Thursday, July 6, 2017

FreeHosting Offers Email On Demand Service To Help Enterprises Of All Sizes Meet Their Business Needs

Email On Demand
FreeHosting offers email on demand to match the size and needs of every business.

FreeHosting, the innovative free and professional web hosting service is now offering email on demand. Companies looking for a dependable and affordable email hosting plan can use the service to enjoy a great business communication experience.

“We are delighted to announce our email on demand plan that can help every type of business find the best possible solution for their business communication needs,” says the spokesperson for FreeHosting. The plan comes with a number of features carefully designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Our email on demand is the total package you were looking for and we have provided it in a seamless and professional quality business communication system.”

In the email on demand plan from FreeHosting, there are no limits for the number of emails that companies or individuals can use. They can incorporate all the email accounts they need into the plan absolutely free. All the features of the plan can also be shared among all the domain mailboxes and allocated according to the needs of the enterprise.

The service comes with the option of flexible storage for all email accounts. Companies can manage their storage and distribute their emails based on the storage needs of each email account. Domain storage size can be upgraded when needed.

FreeHosting email on demand service allows users to choose the exact number of email deliveries they need for individual email accounts linked to their domain. A simple upgrade process can be used to increase domain capacity on current plans. Companies can also limit the deliveries on each mailbox by using the email on demand plan by simply modifying the hourly/daily email sending plans from their webmail settings. They can also conveniently monitor the delivery reports.

The service also offers free email deliveries within the same domain accounts. The number of emails sent within the domain will not be deducted from the email limits set for the domain, making email management easier and affordable for enterprises of all types and sizes.

The email on demand service also comes with highly valuable and efficient tools that companies can use to batch create email accounts and batch import their email messages from a previously used email provider. To make things easy during the migration process, FreeHosting offers the support of a technical team for comprehensive assistance.

Some of the other major benefits of using the email hosting service of FreeHosting include speed and a high level of reliability. They also offer a proven, flexible and efficient anti-spam filter. Companies can benefit from the auto reply, filters and redirecting features for a great email management experience.

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About FreeHosting:

FreeHosting is a reliable and reputed name in website and email hosting. The service is bought to users through Simple Host Informática. The company has its headquarters in Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil and operates their servers through their data center in Dallas, TX. They offer their web hosting and email services to clients in the US and other markets across the world.

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