Friday, July 7, 2017

Airwheel R6 Intelligent Folding Electric Bike Is Essential For A Trip

Everyone needs to try some way to reduce the stress and enjoy the fun in life. Thus, more and more people prefer going outdoors than staying at home in holidays, which makes the traffic heavier. At this time, what do we most need? The answer is Airwheel R6 folding ebike.

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With the increasing competition in modern society, people's pressure of life and work is becoming bigger. Airwheel always provides the users with not only the new product, but also the new way of traveling. In May, 2017, a new smart electric assist bicycle R6 was rolled out. R6 has so many advantages that one can ride it freely to go outside and seek the best scenery. Going outdoor and seek the best scenery with Airwheel R6 smart e bike, can be a wonderful way to release people’s pressure. The following will give you a brief introduction.

Like R5 and R3 electric scooter, riding R6 pedal assist bike, riders are empowered to alter riding styles of man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles freely. Weather you choose any of the ride mode, the riding pleasure and comfort will be ensured. The strong portability and maneuverability of R6 enable people to enjoy both the convenience of walk and the speed of motor cars.

Airwheel R6’s off-road performance is very outstanding. And it depends on the large battery capacity. Since road conditions outside are bad, it consumes more electricity to ride R6. It uses the branded lithium battery. And the battery capacity is up to 244.2Wh or 429.2Wh. You can choose either one based on your demand.

The highlight of R6 smart e-bike is the automatic folding system. That is to say, riders can press one button to extend or contract automatically. As a result, the mini body can be carried around. Compared with other models, the parameters and details of R6 has been improved and upgraded.

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The tire of R6 is much bigger than E6 and E3. 14-inch wheels make R6 seem rougher. The wider tire makes the contact area between the tire and the ground become bigger. And they will exert the greater force of friction. Moreover, the bigger tire may help one easily cross the washboard road.

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