Monday, September 29, 2014

The Waterproof Function of Smart Phone and Tablet is not Unchallengeable

Sep 29, 2014 - China - It sound that the waterproof designation of these Runbo X6 is very easily and simple that it could only reach to this effect by the installation of seal ring. But the actual operation is not easy. If manufacturer want to make a phone become the waterproof smart phone, they should consider this problem from the wholly designation rather than just the individual parts special treatment.

As the introduction of Do waterproof phone online seller, the buttons of the phone could be equipped with hard rubber sealing ring or made into soft rubber material to finish the totally closed. No matter what kind of waterproofing methods, it should have to consider the press after the uniform sealing ability. Another difficulty is for the battery compartment, most of the mobile phone uses the pluggable battery. The traditional process made back cover for the smart phone could not reach to the uniform compression after sealing. So, if this kind of smart phone wants to achieve the effect of waterproof, the waterproofing performance should be changed to lateral pressure seal and the requirement for entire product mold accuracy should be high.

Because of the complexity of the operation, how to balance between waterproof function and mobile phone manufacturing cost became the major problem of these mobile phone manufacturers.

Although the Runbo Q5 and tablet can still normally work in the water environment, each people should remind that waterproof does not mean that the smart phone could have good resistance to steam. Considering the water with the surface tension and utensils deformation at high temperature, the steam often become the true bane of waterproof equipment. Many users around the world take their own waterproof cell phone into the shower room and they will discover a layer of steam under the steam which cannot be removed anyway. Therefore, for mobile phone waterproof function, people should have rational view.

The waterproof function of the tough tablet from could give people many conveniences. For example, if the phone has accidentally been fall into the water or face with the sudden storm in the outdoor environment, the waterproof function will play their real role. But still remind each people that the IPXX level more comes from the laboratory data and it will not do good effect in the real environment.

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