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Summer Safety for Kids Includes Dental Checkups Too

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Parents spend a lot of time teaching kids about water and sun safety in the summer – but at the expense of important daily reminders about good dental hygiene.

DETROIT (June 26, 2014) - Kids and parents alike look forward to summer break. Vacations, sunshine, day camp and more await eager children who are ready to spend time away from their classrooms. Parents spend extra time teaching their kids about summer-specific dangers like swimming in the deep end and avoiding sunburns.  But when the routine of school days is behind you and the lazy days of summer are ahead, are you sure you are keeping your children’s dental health in mind too?

When the days grow longer and the rules tend to relax a bit, schedules that are kept strict during school days can fall to the back burner. Reminding kids every day about their responsibilities to their teeth is never something that should falter during the more relaxed days of summer.

As the warmer temperatures and longer days approach, bedtimes tend to creep backwards. Kids who spend hours outside playing or swimming in the heat can easily fall asleep without going through their typical bedtime routine, which includes brushing before bed. Regardless of their daily activities and the amount of light outside, it is important to enforce a specific bedtime and make kids perform their evening activities each and every night. Instilling in them the importance of brushing before bed will help create this habit throughout their lifetime.

Even in the case of working parents, the summer months are better for annual check-ups at the dentist. You have the opportunity to schedule a visit without having to take into account any field trips, school picture days, or inclement weather.

Having the annual cleaning done in the summer also allows for more time to deal with any issues that may come up during the exam. If a child needs a cavity filled, parents don’t have to worry about more missed school for another appointment.

And most importantly, when a kid gets the chance to see the dentist and talk about their brushing and flossing habits, it tends to reignite a spark and make them recommit to taking care of their teeth. In the middle of the season of candy apples and ice cream floats, a well-timed visit to the dentist can offset many of the usual summertime pitfalls of dental health.

Spark Dental, located in Warren, MI has a team dedicated to family dentistry, specifically dealing with the needs of children in the Detroit metro area. Dr. Monica Assad has been seeing kids and adults in the community for many years and encourages parents to use the summer time to take care of any dental checkups and subsequent work for their children. For more information about their staff and services, please visit

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