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Homeowners Blame Windows for Rising Energy Costs

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Older Detroit homes are not built for extreme temperatures in the summer and winter; this year homeowners are replacing windows to increase the value of their homes, and decrease energy costs.

Detroit (July 28, 2014) – In the wake of a brutally cold winter, followed by a record-breaking heat this summer, homeowners in the metro Detroit area are scrambling to find ways to reduce their energy bills each month. Keeping the thermostat steady and replacing light bulbs with energy efficient variations help, but the big savings begin when the windows are replaced.

Older Detroit homes have single pane windows, or double panes that lack the insulation seen in modern window installations. With the cold air coming in through cracks of the windows in the winter, and the heat of the summer sun seeping through during the hot months, it’s difficult to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Use of the heating and cooling systems during the extreme temperatures of either season have increased dramatically, and homeowners are feeling the pinch in their wallets. So what more can you do to fray the cost of your monthly energy bills?

During a time when Detroit is seeing a brighter future in terms of property values and the city’s economy, many homeowners are doing what they can to increase the value of their homes. Renovations are more common, and are being done with energy efficiency in mind.  Replacing the windows of your home now has a two-fold purpose: to make your home more valuable, and to decrease the cost of your energy bills. recently released savings estimates by city if a home replaced their single pane windows with new versions. In Detroit, it is estimated that homeowners can sale $370 per year when they replace their single pane windows, and $156 per year for double panes. Broken down monthly, that may not seem like much compared to the cost of replacing them, but when you factor in how much the value of your house increases once new windows are installed, the savings more than quadruples.

Roger McCauley, owner and operator of R.A.M Residential, has seen an increase in window replacements in the Detroit area recently, both commercially and residentially. As a licensed roofing contractor in Detroit who knows the hardships of keeping your home energy efficient during extreme temperature variations, McCauley recommends getting an estimate on window replacements before hiring a contractor. Also, R.A.M. Residential can replace a few at a time to help fray the cost of doing the replacement for your entire home. But it’s something McCauley says will make a huge difference when it comes to the value of your home and the cost of heating and cooling it.

R.A.M. Residential offers a free estimate for window replacements, and also has a lifetime warranty on all windows they install. Having guarantees in place can help take some of the financial worry off of making major improvements to your home.

For more information about using windows or insulation to help keep the energy costs down in your home, or for a free estimate for window replacements, visit


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R.A.M. Residential is owned and run by Roger McCauley, a lifelong Detroit resident who gets personally involved in every job they do. R.A.M. Residential also handles window installation, siding, carpentry, and kitchen, bath and basement remodeling.

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