Friday, May 30, 2014

Chanel launches the first perfume bumper case in paris in 25th MAY

May 30, 2014. Chanel launches the first perfume bumper case in paris, To commemorate the 93th year from the birth of the first bottle of Chanel perfume - “CHANEL N°5”, clear and crystal, it has square bottle shape, neat lines, 525 pcs of Swarovski diamonds, it shows simple style of Chanel by very low-key luxury. Chanel shows love to Apple, says that Samsung is too out,Chanel will not do anything to fit Samsung.

Chanel launched its first perfume “CHANEL N°5” at 25th MAY, which is very iconic. “CHANEL N°5” is compounded by former tsarist palace perfumer Ernest Beaux. Why the name is N°5, as madame chanel chose the sample no.5 from all the samples perfumer made, and thus the perfume got its name the No 5. For Chanel, the number five was especially esteemed as signifying the eternal and classic of a thing, its spirit, is still the ultimates symbol of the female beautify. Keira Knightley is chosen to endorse Perfume bumper case, Keira Knightley is very temptation and amorous, this time the flavour is full of ambiguous,you will got captured at that one-second moment.

Karl Lagerfeld, Artistic Director of Chanel is asked why not released the perfume bumper case for Samsung, Karl Lagerfeld does not hesitate to say no, “We will not a thing for Samsung, as the culture of Samsung is incompatible with Chanel.”

Some funny Chinese reporters ask,why not launch the perfume bumper case earlier, it has sell in taobao for many months, Karl Lagerfeld says “Chinese is very sensitive, but that are not Chanel’s” very tactfully.


Chanel Perfume Bumper case, using the antibacterial materials from Germany,with 525 PCS of swarovski diamonds, as anniversary of the birth of the first bottle of Chanel perfume bumper released at 25th may.

The price of the perfume bumper case is 525 usd, the chinese influx of women, can you hold this time?

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