Thursday, July 6, 2017

Military Veteran Diagnosed With Pstd Creates Strong Online Presence

6 July, 2017 - Canadian military veteran, Patrick Vaillancourt who was diagnosed with PSTD proudly announces his eagerness to make his resource content platform known to the general public. Patrick Vaillancourt was also hit by a car and diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression once again. He recently moved across the country to Vancouver Island for his mental health issues. Patrick feels he needs to take a step back; this made him leave Toronto where he used to live, as he found it too stressful to cope.

It has been a dark and obscure time since Patrick got diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; this prompted his turn to the use of trending social media platforms. Patrick’s love for social media increases massively at a geometric rate, during his dark and lonely time. There was no one to listen to him, not even the slightest concern from anyone.

No one could ever pray for such moments. He had no choice than turn to social media. He later began interacting with people around the world, telling stories, related to mental health and other captivating topics.

Patrick Vaillancourt’s online image is predicated around mental health. He believes his Thor look symbolizes strength and heroism.

“Because of what I experienced in life, I needed that ‘HERO’ image to look up to… Patrick Vaillancourt.


Patrick started a social media branding business to create awareness for people about his contents. Patrick posts resource materials on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and viral videos on YouTube. “I’m here for you" is a video on his YouTube channel - pbjvaillancourt, that went viral and became a huge thing in the social media world.

Timtowa is a fast rising social media branding business, established by Patrick Vaillancourt.  The company specializes in Digital Branding, Monitoring & Interaction, Email & Mobile Campaigns and Brand Story Telling.

The Certified Social Media Strategists at Timtowa  are very excellent at creating brand stories for businesses, publish it to the world via social media and other means, Timtowa’s service includes full monitoring and interacting with customers on social media platforms of clients, build a viable list of potential and existing customers. A visit to the Timtowa site would help choose the most suitable package for every business.

About Timtowa

Timtowa is an agency that connects the bridges for companies that don’t have the resources, time, people, or expertise to get a long return on digital marketing.  Timtowa is a team of professionals that work closely together to solve our client’s business problems in innovative ways. We understand that building a brand is crucial for a growing business. Digital Branding remains the most powerful tool any business would employ to achieve great success.

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