Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Recruit and Retain Millennial Talent With a Magnetic Company Culture

Brett Trapp, a former vice president of Booster Enterprises appeared recently on The Road Ahead show, hosted by Jared Nichols. He shared insights gained working within an almost exclusively Millennial age company of 500 employees.

Washington D.C. - October 31, 2017 - Millennial age employees, seemingly more than Gen-Xers before them, have a reputation for being entitled, difficult to manage and even harder to retain. And according to Brett Trapp, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

“To me, it all comes back to company culture. That may be the key thing to attracting and retaining Millennial workers." Trapp says that the volume of social media and blog posts decrying the lazy, entitled Millennial generation doesn’t jibe at all with his own experience of nearly 12 years at Booster.

“We never dealt with or fought with people defecting or leaving after one year for greener pastures—because we were the greener pasture. And that goes back to leadership,” he added. “I think from a Millennial perspective it comes down to ‘am I valued, am I trusted.’ I think if you have Millennials who are unresponsive or seemingly checked-out or disengaged, I think that is a leadership problem.”

As he started with Booster in 2005 when the company was a three-person startup, Trapp says he witnessed hundreds of Millennials join the company and build long-term careers there.

“My perspective was, as their manager, their engagement is on me. If my team is disengaged or not all there, it is a leadership problem. It is my job to create a narrative and create a vision that is compelling to them,” he says.

By focusing on creating a compelling and emotionally engaging vision for Millennial employees, and their role within that vision, Trapp believes managers and employers will see a totally different Millennial employee ‘show up’ than the stereotypical one.

Trapp was interviewed for The Road Ahead, a popular weekly podcast for small business owners, hosted and produced by Jared Nichols in partnership with the National Small Business Association. He is the former Executive Vice President of Client Experience for Booster Enterprises. Booster’s primary offering is the Boosterthon Fun Run, the preferred fitness fundraiser for America’s top schools. Boosterthon’s 500+ team members, fully 90% of which Trapp estimates to be Millennials, help raise more than $40 million dollars for education each year through Boosterthon events.

The NSBA, one of the oldest national business associations in America, celebrating its 80th anniversary as the voice of small business in Washington D.C. The weekly podcast is hosted and produced by Jared Nichols. The Road Ahead show caters to a growing audience of thousands of entrepreneurs from across the country, with its unique focus on issues affecting small business owners.

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Ipe Woods USA announces the launch of its new website and offer of free shipping on its Ipe decking

Leading online supplier of Ipe Wood, Ipe Woods USA has announced its offer of free shipping and reduced prices on its range of Ipe Decking

Ipe Woods USA is one of the leading suppliers of online Ipe wood, with some quarters regarding the outfit as the “#1 Ipe Wood Supplier Online”, offering high quality Ipe wood at extremely affordable prices. The company recently announced the start of its free shipping offer on two of its Ipe decking wood, while maintaining its remarkably affordable prices.

Ipe Woods is one of the very few wood types with features that make it endearing not only to builders and contracting companies, but also to intending homeowners. The durability, hardness, resistance to rot, weather and abrasion are some of the unique features of Ipe wood or lumber as the case may be. The features of the wood have made it particularly popular for decking, providing a beautiful anddurable deck for the home. Majorly found in South America and some parts of Central America, Ipe wood also called Brazilian nut is not easily found and builders have often had to resolve to using inferior wood types or pay exorbitantly for high quality Ipe wood.

Ipe Woods USA has however stepped in to solve the problem of easy accessibility to Ipe wood for the different purposes it serves. The company offers a wide range of Ipe wood solutions including Ipe wood for decking, fencing, and siding amongst others. Ipe Woods USA also provides treatment, accessories and other such services required to bring a beautiful finish to the work.

Ipe Woods USA aims to help anyone and everyone get the best possible Ipe without necessarily breaking the bank. This is done by offering exotic Brazilian hardwood decking at the lowest possible price and a team of team of friendly customer service agents to ensure complete satisfaction.

Ipe Woods USA also ships directly to the buyer’s doorstep or job site anywhere across the globe, using use several carriers to ensure the lowest prices and fastest delivery possible.

About Ipe Woods USA

Ipe Woods USA is an online wood supplier specializing in only Ipe woods. Ipe is known to be the best wood for many purposes due to its durability and hardness. Ipe Woods USA therefore makes it possible for persons that want the best wood to get it at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality. This informed the setting up Ipe Woods USA and the easy to navigate website.

Ipe Woods USA has more than 100 pickup locations to ensure customer convenience, while also shipping directly to the buyer’s doorstep or job site. The primary aim of Ipe Woods is to provide the lowest cost, highest quality Ipe wood to customers in the lower 48 states, with multiple shipping locations in the U.S.A.

The previous press release was printed in error. Rainforest Alliance and Ipe Woods USA are not affiliated.

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Windows to Distant Places: An Inspiring Art Project launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, Windows to Distant Places is a High Quality, Limited Edition Wall Art Project!

Allenn Montilla is an inspiring artist from Miami, Florida and he is known for his skills in photography, painting and filmmaking. Allenn is the creator of ‘Windows to Distant Places’ project and this particular project is the artist’s very first series of photographs in high quality print form. The artist is now welcoming people from around the world to back and support this project and get some of the most scenic rewards for their contributions.

“It is a limited edition run of the most heartfelt photographs I have created during the last 5 years while traveling to distant places in search of moments that make you feel.” Said Allenn Montilla, while introducing the project on Kickstarter. Moreover, Allenn is offering several amazing rewards to the supporters and everyone is being welcomed to make contribution in the initiative. Furthermore, the series will be printed on two different formats of UltraHD Photo Paper Print and Metal Print that will be of museum quality.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/850503700/windows-to-distant-places and supporters from around the world can own a piece of this exclusive artwork by making pledges and donations to the project. The goal of this campaign is to raise a sum of $6000 and pledges can range from $5 to $1000 or more, with each pledge offering a great reward.

About Windows to Distant Places

Windows to Distant Places is an inspiring art project launched by a Miami based artist Allenn Montilla. The project aims at bringing some of the most amazing photos from around the world to the living rooms of art lovers worldwide and it is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Each article of this artwork will be exclusive and will be made with museum quality of perfection. More details regarding the project are available on its Kickstarter campaign page. 

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Address:225 W Heather Dr.
State: Florida
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/850503700/windows-to-distant-places

iPen: The Safest 3D Printing Pen for Children launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, iPen is a Low Temperature 3D Printing Pen that is Absolutely Safe for Children!

The all new iPen is a 3D printing pen that is designed especially for children. Unlike most modern 3D pens in production, iPen is a low temperature 3D pen and all the research and development conducted for this pen has been focused primarily to keep children safe while using it.,because it doesn’t have to be plugged in. Moreover, the pen is developed by wincoud, a young, dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial team from China and they have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this amazing 3D printing pen for children.

“We take pride in popularizing 3D printing knowledge to students in school and we are the first company cooperate with schools in China to establish 3D printing classrooms.” Said the spokesperson of wincoud, while introducing the pen on Kickstarter. According to the spokesperson, the iPen is packed with state of the art features that can enable children as well as adults to use this pen safely, while exercising their creativity and artistic talents.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/wincoud/ipen-a-real-safe-pen-for-children and supporters from all across the world can get this pen for their children by making pledges and donations to this crowdfunding campaign. Pledges can range from HK$ 8 to HK$ 1162 or more and each pledge offers a great reward with worldwide shipping. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About iPen

iPen is an innovative and technologically sophisticated 3D pen that is safe and reliable for children. Developed by wincoud, the pen is now being crowdfunded at Kickstarter and the company is welcoming parents and teachers from around the world to support them and get this pen as a reward from anywhere in the world. 

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State: Guangdong province
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Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/wincoud/ipen-a-real-safe-pen-for-children

Space Antimatter: A Unique Cards Game launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, Space Antimatter is an Amazing Strategic Card Game to Rule the Space!

Space Antimatter is an all new strategic card game, which is the first of its kind and it is all about space warfare and combat outside the planet earth. The creators of this galactic card game have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for the game on Kickstarter. Moreover, the game is packed with amazing features and offers amazing options throughout the gameplay to keep its players interested and entertained.

"Space cards in this game can be used for attacking the enemy, getting resources or winning the game by collecting families of space cards.” Said the spokesperson of Space Antimatter while talking about the card game. The game features 41 different space cards and each card offers a different possibility. The team behind this game is now welcoming everyone to generously back this project on Kickstarter and they are offering several great rewards including the card game itself to the backers with worldwide shipping.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/552226056/space-antimatter and the goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise a sum of EUR 25,000. Each pledge made to this campaign offers a great reward and more details regarding this project available on the Kickstarter campaign. Pledges made in this campaign can range from EUR 1 to EUR 60 and the standard box of this game can be obtained for as low as EUR 17.

About This Project

Space Antimatter is an all new space themed cards game that is full of fun. The card game is packed with several great features and the central theme of this game is the future of humanity in space as well as the space colonization and combatting. The creators of this game have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and support, welcoming everyone to generously back the project on the crowdfunding platform.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Santiago Forcada Pardo
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Country: Spain
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/552226056/space-antimatter

Radiesthesia Project: An Integral Online Dowsing Teaching Program launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, The Project is launched by a Swiss Energy Therapist & Dowser!

Pascal, an energy therapist and dowser from Switzerland has proudly announced the launch of Radiesthesia Project. The project now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and it is all about the creation of a smart and modern course of dowsing to help people from around the world in finding natural water underground. And much more ! Pascal is now welcoming everyone to generously support him on Kickstarter and he aims on making this project accessible to everyone to learn at home on a simple and efficient way.

“With this project, there will be no need for prerequisites and the formation is open to everyone from 15 to 150 years old,” said Pascal, the creator of this project, while launching it on Kickstarter. “The course is based on three eBooks accompanied by videos and some bonuses, all downloadable directly from your home,” he added. According to Pascal, the ancient technique of dowsing is one of his keen passions and he now wants to share his knowledge with the world.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/pascalsutter/radiesthesia-project-projet-radiesthesie and supporters from around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. Each pledge offers a great reward and more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About Radiesthesia Project

Radiesthesia Project is launched by a Swiss energy therapist and dowsing expert to help people of all age groups and background to find water underground. His name is Pascal and he is determined to share his knowledge with the world through this project. With a recently launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, he is now welcoming everyone to generously support him on the crowdfunding platform in order to make this project a reality. 

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Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/pascalsutter/radiesthesia-project-projet-radiesthesie

Blue Zipper launches Kickstarter Campaign for Fabrics with Benefits™!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, The Project will Bring Polyester Free Pants, Addressing Microfiber Water Pollution!

Blue Zipper, Fabrics with Benefits™ has proudly announced that it is introducing the most versatile and comfortable pants for everyday use. The American clothing brand has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for these cotton, moisture wicking pants that are designed for the outdoor use of the everyday man. The project has a goal to raise a sum of $24,000 via Kickstarter and everyone is being welcomed to contribute generously.

“We are proudly introducing the most comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly, polyester free, moisture wicking twill pant on the market.” Said the spokesperson of Blue Zipper, while introducing the pant on Kickstarter. “It took us three years to develop, with two different mills in the US, which developed at least three prototypes to get our signature fabric right.” He added. Moreover, the pants are available in several color options, designs and a wide range of sizes.

Following are some of the key features of this pant:

  • Polyester Free

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Fast Absorbing

  • Quick Drying

  • 96% Cotton

  • Antimicrobial

  • Breathable, Soft & Durable

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/520068487/polyester-free-pants-addressing-microfiber-water-p and supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges and donations. Each pledge offers a great reward and more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

About This Project

Blue Zipper is an American clothing brand that has developed the ultimate pant after three years of consistent research and development in two different mills in the United States. The result is a pant that is durable, high quality and comfortable like no other. They are now offering this pant via Kickstarter and supporters from around the world can back this project to claim the pant as their reward, as the company is offering this amazing pant with worldwide shipping. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Blue Zipper
Contact Person: Stuart Berman
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Phone: 410.243.1804
Address:5 West Biddle Street
City: Baltimore
State: Maryland
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Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/520068487/polyester-free-pants-addressing-microfiber-water-p

ITAL Collective launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Unique Hemp Collaborations!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, The Project is Inspired by Art & Nature!

Art Meets Nature is an inspiring new creative initiative of ITAL Collective, a California based company engaged in the manufacturing of Hemp and organic fibers products in collaboration with artist from all over the world. The project will promote art collaborations and mural-making by unique and sustainable hemp made products. Moreover, the creators of this project have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and support. They are welcoming everyone to generously back them.

“Despite official US policy points away from cleaner production, we are a new company based in Oceanside, California celebrating art in all its forms through collaborations with artists and delivering eco-friendly apparel made out of Hemp, Organic Cotton, and recycled PET fibers,” said the spokesperson of ITAL Collective, while introducing the project on Kickstarter. The company was started in last August and so far, it has been able to collaborate with seven artists from Berlin, Barcelona, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago.


Hemp fiber was extensively used in the US before the first world war and Navy ropes were made from it, the first Levi’s was made from it too, and many other products until it was banned to see cotton and oil based synthetic fibers take over. The project will revive the use of hemp to use products for everyday usage.


The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/170563513/art-meets-nature-unique-hemp-collaborations and supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges and donations. Each pledge offers a great reward and more details are available on the campaign page on Kickstarter. The goal of this project is to raise a sum of $15,000 and the company is offering these rewards with worldwide shipping.

About Art Meets Nature

Art Meets Nature is an eco-friendly creative project launched by a California based company called ITAL Collective. With a goal to create cultural exchange through mural-making and art practices supported by sustainable, hemp made unique products inspired byart. The project aims at bringing some of the finest artists from the world together on a single platform and bring new culture into public spaces. ITAL is now seeking community support to make that possible. The creators of this project are welcoming everyone to make generous pledges and donations via Kickstarter, in order to make it a success.

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City: Oceanside
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/170563513/art-meets-nature-unique-hemp-collaborations

INSYL: Propelling Children To See The Financial World In A New And Innovative Way

31 October, 2017 - INSYL, a unique and innovative publishing company that strives to educate children about the importance of finance for the future in a playful and fun way, proudly announces the launch of their Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign on the 15th of November 2017.

“There is a universal importance placed on the education of children. Educating children on everyday aspects is fundamental. Traditionally, finance is taught at a later stage in an individual’s education. Here at INSYL, we believe that it’s important to introduce it at an early age and that’s exactly what we are are doing,” says Uros Miketic when talking about the launch of their Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign on the 15th of November 2017.

INSYL have a diverse range of books that cater to the various sections of finance and they have undergone extensive research to ensure that their books have the right materials to teach children topics in the best way possible. Their books propel children to see the financial world in a new and innovative way.

Seeking and exploring the best way possible to educate children about the importance of financial management can be a solid pointer to both self-discovery and a happy life. No one deserves to be restricted from the endless possibilities in exploring the best insight required to flourish and navigate their own financial paths with passion and ease and that is why INSYL is launching their Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign on the 15th of November 2017 in a bid to bring about a redefined experience to financial education, positive psychology, and artistic consciousness like never before.

Their selection of books and study guides will guide wards into a life of factual thinking with the best psychology and belief system. Their affordably priced books ensure that parents do not need to spend heaps of cash to get the best education for their children.

For more information on how to get started, please visit www.insyl.co.uk

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Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.insyl.co.uk

Straight Up Spine and Posture Brings Disc Decompression and Spinal Correction to Waukegan IL

Dr. Ryan Winslow, a Waukegan chiropractor, provides a few unique therapies that you may not have heard of, and they may be the answer you are looking for to finally get your neck pain, back pain or headaches under control.

Besides traditional chiropractic adjustments that help reduce pain and improve range of motion the office is offering disc decompression therapy and non-surgical spinal correction. Both of these FDA-cleared treatments are effective at treating tough pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments in the past.

Disc decompression treats back or neck pain due to a disc bulge or herniation. Some research suggests that disc irritation may be involved in up to 80% of chronic back and neck pain. Decompression is a painless procedure that gently stretches the spine in two different directions, opening up the space between the bones where the disc space is. This allows the disc to be gently “sucked” back into its proper position and restores proper disc height by re-hydrating discs.

Dr. Ryan is the proud holder of an advanced certification in Chiropractic Biophysics®technique. The training and equipment employed in his office allow permanent correction to the shape of the spine to be made without drugs or surgery. Restoring the proper curvature to the neck can dramatically reduce neck pain, chronic muscle tension, and migraine headaches. Plus, this process improves posture which will not only make you look younger and more fit, but it reduces your risk of future neck injuries and spinal degeneration.

Call Straight Up Spine and Posture to see if you are a candidate for any of these advanced treatment options. Dr. Ryan offers free consultations and MRI reviews.


Media Contact
Company Name: Straight Up Spine and Posture
Contact Person: Dr. Ryan Winslow
Email:Send Email
Phone: 224-656-5778
Address:1390 N Green Bay Rd., Suite B
City: Waukegan
State: IL 60085
Country: United States
Website: https://www.straightupspineandposture.com

IPTV streaming platform announces HD quality services at affordable price

Offers addon that works on Kodi, four subscription options, and Smartbox

Southfield, MI - Most people who use cable know how uncomfortable it can be. New technology is changing everything, by taking advantage of cheaper and faster internet to deliver content. Megabyte Streaming is proud to announce the launch of their Kodi Add on that offers access to more than 500 channels. The stream TV provider provides the best of entertainment in movies, live sports, and streams full 1080p content straight to the user’s current TV. To enjoy this service a user requires an internet connection, Megabyte addon, and subscription. Users can also purchase the streambox 2.0 and enjoy HD quality streams with extra memory for storage.

Check the website at http://megabytestreaming.com for more information.

"If you are tired of the limitation of cable and the other issues, try out our stream TV and thank me later. We have more than 500 channels that carry all your favorite shows. Our addon works with IPTV Kodi, and you can also purchase our new Stream Box 2.0 with the latest technology features that will complement your smart TV. What more can you ask from us?", said a representative of Megabyte Streaming.

Enjoy great entertainment in two ways

Quality entertain shouldn't be a luxury but a fundamental right. Megabyte streaming believes in this philosophy, and it is what drives them to offer consumers two great ways to live the perfect life.

Streambox 2.0 – The irresistibly looking, custom designed, android boxes delivers high-quality HD streams. Connect the TV via standard HDMI, enjoy the multifunction keyboard, use the remote, and enjoy micro SD card slot for extra memory.

Megabyte Addon – This is for those who already have a Kodi IPTV running on their mobile device or computer. The addon works like every other Kodi addon and offers full access to the entire Megabyte’s library of channels and content.

"HD and 3D content have never looked good on my TV. Thanks for your incredible technology and service. Thank you also for allowing me to say goodbye to cable troubles, with additional features that have added to my viewing experience. Megabyte streaming is the way to go," said Matthew B, a customer.

Select from four different stream services

Megabyte Streaming offers four streaming subscription options customers can choose from, including:

  • Single Stream TV
  • Dual Stream TV
  • 1 Streabox 2.0 with premium remote
  • 2 Streabox 2.0 with premium remote

About Megabyte Streaming

Megabyte streaming is a software company that distributes IPTV solutions for end users. They offer a cheaper and more exciting cable alternative that works on several platforms and devices.

For more information, please contact 586-307-5198, admin@megabytestreaming.com, http:///megabytestreaming.com.  

Media Contact
Company Name: Megabyte Streaming
Contact Person: Brandon Miles
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Phone: 586-307-5198
Country: United States
Website: http://megabytestreaming.com/

Author launches book on caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease

Offer practical and insightful advice to help shine the light during a family's darkest hours

Chicago, IL - Caring for someone with a serious health issue isn’t a piece of cake. It drains energy and has severe effects on the emotional and mental state of the caregiver. Jael Brown, an author, announces the release of her book "Care Giver Game Plan 2017". The book is as a result of the author’s experience while taking care of a very ill loved one. It offers insightful lessons, delivers accurate impression, and helps the reader understand what it takes to care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The book shines the light into the dark time of a family and offers hope and reconciliation for a better future.

Kindle edition of the book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

"It can be tough taking care a family member who is seriously ill. I have been there, and I know how it feels. During my ordeal, I learned so many things and realized why so many people in my situation would face psychological issues. This book is written to help people, going through such a situation, find succor, advice, and wisdom on how to cope. We are much stronger than we think we are if only we could try harder" said Jael Brown, author of Care Giver Game Plan 2017.

Care Giver Game Plan 2017 is a book that delivers accurate and realistic values from the perspective of personal experience and knowledge. It presents an array of situations a family might be going through while taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and offers solutions. The book is well written and provides so much wisdom that is apparent from the very first page.

The book also provides readers with information on how to deal with situations, as individuals, and as a family. It is a common sense approach to dealing with patients with Alzheimer’s disease, from the perspective of someone who has cared for an elder brother.

"I love the advice in this book that comes from someone who has sadly had to live through the experience of caring for a family member. What do you say when friends and family ask what they can do to help? This book offers wise suggestions to get even out of town family to chip in. Taking care of legal details also is essential from the start, what do you need to adequately protect your loved one when they can no longer speak up for themselves? A valuable resource for all caregivers", said Davis V, a fan.

For more information on the book, please contact {219} 779-8371, brownjael@hotmail.com.  

The book is also available on Lulu and Nook Book. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Softtouch
Contact Person: Jael Brown
Email:Send Email
Phone: {219} 779-8371
Country: United States
Website: http://bit.ly/CareGiverGamePlan2017

The HUDWAY Team Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce HUDWAY Cast

A heads-up display (HUD) for any vehicle, the HUDWAY Cast in an innovative portable heads-up display powered by any smartphone.

Imagine getting directions, receiving calls and texts, and controlling music without having to look away from the road or taking hands off the wheel.  Driving is made safer with the many features of the HUDWAY Cast:

  • Gives a real heads-up display feel

  • Easy to install

  • Connects to any smartphone wirelessly

  • Mirrors any app (incl Google maps & Waze)

  • Bright and contrast image in various weather conditions

Since 2013, the HUDWAY team has been developing HUD solutions to resolve the ever-increasing problem of distracted driving. By joining efforts with the Carrobot company, the HUDWAY Cast is available as a one of a kind, break-through solution for stress-free and safer driving.

Heads-up Display Devices

Current HUD devices, already found in high-end vehicles, allow drivers to see directions and other critical navigational information right in front of their eyes.  However, they only allow a driver to access the information preset by the vehicle manufacturer.  This means that many people who have access to this technology are still using their smartphone for navigation, especially if they prefer driving with Waze or Google Maps.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

Since many people use more than just navigation on their smartphone, any time these drivers take their eyes off the road, the chances of becoming involved in a crash increases.  Smartphone distractions behind the wheel reduces the ability to visually scan the road and increases cognitive load.  In fact, smartphone distractions behind the wheel are responsible for more deaths than alcohol.  The National Safety Council reports that cell phone usage while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hudway-cast-keep-your-eyes-on-the-road-gadget-innovation , offers pledge levels from $25 to $1,590, with rewards including:

  • The Indiegogo Special – One HUDWAY Cast device and the HUDWAY Cast app for IOS or Android.

  • AddOns – Mount & OBD-II cable – An additional compact mount and OBD-II cable for the HUDWAY Cast.

  • The Indiegogo Special Duo – Two HUDWAY Cast devices and access to two HUDWAY Cast apps for IOS or Android.

  • Big Family Pack – A pack of 4 HUDWAY Cast devices; enough to upgrade a small fleet.

  • Fleet Pack – A pack of 10 HUDWAY Cast devices perfect for upgrading an entire fleet of vehicles.

About HUDWAY Cast:  

Hudway Cast is device that allows the screen of any smartphone to be displayed directly in front of a driver, decreasing distracted driving. After the end of the campaign the MSRP will be $299. 

Media Contact
Company Name: HUDWAY LLC
Contact Person: Svetlana Stepanova
Email:Send Email
Phone: 4245817501
Address:3221 Carter Avenue, #173
City: Marina Del Rey
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/hudway-cast-keep-your-eyes-on-the-road-gadget-innovation

Global Addiction Treatment Market Expected To Expand Greatly By 2025

For many years abuse of drugs has threatened our society and caused miseries that might have never been. On the other hand, police and relevant authorities are doing everything possible to cut back the problem, at the same time health institutions and pharmaceutical companies are working throughout trying to pull out all stops to help in curing addiction.

Addiction Treatment has given rise to a new global market - the addiction treatment market which has gradually expanded over the past years. These treatments are done in different settings including behavioral and medication therapies. The lengths of these therapies vary depending on the intensity of the situation. Since drug addiction is taken as a chronic disorder defined by infrequent relapses, a single treatment usually is not enough. It is always extended and requires collective participation as well as time-to-time observance.

The most commonly used medicines in drug addiction treatment may include buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone. These procedures are for individuals addicted to opioids. Preparation of Nicotine in the form of patches, lozenges, gum and nasal spray and medications bupropion and varenicline are dedicated to treating tobacco addiction. Likewise, behavioral therapies are meant to help the addicts to get by drug cravings and ensure there is no relapse.

The United States is a significant market for the addiction treatments considering the number of addicts in the region. Nevertheless, there could be a considerable decline set if the new government passes the bill that repeals for Affordable Care Act. The law offers a substantial coverage for treatment of drug addicts. If it is passed, it would possibly affect close to 1.3 million folks who suffer mental-health as well as substance abuse disorders.

Addiction Treatments Market Summary 

Drug addiction has had a significant economic impact in the U.S over the past years. This effect can be measured by the costs incurred in the attempt to address the crime, run rehabilitation programs and loss in work productivity. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug addiction stands for a complex condition caused by extreme cravings for addictive drugs and other related substances and with excessive efforts seeking for these stuff.

Every addiction treatment program approach differs from one person to the other. Every treatment program aims to assist patients to refrain from any addictive substances permanently and achieve efficient functioning both professionally as well as in personal life. Residential or outpatient treatment programs may be recommended based on the addiction severity, substance type, and the patient’s behavior. Therefore, addiction treatment programs may include counseling or psychotherapy, self-help groups and outpatient and inpatient programs.

Addiction Treatments Market Segmentation 

The world-wide addiction treatments market is divided based on treatment approach as well as geography. Looking at treatment approach, the components of the addiction treatments market are medication and therapy. By geography, The market components are Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the world at large.

 Addiction Treatments Market Drivers and Restraints

The increasing use of addictive substances like tobacco, alcohol, and drugs as well as the inflated marketing initiatives meant to create awareness on the adverse impact of the drug addiction is a dominant driving force of the global addiction treatments market. But then, factors like an unwillingness to go for exoneration programs and insufficient physical and mental stability of patients during the time of treatment is a significant challenge for the growth of the market. 

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Tag Supra is Raising Funds & Support for an Amazing New Tool on Pozible.com!

Now Seeking Community Support via Pozible.com, Tag Supra is a Titanium Credit Card Multifunctional Plier!

Tag Supra, Titanium Credit Card Multifunctional Plier is an all new and innovative everyday multifunctional tool that will help people around the world. The creators of this innovative everyday emergency tool are now raising funds and support on Pozible.com and they are welcoming everyone to generously support them. Moreover, the patent pending project is developed in Australia and the goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise a sum of AU$ 15,000.

Following are some of the most amazing features of Tag Supra:

  • 14 Tools in One

  • Airplane Friendly

  • Adaptable

  • Compact

  • Multi-Tool Ready

  • Pocket Friendly

  • Ultra-Sleek Design

  • Super Lightweight

  • Easy to Use

  • Made with Aerospace-Grade Titanium

  • And much more.

“Small-scale production is complete, and the funds from this Pozible campaign will be used to fund the next round of mass production, as well as enable us to continue R&D to improve TAG supra,” said Alexander Barak, the CEO of Tag Supra, while introducing the project on Pozible.

From its five metric wrenches to its bottle opening ability or its use as a handy box opener, the device is capable of many things and can perform more than 14 functions. Moreover, it also has a USB flash memory and comes with a guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Pozible Campaign is located on the web at:

www.pozible.com/project/tag-supra  and supporters from around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. The company will offer this amazing tool as well as other products by Tag brand as rewards to the backers and more details are available on the Pozible campaign page of the project.

About Tag Supra

Tag Suprais a 14 in One remarkable patent pending tool from Australia that will help people in their everyday emergencies. From car related issues to home emergencies and from opening a bottle to cutting a wire, this amazing solution will help people like never before. The creators of this project have launched a Pozible campaign to raise funds and support and they are now welcoming everyone to make generous pledges and donations. 

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Baby Tooshy, a family business owned and operated by a mother of five with over a decade of diapering experience, this week announced that their Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy is a Gold Award Recipient of the highly respected Mom’s Choice Award (MCA) organization.

As a non-biased international organization that evaluates products and services created for children, families, and educators today, MCA every year identifies leading companies and products in over 55 countries. The program strives to set an international benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.

This year, the Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy was one of their chosen products.

“Around the world, parents, students, and educators look to the MCA for identifying if products are safe, reliable, and mother-approved,” said Gioula Chelten, founder and owner of Baby Tooshy. “We are incredibly honored to have received the MCA seal of approval. Our goal was always to create a diaper organizer that was versatile and practical for busy parents. With the MCA’s recognition, I believe we’ve achieved that goal.”

To select the winners, Mom's Choice Award evaluators volunteer their time. They follow a strict code of ethics to ensure expert and objective analysis, free from manufacturer association. Items are then scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal, and cost. These evaluators place special emphasis on products that help families grow emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Baby Tooshy prides itself on releasing only hands-on products that have been tested on the founder’s own children, before market distribution. The Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy won three awards in total this past year.

As a versatile diaper organizer, the Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy can carry up to 60, size-5 toddler diapers. MCA evaluators felt that the organization elements, sustainability, and transportability of the product made it a clear winner in the voting process.

“Our Caddy is able to carry a week’s worth of diapers, ensuring parents do not have to worry about replenishing baby diapers several times during the week,” said Gioula. “This is the kind of product every busy parent needs because it allows them the ability to have daily essentials, right at their fingertips.”

The Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy is made with 100% cotton canvas and strong boards to support it. Light messes can be wiped clean. This portable diaper caddy is also available on Amazon.com.

For more information, visit:

Mom’s Choice Awards

Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy on Amazon.com


Contact: Gioula Chelten, support@babytooshy.com

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Why Conventional Retailers are Seeking the Fares Brothers to Revamp their Supply Chain

Sourcing in Asia used to be a business that based its profitability on keeping the sourcing information secret from the rest of the world. However, increasingly with the digital revolution, globalization, and the high demand of consumers, these trade secrets have become open to everyone, forcing business to become faster, better, and to increase their services to become a one stop shop for international buyers. Companies that still rely on the “limited information” business model have resorted to becoming financiers on low margins to keep their sales and market share.

In an industry characterized by lightning speed trend changes and rapid production demand, lethargic production giants cannot survive. Such larger companies resorted to acquiring smaller, bootstrapped companies that have already trained their employees to meet the demand for speed and quality. Investors from Hong Kong’s most reputable firms like Li and Fung (Market Cap of $5.4 Billion) utilize this strategy, prodding interest in companies like International Sourcing Group, whose capabilities, infrastructure, and acumen are able to meet the consumers demand and remain ahead of the trends, ensuring millions in profits.

About a decade ago, co-founders Alex and Josi Fares envisioned invading the back end of the fashion industry, slashing middlemen, engaging with customers, and all out disrupting slow and costly production by taking the work in-house and relying on speed and innovation.

International Sourcing Group is a rare breed. Everything happens in house. They design, develop, trim, fit, and create whole collections right from the heart of the fabrics market in Guangzhou. Because of this dynamic process, they’ve piqued the interests of investors.

Conventional retailers are struggling in the fast fashion industry and International Sourcing Group is responding by joining forces, acting as a back end buying office to produce garments as fast, as reliable, and as trendy as Zara, H&M, or Topshop.

"Our environment is changing exponentially, mainly driven by exponential technologies and globalization. As a result, the world is becoming increasingly open and transparent and we are slowly moving from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance." - Salim Ismail

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Terrorism is upon us: A play against barbarism

Among the great shows scheduled for the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta to be held in Tangier from 9 to 12 November 2017, a play entitled "Terrorism is at the door" «Le terrorisme à la porte.»

The Jordanian artists Rania Ismaïl and Hassan Sabaileh staged this play as an effective way of conveying a social message to the youth.

Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, honorary president, affirmed that theater is a noble way of educating younger generations, and invites the festival's audience to discover the play that evokes family violence and marginalization of young people and attempts to showcase the reasons behind youth’s involvement in extremist groups. Mr. Dekkak highlights the role of culture in empowering young people and encouraging them to discover other cultures and travel to relish the beauty of the world. Each representation is followed by a debate on incentives to join terrorist organizations, where the audience is expected to suggested ideas and resolutions.

For his part, Mr. Aziz Benami, founding president of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battouta, specified that this year's program is more social-oriented so that the association is actively involved in civic education of young people through socio-cultural and educational activities.

The talented actors Rania Ismaïl and Hassan Sabaileh, along with their theatre troop, have already performed in several countries in various universities to promote a culture of peace and tolerance, and raise awareness about the dangers of terrorism by using humor and comedy to spread the necessary message.

They will be with us during the festival and we invite you to discover them, so do not miss this automn’s must-see event: the second edition of the international Festival of Ibn Battouta, from 9 to 12 November 2017.

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Mednovations LLC becomes certified as small, woman and minority business in the state of Virginia

Innovative medical solutions provider, Mednovations LLC, gets certified as a small, woman and minority business in the state of Virginia

Mednovations LLC is a boutique style lab offering a wide range of services that include DNA testing, drug testing, steroid testing and employee background screening. The organization recently received the certification as a small, woman and minority business in the state of Virginia from the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise. This is in recognition of the excellent service delivery by the firm while enhancing Mednovations’ business opportunities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Demands for court ordered DNA tests including paternity DNA tests continues to rise; in addition, majority of U.S employers are requiring employees to complete a drug screening test prior to hire especially with the abuse and misuse of opioids and other drugs in the United States reaching staggering proportions in recent times. This makes it important for businesses, individuals and the general public to fight back against this deadly and growing problem, with the push including conducting drug screening tests.

However, such tests have not been easy to come by due to several factors. While some individuals and even businesses have failed to conduct these tests due to the financial obligations associated with them, others have seemed to have been betrayed by providers who fail to deliver on their claims.

Mednovations LLC has however changed the face of DNA, drug and other such testing needs by offering innovative solutions designed to effectively solve this problem without clients needing to break the bank. The drug testing services offered by Mednovations include Certified U.S. Department of Transportation drug tests, non-DOT urine drug tests, urine alcohol tests, saliva drug tests, hair drug test, and evidential breathalyzer tests for alcohol.  With testing services available at affordable rates and with friendly and efficient service individuals and small business alike are able to avoid drug-related hazards, including but not limited to reduction of on the job accidents related to drug use.

Mednovations LLC also offers DNA testing services which include DNA banking and profiling, paternity and relationship DNA testing, ancestry DNA testing, and infidelity testing. The testing methods used by Mednovations LLC are cheek swab specimen collection and blood sample collection.

Receiving the certification of a small, woman and minority owned business from the state of Virginia only adds to the list of certifications which Mednovations LLC has including certified department of transportation drug screening. With this added certification, Mednovations LLC now has increased access to government contracting opportunities which can allow for further business expansion over the years.

About Mednovations LLC

Mednovations LLC is an innovative medical solutions provider offering several drug or DNA testing services. The friendly and knowledgeable team of experts in Mednovations has made it one of the most sought-after labs in the state of Virginia.

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Camuso Media and Consulting leads the Blockchain revolution with the launch of its unique technology-based Marketing & Digital PR Consulting Services

Camuso Media and Consulting, a new Charlotte, NC based Blockchain and Virtual Currency consulting firm, has announced the official launch of its technology-based services in the Blockchain industry to provide lucrative new opportunities to entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Camuso Media and Consulting, a Charlotte, NC consulting firm, is proud to announce its services to entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. The firm is dedicated to building long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to reap the benefits of the bourgeoning Blockchain industry and beyond.

Camuso Media and Consulting offers a wide range of services that include Marketing, Public Relations, and consulting solutions to companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales and token offerings. Camuso Media and Consulting is described as a leading provider of full service solutions for upcoming token sales. Camuso Media and Consulting invests in sharing knowledge across all domains within the company, ensuring that they can effectively serve business needs while offering a top tier team of consultants to business owners and entrepreneurs through each stage of business from concept to token sale. ​

Camuso Media and Consulting creates a unique approach to the Blockchain community, by striving to bring transparency and credibility to the Blockchain community and evangelizing Blockchain to the public. Camuso Media & Consulting is a U.S. based company with a highly experienced team based in the United States.

Camuso Media and Consulting was founded by Patrick Camuso in a bid to create a firm that transcends standard industry client service models by taking an entrepreneurial approach to deliver to clients, the level of service and attention they require in an increasingly complex and rapidly developing business landscape.

Patrick, founder and owner, has a world-class background in consulting at one of the Big 4 professional service firms for over 5 years in two of the country’s hottest cities, NYC and Charlotte. He specifically worked within in the investment management and real estate space consulting for the world’s premier asset managers, real estate companies and retailers. Subsequently, Patrick established Camuso CPA, consulting to real estate and virtual currency investors along with small businesses nationwide.

Developing his own practice and consulting to the Blockchain industry, Patrick developed the business-case and proprietary technology for marketing automation and big data. He has combined this with his financial, Blockchain and business expertise to help new and existing businesses with research analytics and data-driven results.

Patrick is a strong proponent of the combination data, technology and creativity to drive business growth for clients.

“Chat bots and AI offer organizations the ability to engage their customers precisely at the right time and place in a cost-effective manner at scale. The evolution of big data is providing the raw information required to power these programs.”

Patrick is a strong proponent of the Blockchain technology, taking his evangelism to ESPN Radio and financial publications such as Financial Advisor IQ and subsequently stating the benefits and breakthroughs of blockchain. “This market is already here,” he says, “even if an uncertain regulatory environment creates short-term uncertainty for institutional investors like pension funds and big endowments,” says Patrick in one of his talks with Financial Advisor.

Leveraging advanced knowledge and experience in finance with top-tier teams, large data sets and cutting-edge marketing systems, Patrick has developed a system tailored to serve a community of professionals across the world, taking a collaborative approach to grow any Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology related business or investment portfolio.

For more information on how Camuso Media and Consulting can help with token sale or Blockchain related business, interested persons call visit their website or call (888) 899 8355.

About Camuso Media and Consulting

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the consulting firm provides a full service for token sales and Blockchain/virtual currency related businesses. Taking a modern approach to marketing & digital public relations, their team of top-tier experts is dedicated to exploring the latest technology and leveraging existing systems to create the ideal solution to the biggest challenges faced by businesses.

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KTGY-Designed AVA NoMa Receives Best Washington/Baltimore High-Rise Apartment Community Award from Delta Associates

TYSONS, Va. — International award-winning firm KTGY Architecture + Planning announced today that AVA NoMa in Washington, D.C., was honored by Delta Associates at the firm’s 21st Annual Washington/Baltimore Multifamily Market Overview & Awards for Excellence program. AVA NoMa won “Best Washington/Baltimore High-Rise Apartment Community.”

AVA NoMa (short for “north of Massachusetts Avenue”) is a new 13-story, 438-unit mixed-use apartment community developed by AvalonBay Communities and designed by KTGY Architecture + Planning. The apartment homes range from studio to three-bedroom units. Community amenities include more than 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities; an indoor-outdoor roof deck with a swimming pool and views of the DC skyline including the Capitol and the Washington Monument, an indoor-outdoor lounge with a kitchen and theater, and an indoor-outdoor fitness center with a yoga and spin studio. The large gym opens onto an outdoor courtyard with additional fitness equipment. The building also has a 24-hour concierge on staff to manage the package delivery system and accommodate residents. The ground floor also includes a dog park and pet spa, plus 6,700 square feet of retail space. AVA NoMa has a cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete structural frame with brick veneer and metal panel exterior finishes reminiscent of the warehouse district of the past and the modern style of the present.

The event was held on October 25, 2017, at the National Association of Home Builders Conference Center in Washington, D.C. For the past 21 years, Delta Associates has given awards for excellence to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the multifamily industry. For more information, visit deltaassociates.com.

About AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
As of September 30, 2017, the Company owned or held a direct or indirect ownership interest in 286 apartment communities containing 82,964 apartment homes in 11 states and the District of Columbia, of which 23 communities were under development and ten communities were under redevelopment. The Company is an equity REIT in the business of developing, redeveloping, acquiring and managing apartment communities in leading metropolitan areas primarily in New England, the New York/New Jersey Metro area, the Mid-Atlantic, the Pacific Northwest, and the Northern and Southern California regions of the United States. More information may be found on the Company’s website at www.avalonbay.com.

About KTGY Architecture + Planning
KTGY Architecture + Planning is an international award-winning full-service architecture and planning firm delivering innovation, artistry and attention to detail across multiple offices and studios, ensuring that clients and communities get the best the firm has to offer no matter the building type or location. KTGY’s architects and planners combine big picture opportunities, leading-edge sustainable practices and impeccable design standards to help create developments of enduring value. KTGY serves clients worldwide from offices located in Chicago, Denver, Irvine, Los Angeles, Oakland, Pune and Tysons. Visit www.ktgy.com.

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North America Radiotherapy Market Report Focuses On the Status and Outlook for Major Applications/End Users, Consumption, Share and Growth Rate

Reports Web announces the release of market assessment report on "North America Radiotherapy Market Analysis and Forecast to 2024". The report is segmented into several key Regions, with production, consumption, revenue and market share.

The North America Radiotherapy market is projected to reach USD 3,794.2 million by 2024, from USD 2,457.6 million in 2016 growing at a CAGR of 5.5% in the forecast period 2017 to 2024.

Based on geography, the North America Radiotherapy market is segmented into 3 geographical regions, such as, 
North America Radiotherapy market competition by top players including-
Varian Medical Systems, Inc. dominated the radiotherapy market followed by Elekta AB, and Accuray, Inc. along with others 
CIVCO Medical Solutions, 
Brainlab AG, 
C. R. Bard, Inc., 
IsoRay Medical, Inc., 
Nordion, Inc., 
RaySearch Laboratories AB, 
Mevion Medical Systems, Inc., 
TechnicasRadiofiscas S.L., 
Hitachi, Ltd., 
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., 
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, 
ProNova Solutions, LLC, 
ProTom International 


Get More Information@ http://www.reportsweb.com/north-america-radiotherapy-market-analysis-and-forecast-to-2024


The North America radiotherapy market is segmented on the basis of type, product type, indication, and geography. 
The North America radiotherapy market is segmented into three types, namely beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy and systematic radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy market is segmented into beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy and systematic radiotherapy. 
The beam radiotherapy is segmented into IGRT, IMRT, VMAT, tomotherapy, stereotactic technology and 3D conformal technology. 

The brachytherapy is segmented into LDR and HDR.

On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into external beam radiotherapy, internal radiotherapy products, radiotherapy softwares and systematic radiotherapy. 

External beam radiotherapy is segmented into LINAC, CyberKnife, proton therapy and Gamma Knife. 

The proton beam is segmented into cyclotron and synclotron. The internal beam is segmented into seeds and afterloaders. 
The radiotherapy softwares is segmented into treatment planning softwares, dosage planning softwares, patient positioning softwares and image guiding softwares.

On the basis of indication, the market is segmented into prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, spine cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer and others.


Get Sample Copy of Report@ http://www.reportsweb.com/inquiry&RW00011194757/sample



1.1. Overview Of North America Radiotherapy Market
1.1.1. Currency And Pricing
1.1.2. Limitation
1.1.3. Markets Covered

2. Market Segmentation
2.1. Markets Covered
2.2. Geographic Scope
2.3. Years Considered For The Study
2.4. Currency And Pricing
2.5. Research Methodology
2.6. Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.7. Secondary Sources
2.8. Assumptions

3. Market Overview
3.1. Drivers
3.1.1. Growing Prevalence Of Cancer
3.1.2. Rising Ageing Population
3.1.3. Unhealthy Lifestyle
3.1.4. Mergers And Acquisitions To Expand Business
3.2. Restraints
3.2.1. Regulatory Scenario
3.2.2. High Cost Of Radiotherapy
3.3. Opportunities
3.3.1. Growing Medical Tourism In Asia
3.3.2. Emerging Market
3.4. Challenges
3.4.1. Side-Effects Of Radiotherapy
3.4.2. Requirement Of Trained Staff

Buy This Report@ http://www.reportsweb.com/buy&RW00011194757/buy/2500

4. Executive Summary

5. Premium Insights

6. North America Radiotherapy Market, By Therapy Type
6.1. Overview
6.2. Beam Radiotherapy, By Therapy Type
6.3. Brachytherapy, By Therapy Type

7. North America Radiotherapy Market, By Product Type
7.1. Overview
7.2. North America External Beam Radiotherapy Market, By Product Type
7.3. North America Internal Beam Radiotherapy Market, By Product Type
7.4. North America Radiotherapy Softwares Market, By Product Type

8. North America Radiotherapy Market, By Indication
8.1. Overview

9. North America Radiotherapy Market, By Geography
9.1. Overview
9.2. North America Radiotherapy Market Snapshot: 2016
9.2.1. U.S. Radiotherapy Market
9.2.2. Canada Radiotherapy Market
9.2.3. Mexico Radiotherapy Market

Inquiry for This Report@ http://www.reportsweb.com/inquiry&RW00011194757/buying

10. North America Radiotherapy Market, Company Share
10.1. Company Share Analysis: North America
10.2. Company Share Analysis: North America
10.3. Company Share Analysis: Europe
10.4. Company Share Analysis: Asia Pacific

11. Company Profiles
11.1. Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
11.1.1. Company Overview

Media Contact
Company Name: ReportsWeb
Contact Person: Rajat Sahni
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Phone: +1-646-491-9876
City: Pune
Country: India
Website: http://www.reportsweb.com/north-america-radiotherapy-market-analysis-and-forecast-to-2024