Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fruit breakfast to accelerate weight loss

Why fruit breakfast can lose weight?

First, fruit is high nutrient density of food, taste fresh, appetizer, promote basic metabolism.

Second, low calorie fruit, rich in dietary fiber content, which contribute to intestinal cleaning, improve body type, is essential during weight loss diet food. The morning is the most physically active, Eat fruit at breakfast time, these effects can maximize.

The best time to take breakfast is in the morning. Eat fruit for breakfast can promote your stomach and intestines, improve food digestion and helps the body absorb toxins and garbage discharged.

When you choose to eat fruit at breakfast, both nutritional supplements for the body, but also enhance digestive function, you can also lose weight. So, what to eat for breakfast is the most to lose weight? 

1. Mix and match a variety of fruit salad can be help to lose more, A fruit for breakfast to lose weight, Eat a variety of fruits to mix and match, you can make slimming twice as fast! Breakfast can take advantage of high nutrient density mix and match a variety of fruits, Fresh salad made of light. Do not eat one type of fruit, one to taste not so good, two nutrition to lose weight to be worse, not conducive to a comprehensive weight loss.

2. New flavors to lose weight, the flavor of fresh fruit sandwiches

To which your sandwich or burger plus a layer of your favorite fruit! This brings a new way of eating fresh taste and flavor, And do not affect fruit weight loss results. Because the fruit slices added to sandwiches, A balanced diet, let your body absorb carbohydrate + protein + cellulose, have better weight loss results.

3. Drink fruit juice can also lose weight

In addition to eating fruit salad or sandwich, fruit juice can also be taken as breakfast, but remember less sugar. Labeled as juice, fruit can absorb as cellulose, It does not affect weight loss, but also it is very easy to drink, and suitable for office workers hurry to enjoy.

4. Eating several fruits together

This method is the most simple, Direct wash so you can eat for breakfast. Eat to win in this very convenient, but does not affect weight loss, Full of vitamins are absorbed directly into it. However, it is best not to eat a single kind of fruit, As previously mentioned, in a diverse mix of fruit, Your nutrition is more balanced, only faster metabolism, weight loss was better. You can change the pattern, such as selecting bananas + apples today, Another day to eat dates and grapes, can lose weight.

So in addition to fruta planta, there are many ways to lose weight as well.

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