Friday, July 7, 2017

‘Tropic Dead’ Becomes The Talk Of The Town

Zombie Movie Organized By Marie Victoria Ray And Charese Mongiello - Has Huge Success During Filming

Los Angeles, USA - 7 July, 2017 - Movie producer Marie Victoria Ray proudly announces to the public, the conclusion and readiness of one of her finest projects in recent time.

The piece which is written by Charese Mongiello and directed by Director Jack Tucker is a short comedy horror about Zombies.

The comedy horror is a film that shows a movie crew shooting a film about Zombies in a remote location. A wonderful cast (Reed Iacarella) and (Charese Mongiello) are getting dressed in Zombie Make-up to start shooting the next Zombie action blockbuster. As they Prep to film with (Sayaka Miyatani) as the Makeup Artist of the film, real zombies attack. The crew (Micaiah Fletcher) and (Marie Victoria Ray) Chief PA’s are hip to what is happening but the actors and makeup artists think the director is testing their work.

Though “Tropic Dead” is worth around $25000, the funds spent were just around $1000. A kind hearted cast and crew ensured a great shoot and great footage. The crew and the talent for “Tropic Dead” all pitched in to make an incredible film. The team comprising of over 20 people had one day filming in Los Angeles area and it all came together nicely in the end.

"Everyone was a team player on “Tropic Dead”, this is my 30th short film that I produced and by far it is going to be the best. The makeup artists did a fantastic job I called around to the local makeup schools in Los Angeles. Wow, the talent that comes from these schools is amazing. Our Script supervisor contacted me and she was great! Our Grips, DP, Sound and Art Department were all of the professional calibers. If I didn't know how much I spent I would think it was a $25,000 shoot. Filming is so much fun when done right and I am glad that everyone was so professiona,” says Mongiello.

The Movie is set to come out in August 2017.

The movie has been tagged top notch by a lot of viewers who have expressed their minds.

The project’s Facebook page is available for photos, reviews and a possible means to contact the team.

Mongiello Associates Strategic Marketing remains one of the best team to partner with, as the company help blasted out a gofundme campaign to its millions of followers to support the project.

The executive producer is David Hochevar, who showed his belief in the project by supporting the shooting of the short movie with the necessary funds.

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