music academy for online music lessons. It is an online music academy that offers the best training on musical instruments with seasoned tutors. This is a music Academy for multiple instruments with Piano/Keyboard classes up and running and additional contents set to be added weekly.

Music Masters Class is a music academy designed to teach anyone how to play regardless of having a musical background or not. They have seasoned instructors who are masters in the music industry and have traveled far and wide and recorded for some of the biggest artists in the world like Maulty Jewell a.k.a Tuff the piano instructor who is a touring and recording musician with more than 40 years experience teaching and playing for many multi-platinum selling artists from all genres. He is a seasoned instructor that commands top dollar for his lessons.

“Everyone has a soundtrack to their life, so why not create your own, our instructor will give you an entry-level, step-by-step, easy to comprehend lessons that will have you playing your favorite songs in just a few weeks,” says Lawrence Jones, the president of MirralexMedia, when talking about this amazing offer. “For a limited time, we are offering a discounted price that gives you unlimited access to all classes for an entire year,” he added

Each class has many lessons and are carefully laid out with a birdseye view to progress along in a comprehensive way. Openings are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced classes at a discounted price that gives unlimited access to all classes for an entire year. It takes quite an amount to get this kind of training but it’s being made available to the public for a fraction of the cost. As part of the additional contents that will be added, Drum classes are set to start by February 2018 and will be handled by the super drummer himself "Calvin Rodgers".

For more information on how to get started, please visit

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Tephra Vegan supports vegetarianism with clothing for men and women

Tephra Vegan is a clothing brand for men and women that have become a movement to promote vegetarianism and banning slaughter houses. The brand presents unique clothing with quotes and slogans printed on them so that the wearer can express what they stand for. The online store offers a wide range of clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, phone cases and more to allow people to express their views.

The ladies can find the long sleeve t-shirts made with 100% cotton, available in multiple colors to keep them warm and comfortable. The brand promotes the Vegan lifestyle and condemns animal slaughter and animal cruelty which is why it provides the specially made clothing for the people to proudly express their Vegan lifestyle to the world. These t-shirts and accessories can also be ordered in bulk by organizations and group of individuals who support Vegetarianism. The online store also offers tank tops, crop tees and half sleeve t-shirts in various colors and printed quotes, for women. The ‘Go Vegan’ tank top, Awake women crop top, Hope women tee are some of the popular items from the store.

Tephra offers classic t-shirts for men with beautiful slogans printed on it. The ‘Émpathy is Strength’, ‘Abolish all slaughter houses’, ‘Awake King’ raglan sleeve t-shirt are some of the most popular items in the men’s section. The customers can also sport their Vegan lifestyle using the custom-made tote bags with Vegan quotes. The ‘Go Vegan’ and ‘Hope’ tote bag is designed to represent one’s love for animals and belief to stand against any type of cruelty towards animals. These tote bags are made using 100% bull denim woven construction with dual handles.

Tephra Vegan also offers a variety of accessories such as iPhone cases, hats, and beanies for the Vegans and anyone who supports Vegan life. The Vegan 5 panel camper comes in classic Black, Gray and Navy Blue. The online store offers a special category of Cotton Branch Farm animal sanctuary collection that features a variety of t-shirts for men and women.

Tephra meaning, ‘solid matter ejected during a volcanic eruption’ stands for shattering old dogmas and perception to make way for a better life for everyone on the planet. It provides a chance for the customers to make a difference in the society by manifesting their message to bring change in them and others.

More information about the brand can be seen on the official website of

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Lush New York presents decorative candles with signature scents

Lush New York has launched a line of decorative candles that come in a variety of signature scents. The brand is established with an aim to provide high-quality candles that provide a strong and pleasant scent while also doubles up as a home décor item. The customers can find scented candles in stone jars that can be refilled too. The stone jar candles are available in three variants, pink onyx candles, Carrara marble candles and black marble candles. The customers can purchase a refill of various signature scents such as cashmere, brise etc. to make the candle last for a long period of time.

The brand states that they have used marble and Onyx as the candle jars due to their healing & therapeutic properties. While marble helps in boosting relaxation, meditative state, and emotional balance, Onyx is known to enhance strength, happiness and good fortune. It also balances the Yin and Yang energy within the body and leads the person towards a more positive life.

The founder of Lush New York felt there is a need to create a high quality scented candle in the market that can also be used as a gorgeous home décor item. What started as a hobby, turned into a full-fledged business that provided the perfect candle with relaxing scents and beautiful appearance. The candle line is created by using the best in class wax, fragrances put together with the perfect container. The candle jars are stand-alone pieces that can enhance the look of any corner of the house. The users can refill the jar as many times as they want as the jar is promised to last for years.

Lush New York uses high-quality Soy wax to manufacture the candles, which is environment-friendly. Unlike the paraffin wax candles, the soy wax candles do not emit CO2, leave any black marks on the candle jar and lasts longer. More information about the candles can be seen on

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Vinco launches pure and natural aloevera juice and coconut water

Vinco has launched a wide range of nutritional supplements and energy drinks including natural aloe vera juice, coconut water, and mango nectar. The brand is also popular for its high-quality diabetic cookies and many other products, all of which are available online at

The online store features a variety of Vitamin supplements, mango nectar juice, aloevera juice in various bottle sizes, coconut water, healthy cookies and more. Vinco coconut water made using best in quality coconuts is a great source of nutrients and clenching thirst anytime and anywhere. The coconut water comes in two bottle sizes to choose from. Customers have already loved the aloevera juice by Vinco, that comes in a variety of flavors including lime, passion fruit, mango, strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple, peach, coconut and more. Aloevera is known for its skin nourishing, immunity enhancing and digestion improving properties, however, a number of people don’t like the original taste of Aloevera juice which is why Vinco has presented exciting flavor twists to the classic Aloe juice so that more people can incorporate this healthy drink in their lifestyle.

Vinco also offers a variety of healthy and tasty cookies at their online store. These cookies are made with fresh and natural ingredients. The ginger cookies by Vinco are one of the hottest selling items from the online store that is made using fresh ginger that helps in improving digestive process and boosting iron & manganese intake. These cookies have moderate calories which is even lesser than ginger bread.

Vinco also offers sugar-free cookies for diabetics and those who need a sugar-free diet. These cookies are made using maltitol, a sugar substitute that offers sweetness to the cookies with a few calories and no bitter aftertaste like other artificial sweeteners. Apart from the edibles, the company also offers a variety of cell phone accessories including charging kits, iPhone cables, adapters and more. is established by a team of entrepreneurs having huge experience and expertise in the food and beverage industry. The company based in Georgia, delivers a wide range of nutritional supplements, energy drinks, aloe vera juice, cookies and coconut water countrywide.  Going by their motto, ‘Boost Up Your Life’, the company is committed to providing the highest quality of products to their customers. The website is user-friendly and contains detailed information about the products making it easy for the customers to choose.

The products can be seen at

Customers can also make a purchase from the Facebook Page.

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Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live For children's book "Dear Little human: Messages of love and wisdom from Sophia, The Talking Tree” By Author Leantara Shah

Leantara Shah announces Kickstarter campaign for "Messages of wisdom from Sophia the Talking Tree" - a book Empowering Children & Healing Inner Child thru Storytelling

Leantara Shah, founder of the EmpowerME Project, has announced fund raiser campaign on Kickstarter for her book, "Messages of love & wisdom from Sophia the Talking Tree." It is a children’s book packed with inspirational stories that can empower children and provide parents the words and tools needed to support them.

“Human experience is an integral element of all stories and it helps us look at things beyond our personal perspective,” says Leantara Shah. “My stories and characters have been created to inspire children in many ways. Sophia, the Talking Tree is an honest attempt to empower children and prepare them to manage hardships and teaches them to be resilient. I have this dream to inspire & empower the children of the earth through story-telling . One kid at a time. So that they become the change we want to see in the world."

According to the author, people love to read and listen to stories that have an element of human experience and characters that face situations that are similar to what people face in real life. Sophia, the Talking Tree has this concept at the core of all its stories. There are invaluable tools in these stories that can help parents bring up empowered and confident kids.

The tree that the author refers to in her book is a Palaver Tree. They are usually large baobab trees around which people gather and discuss things in Africa which often turn into storytelling sessions. Major celebrations such as weddings, harvests and births are all celebrated under the tree in certain communities. They also meet here to share moments of grief.  Sophia has heard so many stories that she now knew how to talk . She loves children and has lots of stories to share with them, stories which instill a sense of happiness, self-confidence and other positives.

In the book, Sophia introduces children to herself and her 22 friends, says Leantara. They all have great stories and awesome messages to share. These are messages of wisdom and love. They are practical, empowering  and solution-focused according to the author. Sophia, the Talking Tree is a book that children, teenagers and adults will readily identify with as the stories told by Sophia are truly universal. After all and according to Sophia the talking Tree, the earth is only filled with children, the little humans as she calls them, the actual kids and the children hidden behind each adult.

Each story in the book is of three pages and there are 22 characters narrating one story each in this first volume of Sophia, the Talking Tree. The author has planned three more volumes that will have a total of 88 characters. Leantara also intends to develop a lesson-plan and curriculum aimed at caregivers and Teachers, in order for the book to be used in schools. For the author, it is about reinventing traditional storytelling by giving it a modern and digital  twist . Leantara hopes to turn Sophia the talking tree  stories into an app, an audiobook, a podcast and an animated movie.

In the first page which is created as a poster, the children will meet the character and get the core message conveyed by the character and the hashtags. The second page will go deeper into the discovery of the whereabouts of the character while the third page will have role play elements.

And create true interactivity and dialogue with the parents. Awesome stickers meant to share the awesome messages learnt from the book are also included at the end of the book. 

The topics covered include dealing with differences, self-confidence, happiness, bullying, slow-learning, self-esteem, ADHD, body image, hygiene, nutrition, friendships and much more.  

For example, “I follow my dreams” Ingrid is a swan ostrich who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina at the Opera of Paris. Her story talks about believing in one-self, dreaming big and daring! (Hashtags #idream big#iampossible #Idare)

I “love myself no matter what” Bob is a tiger who dreams to be a fairy princess, not usual for a tiger so this story talks about loving acceptance, about gender bias, about daring to be your true-self and questions our definition of normality.(hashtags #ilovemyself #Beingdifferentisok #fairytiger)

The fundraiser campaign started on Kickstarter will attempt to raise $33,300 for bringing this book to life and dealing with various costs associated with the project

About Sophia, the Talking Tree:

"Dear Little human: messages of love and wisdom from Sophia, the Talking Tree" is an endeavor of author Leantara Shah. The children’s book has stories narrated by Sophia the talking tree where she introduces us to 22 different characters. All the stories are packed with elements that will inspire and empower children. There are words and tools that parents can use to support their precious kids and instill a sense of self-confidence and happiness in them. A real first aid book for all parents and caregivers.

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Aernout Arends Turns To Indiegogo To Fund The Ambitious PYOUR Audio Project

Aernout Arends announces launch of campaign on Indiegogo for PYOUR Audio project.

Aernout Arends, product designer and musician, has announced that his Indiegogo campaign is now live. The campaign is hoping to raise a fixed goal fund of $144,500 for the PYOUR Audio project. It is basically a set of smart headphones that works differently than the conventional headphones.

“For a true music lover, music is emotion and emotion is at the core of our existence,” says Aernout Arends. “PYOUR Audio products symbolize music and that’s why we have created these smart headphones that help you hear music the way it is meant to sound regardless of your auricular abilities. Our headphone delivers music complete with all the finer details that you cannot enjoy with ordinary headphones.”

According to Arends, the hardware manufactured by Parrot (Zik 3), contains a special firmware that allow listeners to do things that’s not possible with any other headphone.  It adapts the sound to the hearing ability of the user and they can hear music just as it is meant to sound.

All it takes is a simple but highly accurate hearing test and the app will then calculate the best sound setting for the user and program it into the headphones. PYOUR Audio products offer a great way of rediscovering music. Users can also know the sound level that their ears are being exposed to. The innovatively designed and technologically superior headphones can limit the sound exposure. This is a highly useful feature that can help in protecting ears from noise induced hearing loss. The frequency response of the headphone can also be amended to the personal preference and taste of the user.

The PYOUR Audio headphone also offers the standard features of Parrot Zik3 such as noise cancellation, street mode, wireless charge, wireless streaming, presence sensor, and flight mode. It also changes text to speech to announce the name of an incoming call. Users can also control volume and track from the touchpad on the headphone.

Aernout Arends says that PYOUR Audio is the most versatile and personal sound system and without doubt the best sounding headphone available on the market. It is highly recommended for those have suffered hearing problems over the years. It is also the best way to protect ears against noise induced hearing loss through the use of headphones.

PYOUR Audio is committed to making products that will change the way people listen to music and establish that missing emotional connect listeners once had with their favorite tunes.

The prototype of the ZIK3 with custom firmware is ready. The team at Absolute Audio Labs founded by Aernout Arends have also completed and tested a Beta version of the PYOUR Audio app on iOS and Android.

The Indiegogo funding campaign has a target of $144,500. Aernout Arends is hopeful that they will be successful in raising the targeted funds.

About PYOUR Audio:

PYOUR Audio products have been designed to deliver music in its true and finest form to music lovers. The audio pack includes a Parrot ZIK3 headphone with special software and a simple, user-friendly app for restoring the enjoyment factor in music. The sound system can also prevent hearing loss through sustained use of headphones. PYOUR Audio products is all about rediscovering music.

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Robin Grey Philosophy Driven Fashion Project Fundraiser Campaign Goes Live On Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign goes live for Robin Grey Philosophy Driven Fashion project.

Robin Grey takes the Kickstarter route to fund their Philosophy Driven Project. Robin Grey is the in-house fashion brand of GreyC2, a path-breaking fashion enterprise that’s focused on promoting a philosophy driven lifestyle with elements like curiosity, balance and courage.

“Our vision is to create fashion that is creative, customizable and designed for a better world,” says the spokesperson for GreyC2.  “Our philosophically driven fashion includes ethically hand-made alpaca wool coats. We are focused on the goal to change the fashion supply chain and want to invest in South African local production.”

GreyC2 believes that fashion must not only be creative and customizable but also must be produced in sync with our ecosystem. The company’s Robin Grey line of fashion products are made of materials that make users feel the beauty of nature on their skin.

For GreyC2, fashion industry and business represents vivid looks and involves use of innovative working models. They believe in putting people before profit. The fashion industry is unique as it functions truly around humans. The industry is equally focused on makers and consumers. This was the vision that GreyC2 had when they took the first steps towards creating a design brand that’s centered purely on humans.

According to the company spokesperson, there are some unique coat attributes of the Robin Grey brand name that can make it a winner and game-changer in the fashion game. The key focus is on reducing fabric waste and promoting a completely different approach towards shopping. There will be absolutely no compromise on three specifications while creating made to order coats. These are perfect fit, unique design and impact driven.

At GreyC2, all Robin Grey coats are made to order and there are no stocks on hand at any time. The guarantee of perfect fit means that buyers can invest in a luxury coat that’s high on quality and provides the perfect fit to provide comfort and confidence. Buyers just have to follow the size chart and measuring instructions to find out their ideal size curve. A few personal adjustments will be made to achieve the perfect fit.

Robin Grey coats have colors that have been naturally blended to get the desired shades. Unique design of these coats comes from the hand drawn screen prints that create a sense of individuality. No two Robin Grey coats will ever be the same. The screen print has been developed in-house and showcases the makers representation of South African design.

Robin Grey business policy involves exploring the best social and environmental practices that are the key ingredients of a social business. They have developed a sense of metrics that provide buyers insights into the impact journey of the coats they order.

The crowdfunding goal they hope to meet from their Kickstarter campaign page is CHF 10,000. There are several exciting rewards on offer for campaign contributors.

About Robin Grey: Philosophy Driven Fashion

Robin Grey suits by GreyC2 are ethically hand-made alpaca wool coats designed with the aim of introducing an element of change to the existing fashion supply chain. The company wants to invest in South African local production. There are several changes that GreyC2 aims to introduce through their Robin Grey line of fashion wear. Key to the Robin Grey coats are three specifications: Perfect Fit, Unique Design and Impact Driven.

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Kelsey Armor Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Funding The Broken Series Project

Kelsey Armor starts fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for The Broken Series.

Wannabe author, Kelsey Armor has announced that her campaign on Kickstarter is on and running for her set of three books collectively called The Broken Series. Kelsey has a passion for writing and will be completing these books soon and released for the general public.

“I have planned three books in the Broken Series starting with the Broken Heart, Broken Soul and the last will be Broken Mind,” says Kelsey while providing details of her pet project. “The Kickstarter campaign has been initiated to raise funds for getting all the three books edited and published. The first book has been completed; the second is half way through and the third is in progress in the mind.”

Kelsey has a BA in History and two minors in Psychology and English. A native of Fredericton, Canada, she graduated from Saint Thomas University last year. Kelsey loves writing and started blogging just recently to express some of her theories and metaphors to the world. According to the writer, she has a good idea of where and how the books will end and how the storyline will be. However, when it comes to the finer details of the book, she tends to go with the flow.

The Broken Series will have three books.

Broken Heart is the first book in the series and is complete. The key main characters of this book as well as of the other two books in the series are Ruby, Kevin and Chris. Broken heart is a story about the character Ruby and her home life. The story traces her travails while she gets kidnapped for her family's money.

The second book in the Broken Series is Broken Soul. According to Kelsey, the book is already half way through. Apart from Ruby, Kevin and Chris, this book also has a character by the name of Paul. The element of mystery in this book is a voice. In the second book, Ruby gets reunited with her father.

The Broken Mind brings up the final part of this three book series. The mysterious voice which joined the other characters in the second book, Broken Soul, becomes clearer in this final piece. The Broken Mind traces the challenges and the troubles that Ruby has been through a period of less than a year. The author captures the circumstances which drives her to mental instability during this period.

The project has been started by Kelsey a few years back. But she was unable to complete it because of school and jobs. She now has more time to devote to the project and hopes to focus completely on it. 

Kelsey Armor's Indiegogo project has a target of CA $8,000 which will be utilized for publishing and promotion of the book. You can support the project online and received various rewards listed on the page.

About The Broken Series:

The Broken Series is a three-book project by writer and blogger, Kelsey Armor. The three books in the series are Broken Heart, Broken Soul and Broken Mind. Kelsey Armor has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for completing, editing, and publishing the book.

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RenewGlow Joins Social Media Platform, Facebook, To Provide Educational Resources and Connect Customers

It comes as no surprise that many businesses and companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon. With little evidence to suggest that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon will be disappearing any time soon, these avenues are helping to create a sense of community and engagement among followers.

31 August, 2017 - With summer underway, people are actively looking for ways to maintain radiant, healthy looking skin and hair. Whether it's minimizing the signs of aging, smoothing out their overall complexion, or increasing the volume of their lackluster locks, skincare and haircare is more important than ever. RenewGlow, a product created at the Skin Research Institute, is specially designed to encourage collagen production and boost Biotin levels, keeping skin and hair looking both luxurious and healthy. With potent ingredients such as Gotu Kola, a perennial native to the wetlands of Asian known for its restorative skincare properties as well as hair thickening and strengthening, RenewGlow helps users reclaim their youthful appearance. 

Rachel Moore, a customer service manager at the Skin Research Institute recently spoke about an exciting development for RenewGlow: "We (SRI) have always been committed to helping our customers to the best of our ability. Overall skincare is of the utmost importance to us. That being said, we wanted RenewGlow to be more than just a product; we wanted to help educate and create a community online."
Recently, RenewGlow joined many other companies and businesses on Facebook. The goal has not been solely to market a product, but to educate people about the importance of proactive skincare and haircare, sun damage, and the benefits of nutritional choices, and to be able to answer questions efficiently. Followers are able to delve into immersive content -- they can explore current articles regarding best skincare practices, try out DIY hair masks and face toners, read educational material on sun exposure and heat damage caused by daily blow drying and hair curling, and swap experiences with other members. 
"We've received great feedback regarding our Facebook page so far. Our users enjoy feeling like they're apart of an online community and like that they are able to receive responses to questions quickly," says Rachel. "While we stand behind the quality of RenewGlow, the health and happiness of our customers is our top priority." 
To learn more about RenewGlow, visit

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Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D, Candidly Discusses How Genetic Testing is Not a Thing of the Future, But of the Present

Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Bioinformatics Lab at The University of Toledo. He also serves as the Head of the Genetics Division at The Cellular Research Institute where he has utilized his current cutting-edge knowledge and research to create an accessible at-home genetics test.

31 August, 2017 - Alexei Fedorov, Ph. D., is not a newcomer to the field of genetics. With over 35 years of experience, he has designed, guided, and completed numerous scientific research studies, including 18 different bioinformatic projects, and scholarly papers he's written have been cited and referred to hundreds of times. It has been his unfailing commitment and lifelong goal to advancing the human genome that led to his work with The Cellular Research Institute, specifically CRI Genetics.

In a recent interview, Fedorov, Ph.D., discussed his work with CRI Genetics and the importance of cultivating and understanding the human genome in the 21st Century: "Not long ago, genetic testing was something many people believed was a thing of the future, something reserved for special circumstances or people with money. Luckily, for us today, this is no longer true. Genetic testing is not a trend, but a viable area of study that can provide us, and our families, with important information that will help the progress of human life. Who wouldn't want to be part of that?"

Perhaps what makes Fedorov's work with CRI Genetics ( particularly note-worthy lies in the analysis of data. Using a combination of Genetics and Anthropology, Fedorov established a new system that compares a person's DNA to 642,824 genetic markers backed by scientific research to provide the most relevant tracing of ancestry.

When asked about what this specific type of analysis means for the average person, Fedorov stated: "By comparing a DNA sample to only 642,824 genetic markers, we are able to provide the most statistically likely estimation of a person's ancestry without skewing results."

Fedorov continues to honor his goal of advancing the human genome into new frontiers by furthering his research and sharing his knowledge of genetics with others. "Genetics can open many doors for us as a species - it can help us understand our ancestry, but also live healthier and happier lives because we have the ability to know what medical predispositions lie in our genes and can choose to be proactive. Gone are the days where people waited in the doctor's office to get answers."

To learn more, visit

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The Boulder Group Arranges Sale of Net Leased ATI Physical Therapy

Randy Blankstein and Jimmy Goodman of The Boulder Group represented the seller in the transaction; a Midwest private partnership

The Boulder Group, a net leased investment brokerage firm, has completed the sale of a single tenant ATI Physical Therapy located at 4765 Jackson Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan for $2,444,760.

The 8,200 square foot property is positioned along Jackson Road just west of the University of Michigan, considered one of the foremost research universities in the United States. The property is situated in a strong retail corridor with interchangeable access to Interstate-94 (83,600 VPD).  Retailers located in the area include Lowe’s Home Improvement, Meijer, CVS Pharmacy, Sherwin-Williams and a number of national banks and quick service restaurants.  The average household income within a one mile radius of the property is in excess of $155,000 annually.

Randy Blankstein and Jimmy Goodman of The Boulder Group represented the seller in the transaction; a Midwest private partnership.  The purchaser was also a Midwest private partnership.

ATI Physical Therapy has over 11 years remaining on their lease which expires in January 2029.  The lease features 2% annual rental escalations in the primary term and in each of the 5-year renewal option periods. The property recently underwent a complete renovation to accommodate the tenant.  ATI Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic private practice that focuses on providing high-quality rehabilitation services. ATI Physical Therapy was named the "Best Physical Therapy Practice" in the nation by Advance Magazine for performing exceptionally strong in all areas of assessment including patient care and growth, employee training and retention, services, community presence, facilities, and company expansion.

“Well located single tenant assets with solid real estate fundamentals continue to be in the greatest demand,” said Randy Blankstein, President of The Boulder Group.  Jimmy Goodman, Partner of The Boulder Group, added, “Service based tenants continue to be at the forefront of investor demand because they are e-commerce resistant.”

About The Boulder Group

The Boulder Group is a boutique investment real estate service firm specializing in single tenant net lease properties. The firm provides a full range of brokerage, advisory, and financing services nationwide to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes high net worth individuals, developers, REITs, partnerships and institutional investment funds. Founded in 1997, the firm has arranged the acquisition and disposition of over $4 billion of single tenant net lease real estate transactions. From 2011-2016, the firm was ranked in the top 10 companies in the nation for single tenant retail transactions by both Real Capital Analytics and CoStar. The Boulder Group is headquartered in suburban Chicago.

For more information, visit:

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