Friday, July 7, 2017

Mf Blake And Publishers Released Book 1 Of The Sunshine Series - Sunshine At The Academy

July 7, 2017 - Winning writer MF Blake and Sunshine Publishing have announced the release and sales of the first book in the sunshine series titled SUNSHINE AT THE ACADEMY.

Sunshine at the Academy is a sci-fi book, for young adults. Loved by fans of the Harry Potter, Twilight, Divergent and Vampire Academy series, it is a futuristic Cinderella story, set in space. It has a strong female lead character.

The Book ‘Sunshine at the Academy’ was released today on the Amazon Kindle platform.

The book is inspiring and fascinating as readers who got access to the first produced copies have tagged it.

“Wow! What an interesting write-up, made up of an incredible piece, I love this work” - Philips. M


Every year, each of the humanoid planets in the United Universe select two seventeen-year-old students to attend the Academy, a four-year program on a cruiser that travels through space. The students train with their humanoid peers to become Ambassadors tasked with ensuring the continued peace, harmony, and security of the known Universe. Sunshine Blue Mountain, from the planet Baatar, is one such student. Sunny is faced with the challenges of leaving home for the first time, navigating new relationships, and encountering unwanted trouble at every turn, all while training to be a model representative of her planet. A goal made even more challenging by the irresistible pull she feels towards the warrior-race boy with the striking blue eyes. This is the story of her first year at the Academy. 

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