Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cooper Hill Press Announces Publication of Writing & Revision Stylebook as an Ebook

The increasing deterioration of writing skills among high school and college students is among the most worrisome academic problems confronting educators. English teachers in particular have frequently voiced the need for a straight-forward yet comprehensive revision manual, especially one available in a searchable ebook format compatible with a tech-savvy generation of students.

The Cooper Hill Stylebook

In response to this need, Cooper Hill Press has issued the 3rd edition of The Cooper Hill Stylebook as an ebook. This classic high school and college revision manual is a 597-page, practical how-to for every writer. To be accessible to students, The Cooper Hill Stylebook eschews vague and general advice and grammatical jargon. It uses simple and direct language, and defines terms immediately. It teaches students simple step-by-step techniques that improve their writing quickly and efficiently. 

Based on 70 years of experience in high school and university classrooms, The Cooper Hill Stylebook helps teachers cut correcting time in half by making it possible for students to become independent learners. An FAQ at the beginning of each chapter anticipates questions and defines terms in student-friendly, classroom-tested language. Explanations to grammar/writing problems use short sentences that define terms and avoid jargon. Over 1500

humorous and topical examples illustrate and correct errors. Up to 50 exercises follow each part of every chapter to provide practice. These 1000+ exercises are drawn from the arts, humanities, sports, sciences, and pop culture and represent actual student mistakes. After each question, a See Answer window provides immediate feedback with answers andexplanations. In addition, The Stylebook offers a ready-made unit on rhetorical fallacies for courses in journalism and media studies. 

Unique to The Cooper Hill Stylebook are topics such as Using different from and different than, Using like and as, Heavy language, Incomplete and self-evident thoughts, Assertions and illustrations, Gilding the lily, Internal contradictions, Did and had as helping verbs, Definitions and examples, Incomplete and self-evident thoughts,  

Expressing similarity and difference. 

A complete description of The Stylebook, including Reviews Videos, is located at www.cooperhillstylebook.com

The Cooper Hill Stylebook is available for download at iBooks Textbooks on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-cooper-hill-stylebook/id975196632?mt=13&uo=4

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