Monday, December 29, 2014

The 2015 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide Announces the 5th Annual Gluten-Free Award Winners

2619 people in the gluten-free community participated in the 5th Annual GFA voting program this Winter. The results have been tabulated and published in The 2015 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide. Here are a few category winners:

Bread Brands

• 1st Place: Udi’s
• 2nd Place: Canyon Bakehouse
• 3rd Place: Rudi's

Cookie Mixes

• 1st Place: Pamela's Products Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix
• 2nd Place: Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
• 3rd Place Cherrybrook Kitchen, Gluten Free Dreams, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Cosmetic Brands

• 1st Place: Red Apple Lipstick
• 2nd Place: Arbonne
• 3rd Place: 100% Pure

Colleges for Gluten-Free Students

• 1st Place: University of Arizona
• 2nd Place: University of Colorado Boulder
• 3rd Place: Georgetown University

Comfort Food

• 1st Place: Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies
• 2nd Place: Two Foodies Gluten Free Kitchen Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Mix
• 3rd Place: Health Valley Chicken Noodle Soup


• 1st Place: Living Without's Gluten Free & More
• 2nd Place: Simply Gluten Free
• 3rd Place: Gluten-Free Living

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Other Categories:

• Bagels
• Beer Brands
• Blogs
• Books
• Bread Crumbs
• Bread Mixes
• Breakfast On-The-Go
• Children’s Book
• Cold Cereal
• Cookbooks
• Cookies
• Crackers
• Dessert Mixes
• Donuts
• Expo and Events
• Flours
• Frozen Meals
• Frozen Pancake & Waffle Brands
• Frozen Pizza Brands
• Mobile Apps
• Munchies
• New Products
• Non-Profits
• Online Resources
• Online Stores
• Pancake and Waffle Mixes
• Pastas
• Ready Made Desserts
• National Restaurant Chains
• Sauces
• Social Media Platforms
• Snack Bars
• Supplements
• Vacation Destinations
• Websites

About the GFAs

Founded in 2010, The Annual Gluten-Free Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding gluten free products, organizations, and services. Winners represent the best work of the most respected gluten free non-profits, food producers, bloggers, and authors in the world. Every Gluten Free Award Winner has been selected by thousands of people in the gluten-free community similar to the popular People’s Choice Awards.

This December, Josh Schieffer co-creator of The Annual Gluten-Free Awards has published the 5th Annual GFA Award results in the 2015 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide. “The December publishing schedule is important to us. We know people start looking for gluten-free support in December to help them sustain gluten-free New Year resolutions. When we connect those people with the best products and services early enough, their chances of sustaining a gluten-free lifestyle increases dramatically. We are also reaching major distributors and category managers giving them valuable information that helps promote better inventory turns.” – Josh Schieffer

The gluten-free products market will reach $6.2 billion by 2018, according to a new report from MarketsandMarkets. This is great news for gluten-free food producers; however, the problem will become product differentiation as competition grows. Those with solid award performance will have the ability to market their early successes and establish their products as “Best in Class”.

Companies interested in having their gluten-free products entered into the 6th Annual Gluten-Free Awards should do so by August 22, 2015. Public voting will begin on September 1st with the results coming out December 2015 in the 2016 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide.

To find out more about The Annual Gluten Free Awards or The Gluten-Free Buyers Guide please visit

Please contact Josh Schieffer at Josh@GlutenFreeBueyrsGuide for public relations inquiries: (828)-455-9734

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