Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Asians Westernized with Cosmetic Surgery - Is It Really Necessary?

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The aesthetic standards of Asians are changing because of western influences but beauty is subjective.

Do you prefer the big eyes, high noses, sharp chins and rich apple cheeks of a western woman or the more gentle facial contours and facial features of an Asian? Because everyone’s different, there’s going to be mixed opinions, varying aesthetic standards. But we’re going to say that we believe there is a slight deviation towards the western beauty side, otherwise why on earth would there be so many Asians undergoing plastic surgery?

That’s right, recently on China’s biggest Sports forum “”, the new goddesses have been selected by the public – Gao Yuan Yuan and Chingmy Yau. Although celebrities from eras, their appearances share similar features. They’ve got the big eyes, high noses, sharp chins and rich apple cheeks! We can probably almost be certain that they did have plastic surgery at one point in their lives. But the most important thing is aesthetic standards of Asians now – they now believe those with the facial characteristics of western women are more beautiful – more beautiful than those with authentic Asian features. And not only men think this, women too.

But why is this? Well it’s all because of Hollywood and its global influence on the fashion of other countries. The United States and Europe both stand in fashion’s forefront, and with Asians being more and more in contact with Western culture, their aesthetic standards are subconsciously changing. This is why Asians now believe face the small faces, sharp chins, deep eyes and high noses of western women is what is called “beauty”.

By genetic decision, Asian women are characterized by the Phoenix eyes and more flat and soft facial contours and facial features. In order to keep up with western aesthetic standards, many Asian stars, and even ordinary people, are changing their appearances through cosmetic surgery.

Beauty is an extremely subjective phenomenon. Everyone has their own aesthetic standards. Despite this, women shouldn’t be criticized for undergoing cosmetic surgery as a means of beautifying themselves. However, men should not define beauty as a women with western facial features. The oriental beauty of Asian women is also a very unique attractiveness, worthy of pride. Besides, apart from outer beauty, there’s also inner beauty, which is also very important when looking for your other half. Some people say those with self-confidence are the most beautiful.

How about your other half? Ask her what she thinks about cosmetic surgery. What’s her definition of beauty – the bold three-dimensional beauty of the west or subtle soft oriental beauty of the east? And don’t forget to say to her “You’re so beautiful today!”

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