Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vecna Robotics Helps Distribution Centers and Fulfillment Centers Reduce Costs and Increase Throughput

According to John Hayes, a well-respected materials handing thought-leader with Vecna Robotics, “The race to automate is on. With e-commerce exploding and customer expectations on the rise, distribution and fulfillment centers, as well as third party logistics providers, need an innovative way to reduce costs and increase throughput.”

Artificial intelligence commands the fleet of automated guided vehicles to execute, manage the routing and operations of the truck fleet while simultaneously and continuously ensuring the highest level of efficiency. The WMS/MES systems provide the work orders.

About Vecna Robotics

Due to the high cost of entry, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) were only found in warehouses, automotive assembly plants, and other operations with large amounts of floor space. With the help of Vecna Robotics ( recent advancements have made the machines more appealing to small- and mid-sized manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. 

According to John Hayes, Pros to Know thought-leader and Vice President for Vecna Robotics, companies are investing in AGVs to improve plant-floor efficiency and reduce operating cost. As the flexible technology is now more affordable and easier to use on assembly lines, many smaller manufacturers and single location distribution centers are deploying driverless carts, robotic parts bins, and autonomous tuggers. Manufacturing engineers have best-practice lean manufacturing solutions which are driving prices down making these solutions available to everyone.

According to MHI, an AGV is a driverless vehicle which consists of one or more computer-controlled, wheel-based load carrier which comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

With e-commerce exploding and customer expectations on the rise, distribution and fulfillment centers as well as third party logistics (3PLs) providers need an innovative way to reduce costs and increase throughput. Vecna Robotics provides the complete range of low-infrastructure solutions to automate material handling needs. Case picking, each picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robot-conveyor hybrid systems, Vecna Robotics has cost-effective solutions. All systems are safety certified to operate along-side people and can accommodate the operational model that achieves the best efficiency today with unmatched flexibility for tomorrow. Vecna Robotics provides scalable hybrid order-fulfillment solutions with a rapid ROI. Follow on Twitter @VecnaLogistics.

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