Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dogezer, an innovative startup for Software Development Industry, starts Initial Token Offering Sep 1st

Dogezer presents an innovative solution that connects idea authors and developers, designers, artists, salespersons and other individuals by empowering team members to become project investors, while helping project founders find a better, more effective alternative to raising investment from financial investors. Dogezer has announced that it will start initial token offering from the Sep 1st, 2017.

“Imagine a service where you could start your dream project in a few clicks, get it done with the help of the best world experts, give these people a fair share depending on their performance, and then enjoy success together. Dogezer is a platform enabling such possibility by bringing in all the necessary tools and processes into one integrated product, enabling your team members to become your investors.” Dogezer.

The main objective behind Dogezer is to enable founders and developers to collaborate with one another on project to eliminate the need for financial investors, essentially simplifying the process of getting a project of the ground while minimizing the various challenges software developers and individual contributors face in today’s software development industry.

Dogezer’s services will remove investors as "middlemen" in a project team organization process. This will open the doors to the possibility of executing the project using the balanced system of promises to team members, who effectively will be the product investors.

By becoming a part of this platform individual contributors will be able to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe in. In return, they will be taking an active role in ensuring the project's success and enjoy the rewards matching their contribution. This gives them more opportunities to work on projects of their choosing and reap fair rewards for their contribution.

Dogezer provides a platform that has integrated and ready to use set of tools and best practices for a project execution. The purpose of the platform will also include minimizing conflicts of interests inside the team, ensuring team member’s involvement and helping in building better products faster.

The team behind the platform describes all details in Dogezer Whitepaper document which accurately captures information on how platform will work, contain details on development and marketing plans and provides all the information in Initial Token Offering event.

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Dogezer is an innovative solution, which connects idea authors and developers, designers, artists, salespersons and other individuals to collaborate on projects of their liking.

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